Fortnite: How To Get Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters

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Fortnite: How To Get Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters

Spider-Man's Web-Shooter ability is now in Fortnite!

Fortnite Chapter 3 marked the debut of Spider-Man after months of leaks assured it would happen. The web-slinging Marvel superhero headlined Chapter 3 Season 1's Battle Pass and got his own point of interest (POI), dubbed The Daily Bugle. Epic Games introduced a Mythic item honoring Spider-Man to top it all off.

The developers teased an ability in early trailers that would allow players to web around the map like the Marvel character. Epic officially released that Mythic ability this morning. Join us as we explain where you can find Spider-Man's Web-Shooters in Chapter 3 Season 1.

Where to Locate Spider-Man's Web-Shooters

Those seeking this new Mythic ability should be on the lookout for backpacks. According to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, the Web-Shooters spawn inside bags attached to walls. Most of the named Chapter 3 Season 1 locations possess backpacks. The leaker's map in the tweet above gives players a good idea of where to search. We should have a complete idea later today.

How to Use the Ability

A video posted by Twitter user ShiinaBR shows how the ability works. Once acquiring Spider-Man's Web-Shooters, merely aim at a target and press your “fire” button. Your character will then go into a Spider-Manesque swinging animation, launching you across the land. Those on controller typically use the right trigger to shoot while keyboard and mouse players use right-click.

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Each web sling is followed by a seven-second cooldown time. Some leakers, including HYPEX, reported that some Spider-Man Web-Shooters have only 80 uses and others have unlimited.

That covers all we know about the new Mythic Marvel ability in Fortnite Chapter 3. We'll be sure to update you further when more information surfaces throughout the day.

Feature Image: Epic Games