Fortnite: $50,000 Chipotle Challenger Series 2020 Format, Dates, Participants & More!

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Fortnite: $50,000 Chipotle Challenger Series 2020 Format, Dates, Participants & More!

Learn how you can compete in the Chipotle Challenger Series against some of Fortnite’s best players.

The Chipotle Challenger Series is back in competitive Fortnite: Battle Royale for the second consecutive month. Last time out, professional players NRG Ronald, illest and Furious claimed the ultimate Victory Royale and a year supply of delicious burritos. It was quite the event, with multiple players from the United States and Europe involved. Last month, the event was successful enough to warrant a second edition, which will begin with two open qualifiers on both November 24 and December 3. The top four teams from each of the four qualifiers will secure themselves a spot in the Grand Finals on December 8, where they will compete against marquee names such as Fortnite World Champion Bugha, Mongraal, Clix and many more.

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Chipotle Challenger Series Format & Schedule

Like last time, the Chipotle Challenger Series will remain a trios tournament. Both NA East and NA West players will receive their qualifiers leading into the Grand Finals, which will take place on NA East servers. Here is the qualifier format and schedule breakdown:

Qualifiers Format

  • Up to two thousand (2000) teams are permitted to register and compete in each Qualifier.
  • Teams will play six (6) games in the three (3) hour period.
  • The top four (4) Teams with the highest scores shall advance to the Finals.
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Qualifiers Schedule

  • Qualifier #1: Tuesday, November 24, starting at 3pm PT (NA East server)
  • Qualifier #2: Tuesday, November 24, starting at 6pm PT (NA West server)
  • Qualifier #3: Thursday, December 3, starting at 3pm PT (NA East server)
  • Qualifier #4: Thursday, December 3, starting at 6pm PT (NA West server)

Players can sign their teams up for the qualifiers now by clicking this link. Here is the Grand Finals format, which again, will take place on December 8:

Grand Finals Format

  • Thirty-three (33) teams shall compete in the Finals. Sixteen (16) teams from the qualifiers and seventeen (17) teams will be invited.
  • Teams will play five (5) games in the three (3) hour period.
  • One player from each team is required to stream their gameplay.
  • All Players competing in the Finals agree to appear on the Tournament broadcast with a “Chipotle Challenger” overlay visible.

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Chipotle Challenger Series Scoring System

The Chipotle Challenger Series offers a similar amount of points to placement and eliminations. Placement points begin at 12th place and teams will earn one point per eliminations. See the full scoring system below:

  • Eliminations = 1 point
  • Placement:
  • 1st = 5 points
  • 2nd = 4 points
  • 3rd – 4th = 3 points
  • 5th – 8th = 2 points
  • 9th – 12th = 1 points
  • 13th and below = 0 point

Chipotle Challenger Series Prize Pool

Chipotle is once again offering a $50,000 prize pool along with a year of free burritos to the top three teams. Players will need to put forth an outstanding effort to earn a piece of the top-heavy prize pool at hand.

  • 1st place – $30,000 + Free burritos for a year
  • 2nd place – $15,000 + Free burritos for a year
  • 3rd place – $5,000 + Free burritos for a year
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Chiptole Challenger Series Invited Players and Personalities

Competitive Fortnite’s cream of the crop will compete in the Grand Finals of this tournament. We already mentioned that Bugha, Mongraal and Clix top the list of this star-studded lineup. However, there are even more players involved, and even some celebrities and athletes. Here is a list of Fortnite players and personalities that will compete in the Grand Finals:

Fortnite Players

  • Nick Eh 30
  • Stable Ronaldo
  • Ewok
  • Nate Hill
  • Reverse2K
  • Dubs
  • Arkhram
  • Rehx
  • EpikWhale
  • Emad
  • Zexrow


  • Juju Smith-Schuster of the Pittsburg Steelers
  • Tyler Joseph of the band 21 Pilots
  • Professional skateboarders Jagger Eaton and Heimana Reynolds

You can find all of the information, including rules and how to register on the Chipotle Challenger Series page. Be sure to sign up while you can before all of the spots fill. Otherwise, you can catch the Grand Finals live on Twitch early next month.

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