Fortnite: Reverse2k, Deyy And Mero Win Again, $10,000 Streamer Showdown Results

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Fortnite: Reverse2k, Deyy And Mero Win Again, $10,000 Streamer Showdown Results

TNA is back on top again after winning the last Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS).

Top Fortnite creator and players embarked on a five-game quest to earn a share of $10K USD Boom TV and Intel's Streamer Showdown tournament. This trio competition offered invitations to some of Twitch's elite streamers such as Fortnite World Cup Champ Bugha, Fortnite Champion Series winners Reverse2k, Zayt and Arkhram and many more.

Teams had five matches to accumulate the most points through a mixture of elimination and placement points. Boom TV streamed the entire competition live, so be sure to check out the archived broadcast if you missed any of the action. Let's see how the tournament played out and who won the $5K USD first-place prize.

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Team New Age reigns again

FNCS Champions — Reverse2k, Mero and Deyy — clutched the Streamer Showdown victory in the tournament's closing moments. It was controller players Mero and Deyy who survived until late in game five, racking up some much-needed eliminations and placement points. The three FNCS winners accumulated 68 points, with 29 eliminations and no Victory Royales across the five Streamer Showdown tournament. It was the perfect bookend to an outstanding season for Team New Age players Reverse2k, Deyy and Mero. The three players will split $5K USD in winnings.

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Rest of the Leaderboard

Fifth place FNCS trio — Slackes, Jahq and Acorn — pulled out a final match victory to vault themselves into second place. These three players managed 25 eliminations en route to 59 points. Slackes and company will take home $2.5K USD for their runner-up finish. Eclipsae, Nittle and Smqcked rounded out the top three after winning match number four. This team accumulated 55 points and 20 eliminations. Their third-place finish yielded $1.5K USD.

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Doom's Domain residents, Zayt, Saf and Stretch, finished fourth, also with 55 points. Unfortunately, their lack of a Victory Royale paved the way for Eclipsae's team to usurp them. Zayt, Saf and Stretch won $1K USD. Here is the final $10,000 Boom TV Intel Streamer Showdown leaderboard:

  • 1st – Reverse2k, Mero and Deyy
  • 2nd – Slackes, Acorn and Jahq
  • 3rd – Eclipsae, Nittle and Smqcked
  • 4th – Zayt, Saf, Stretch
  • 5th – Kreo, Riversan and Blake
  • 6th – Bugha, Avery and Jamper
  • 7th – Chap, Neeqo and Whofishy
  • 8th – Clix, Bizzle and illest
  • 9th – Cented, Edgey and Commandment
  • 10th – Replays, Thiefs and Fryst
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Congratulations to TNA for winning another massive trio tournament. Stay tuned to ESTNN for more Fortnite news and updates!

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