Fortnite: How To Win A New BenQ Gaming Monitor

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Fortnite: How To Win A New BenQ Gaming Monitor

Fortnite: Battle Royale players have the opportunity of a lifetime to win a brand new BenQ gaming monitor.

BenQ is teaming up with Fortnite for the Gaming Bash, a competition with gaming monitors on the line. Participants stand to win a brand new MOBIUZ EX2510 gaming display, which features a 1ms response time and 144hz capabilities. Interested parties will need to follow a series of steps to qualify for the prize at stake. It will be well worth the effort for those who can dazzle others with their social media posts, or out drag their opponents in a Fortnite match.

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First Opportunity – Step 1

The first step in qualification to win the BenQ gaming monitor is to create a social media post or video explaining why you want the MOBIUZ EX2510. The post or video will need to feature Fortnite gameplay along with the hashtag #BenQGamingBash and @MOBIUZ. Approved social media platforms are Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

First Opportunity – Step 2

Participants in the BenQ Gaming Bash will need to register on the company’s website. Proceed to this link, which includes a form to fill out. Be sure to enter all information thoroughly before submitting it. Here is how BenQ will decide the two lucky winners:

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“Entrants with the top two social post engagement numbers on the approved platforms listed below win the EX2510 gaming monitor. We will announce the top 2 winners of the first stage championship on the event page and MOBIUZ Twitter on November 27, follow us and stay tuned!”

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For those not selected, there will be a second, more thrilling opportunity to walk away with some top-notch BenQ equipment.

Second Opportunity

BenQ will select 190 of the social media entrants to partake in a Fortnite tournament next month. All 190 players will queue into two private solo matches in the BenQ Gaming Bash Winter 2020 Edition. The top three players from each game will secure themselves a BenQ monitor. Note the following should you finish inside the top three.

“Winners must take a screenshot as proof of their win and forward it to the Discord group established by BenQ after the matches finish. We’ll be watching.”

Here is the prize breakdown for BenQ’s Gaming Bash featuring Fortnite:

  • 1st – BenQ EX2780Q
  • 2nd – MOBIUZ EX2710
  • 3rd – MOBIUZ EX2510

Registration for this sweepstakes is open now until November 24. See the timeline of events below:

  • November 9 – November 24: Registration
  • November 27: BenQ announces 190 Gaming Bash finalists and the two social media winners
  • November 27 – November 30: Participants join BenQ’s Discord channel
  • December 2: BenQ Gaming Bash commences with two private matches and six monitors going to the top three in each match
  • December 3 – December 9: Winners claim their prize
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Visit BenQ’s website for all pertinent details, and don’t sleep on this opportunity to earn a brand new gaming monitor!

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