FNCS Finals Major 1 – How to Watch and Get Free Drops

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FNCS Finals Major 1 – How to Watch and Get Free Drops

This weekend we see the first FNCS Finals for 2024! How do the Grand Finals FNCS work this season, and what drops can you grab over the tournament?

The FNCS is the premier tier of esports for the Battle Royale. It’s where each region’s very best players go head-to-head. We’ve already had the FNCS qualifying rounds for Major 1 or Chapter 5 Season 1. This weekend is where things get serious though, the FNCS Grand Finals 2024!

This is just Major 1’s Grand Finals, but the lobbies are already looking stacked. We have just a handful of Majors each year, with only the top players moving forward to the end-of-year LAN. We can expect everyone to pull out all the stops at the FNCS Finals. How exactly will it work though?

Over three days you can follow the action in every region of Fortnite. There’s even some free Fortnite cosmetics up for grabs as drops This is what you need to know.

What Are the FNCS Finals?

fncs 2024 qualifiers

The FNCS, or Fortnite Champion Series, is the highest level of Fortnite esports. Each season, we get an opening qualifying round. From here, just the best few players are highlighted in each region. They move forward to this weekend’s tournament, the Grand Finals FNCS.

The top 50 placing duos from the previous round of the event are moving into these Grand FNCS Finals. The format for the tournament is the same as in previous rounds though. We get a set window with a limited number of matches.

Players score points in each game for an ongoing leaderboard. Both placement and kills count towards their ongoing score. At the end of the tournament, the top placing Duos out of the entire FN player base in each region will secure their spots at the end-of-year Global Championship.

The FNCS Grand Finals are a chance to see the pinnacle of competitive Fortnite for this season. These are regional tournaments, where players are divided by the region they play on. NA Central and Europe are typically the most competitive servers, where you’ll see most of the big names compete.

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How Does Scoring at Grand Finals FNCS Work?

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Getting to the top of the leaderboard in our very first major could mean that players don’t have to compete much at all for the rest of Chapter 5. How exactly can teams score points though?

There’s a total of 12 matches across the weekend for the first FNCS Grand Finals in 2024. That’s six games in each three-hour window for the tournament. Similar to this season’s two-day FN Cash Cups though, there’s a change on day 2. The second day has a unique scoring multiplier though.

On day 2, players will get 1.5x points for elims and placement! This means the Sunday games are quite a bit more important for that final leaderboard. The rank you need to hit to move to the FNCS Global Championship is also different depending on the region you’re in, it breaks down like this.

  • EU – 1st and 2nd Place
  • NA Central – 1st
  • Brazil – 1ST
  • Asia – 1st
  • Middle East – 1st
  • Oceania – 1st

That’s just for the FNCS Finals in Major 1. Majors 2 and 3 will have more teams going forward.

How To Watch the FNCS Grand Finals 2024

The FNCS Finals are a great way to see just where the skill ceiling lies if you’re trying to improve in Fortnite. The Grand Finals FNCS are available to watch pretty much everywhere too, there are loads of options.

Fortnite esports aren’t like some other games with exclusive broadcasts. Epic makes sure it’s open to the widest audience You can watch the FNCS Finals on the official Fortnite website, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook channels. Along with TikTok, and Facebook. There are even multiple language streams out there.

Another way to follow along is the Legends Landing island. This is an in-game Fortnite World where you can catch the broadcast with others in-game. Great if you want to show off one of your rarest Fortnite skins while rooting for your favorite Duo.

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As has always been standard for Fortnite comp, Twitch is a wider option. The top players usually stream their perspective of the tournament. This is definitely a good way to follow the action if there’s one player you’re particularly interested in. Although, you might miss out on the drops that way.

How To Get the FNCS Drops – Spray and Aegis BackblingFNCS Finals Drops

The FNCS Finals drops this season have a few items. While you won’t be able to grab a full free Fortnite skin just for showing up, there are quite a few different cosmetics. These are the drops on offer for the FNCS Grand Finals 2024:

  • First Enforcer Spray
  • FNCS Aegis Back bling

Each drop will be achieved by watching for 30 minutes at a time. You can earn them through some sites by linking your account to the service. However, the easiest solution to ensure you get the drops is to use Epic’s official website or the Legends Landing stream.

On these platforms, you’re already in your Epic account. Players won’t have to fuss connecting things up to get the Grand Finals FNCS drops.

Of course, the drops aren't the only cosmetics. There's a skin in the item shop too, but that'll cost you V-Bucks. Unless you won one of the FNCS community events! The drops are entirely free though.

FNCS Finals Drops

Fortnite Esports in Chapter 5

That’s how the tournament is going to work. The FNCS Finals are played on the tournament build of the game though. That’s a bit different from general Battle Royale. The more fun novelty items aren’t included here.

There’s none of the TMNT crossover items. But other OP weapons and features like Mod Benches and Medallions are still active. There are weapons like the Sniper still standing clear as the best guns in Fortnite, even in the tournament version.

It’ll be interesting to see what effect these features have on our first grand finals. FNCS is a chance to see the top players competing, and this is the first showcase for everything Chapter 5 has changed in the game.

FNCS Finals Major 1 – How to Watch and Get Free Drops
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