FNCS Community Cup – Compete for Free Skin in Ch5

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FNCS Community Cup – Compete for Free Skin in Ch5

Want to get a free FNCS skin? If you compete in the FNCS Community Cup in Chapter 5, you can unlock a new look for free.

The FNS is back for 2024, which means pro players and hopefuls are jumping into games to compete for Fortnite’s biggest prize pool. There’s more to compete in than just the highest tournament though.

There’s also the FNCS Community Cup. These are smaller tournaments tying into the larger esports major alongside it. They’re a chance for players of a more varied skill level to compete and get involved. Everyone can even try to earn a free FNCS Community Cup skin for taking part too!

How will the Fortnite FNCS Community Cups in Chapter 5 work? Like most tournaments, they’ve been refreshed a bit for the Fortnite Chapter 5 tournaments. This is what’s changed in the FNCS Community Cups.

FNCS Community Cup Chapter 5

The FNCS Community Cups are an event launched to tie in to the larger Fortnite Champion Series.

Since the FNCS Major 1 qualifiers are already underway, we’re getting a new community event. It’s beginning February 10. The tournament is taking place across all of the Fortnite servers, Europe, NA, Brazil, Asia, Middle East, and Oceania. The event is another Cup listed in the competitive tab, but with a bit of a difference.

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Most Fortnite tournaments can be divided into a couple of categories. There are those which give out cash prizes to players, often dominated by the best platers. Then there’s the tournaments which have cosmetics as a prize. The FNCS Chapter 5 Community Cups are in the second category, but there’s a free FNCS Community Cup skin available as a prize here.  This year its running during the by-week between FNCS 2024 qualifiers.

How will the tournament work? There are two different events but they both feature the same format and rules. This is how it shakes out.

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Fortnite FNCS Community Cup Schedule

When are the FNCS Community Cup dates? There’s only going to be two sessions for the tournament series. They’ll be taking place on February 10 and February 17. Each of these tournaments is running the same way, with an identical scoring and rules for entry. 

Format for Fortnite FNCS Community Cup

The format for the FNCS Community Cup isn’t too dissimilar from other Chapter 5 FN tournaments. Although, there’s some quirks more specific to this event. These are the key details:

What Rank Do You Have to Be to Enter?

You have to be up to Bronze or higher in the Fortnite Ranked mode. You won’t be able to jump in if you don’t have a rank, but Bronze is basically not an entry requirement. Since this is the bottom rank, anyone can join in. You just need to complete your placement match and receive a rank.

As well as having been given a rank, you’ll need to meet the basic requirements for the game’s tournaments. These are being 13 years old, having 2FA on your account, and having an account level of 15 or higher.

Fortnite Ranked Mode 

Rules and Time Limit

In the FNCS Community Cup, you’ll have a single three-hour session for each tournament.

There’s a separate playlist you’ll be able to enter into. You can then queue up into games for this entire three hours. Although, you can only play up to ten games in this time. Three hours isn’t long enough for 10 full length games either. If you place highly, you’ll either play under 10 games or need to focus on kills in a partial game if you want to win the FNCS Community Cup Skin.

The other major thing to know about the Fortnite Community Cups in Chapter 5 is that it’s played in Duos, Battle Royale. That’s the standard format for competitive Fortnite. However, some tournaments like C5 Cash Cups haven’t been using it this season. The point system is pretty familiar too, this is how the scoring works.

  • Victory Royale – 65 Points
  • 2 -56 Points
  • 3 – 52 Points
  • 4 – 48 Points
  • 5 – 44 Points
  • 6 – 40 Points
  • 7 – 38 Points
  • 8 – 36 Points
  • 9 – 34 Points
  • 10 – 32 Points
  • 11 – 30 Points
  • 12 – 28 Points
  • 13 – 26 Points
  • 14 – 24 Points
  • 15 – 22 Points
  • 16 – 20 Points
  • 17 – 18 Points
  • 18 – 16 Points
  • 19 – 14 Points
  • 20 – 12 Points
  • 21 – 10 Points
  • 22 – 8 Points
  • 23 – 6 Points
  • 24 – 4 Points
  • 25 – 2 Points
  • Elims – 2 Points
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This scoring is fairly standard. There are other tournaments like Mix Up Mondays which have shuffled the scoring around, but this is the set-up you’ll see for most tournaments at the moment.

Rewards – What is the FNCS Community Cup Skin?

FNCS Community Cup Skin Fortnite

The FNCS Community Cups are home to a few FNCS themed cosmetics. There’s a new spread of items being given away for the tournament. The skin that’s being given out is similar to past ones, but with a new FNCS color scheme. It’s called Champion Stashed. There’s also a back bling, pickaxe, and emoticon available too. That’s the prize for February 10 Fortnite FNCS Community Cup.

The second event has a new skin. Play on February 17th, and you’ll get the Champion Kyra and Cosmic Infinity FNCS skins.

The main prize, the skin, will be given to free for anyone who places high enough in each region. The exact place you’ll need to come varies depending on your region though. These are the requirements.

  • Europe – 1-1300
  • NA Central – 1-1000
  • Brazil/Asia – 1-250
  • Middle East/Oceania – 1-100

You’ll have to place decently to get any of these prizes, but it’s not like they’re only being awarded to the best Fortnite players. Free Fortnite skins are always a fun reward too.

Once the tournament is over, players might see these items in the store instead. If you want to get them for free though, placing in the FNCS Community Cups is your only option.

FNCS Community Cup – Compete for Free Skin in Ch5
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