FNCS 2024 Qualifiers – How to Enter FN’s Greatest Event

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FNCS 2024 Qualifiers – How to Enter FN’s Greatest Event

When is FNCS 2024 starting? This weekend will kick things off, but how can you get involved and play in the FNCS 2024 qualifiers?

The FNCS is back for a new season! Epic is re-launching its biggest esports series. This time, it’s being played on Fortnite Chapter 5. If you want to get involved in comp Fortnite then this weekend is a great time. We’re going to see the first qualifying session held for the event. Anyone with a Fortnite account can theoretically get involved and try and capture a slice of that huge multi-million-dollar prize pool. How can you do that though?

This weekend is your first step to competing in the FNCS. If you’ve been wondering when is FNCS 2024 starting after all the build-up, the day is finally here. Epic has mixed up the format a little bit though. You’ll need to get back up to date with the FNCS works. Even if you’re just following on the streams, this years’ changes might keep you on your toes. We’ll run you through how the tournament series works, the scoring, sessions, and how you can enter the FNCS Major qualifiers this weekend.

FNCS 2024 Qualifiers


The FNCS is Fortnite’s biggest tournament series. Bigger than events like Mix Up Mondays, dominating the best player’s schedules over each year. It has been held the last few seasons in a familiar format. We get three Majors each year. That’s followed by a Grand Final in the winter. This time, the first Major is about to start up with an open qualifier.

Each season of Fortnite will see these events take place. Players enter the Open Qualifier first. These are an open stage comprised of four sessions. Players can enter each round for a three-hour window. In this time, you can play up to ten games. The time limit makes things interesting as there isn’t time for 10 full games placing highly in each FNCS Major Qualifiers session.

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You’ll earn points across these games. The players who land high enough on an ongoing leaderboard move on to the semi-finals, with the grand finals sitting just after that. In most regions, you’re up against the absolute best Fortnite pros in this event. It isn’t enough to win Fortnite games in the FNCS 2024 qualifiers though. Players have to be consistent across all ten games. There’s always room for new competitors to push out the old guard though.

Who Makes it to the Finals?

The FNCS 2024 Qualifiers are starting, but how many teams make it to the next level? From Round 2 onwards, players will move forward to the semis. The top 2,000 go on from Round 1. The top 1,000 from Round 2, and only the top 250 teams from the third round. That’s in Europe and North America.

In the Asia, Brazil, Middle Easst, and OCE Fortnite servers fewer go ahead. Here, it’s 1,000 teams from Round 1 and 250 from Round 2. The semis will then sort players by how far up this leaderboard they got before putting them in the toughest lobbies.

Who Can Take part in the 2024 FNCS Qualifiers?

fncs 2024 qualifiers

Can you actually enter the Major Qualifiers? There are a few limitations. The first is that there’s a minimum rank you need to hit. players need to reach Platinum I or higher in the Fortnite Ranked mode. Now that the schedule is extended, players will have to grind the ranked mode a lot faster to enter these competitive events this year.

The next condition is true for all Fortnite Chapter 5 tournaments. You need to have an account with 2FA enabled. This is to ensure players are legitimate before they can secure cash prizes.

FNCS Major Qualifiers Rules

The FNCS is returning in 2024, but how has it changed? Epic is always fiddling with their exact esports rules. Events like the Solo FN Cash Cups have completely unique scoring, and the FNCS evolves too. While the format has seen the biggest changes for this tournament, you’ll need to know about the scoring too. This is how the points system for the FNCS Major 1 Qualifiers break down.

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FNCS Major Qualifiers Scoring System

  • Victory Royale – 65 Points
  • 2 – 56 Points
  • 3 – 52 Points
  • 4 – 48 Points
  • 5 – 44 Points
  • 6 – 40 Points
  • 7 – 38 Points
  • 8 – 36 Points
  • 9 – 34 Points
  • 10 – 32 Points
  • 11 – 30 Points
  • 23 – 28 Points
  • 13 – 26 Points
  • 14 – 24 Points
  • 15 – 22 Points
  • 16 – 20 Points
  • 17 – 18 Points
  • 18 – 16 Points
  • 19 – 14 Points
  • 20 – 12 Points
  • 21 – 10 Points
  • 22 – 8 Points
  • 23 – 6 Points
  • 24 – 4 Points
  • 25 – 2 Points
  • Eliminations – 2 Points per

The scoring system is pretty familiar for Fortnite competitive events. Although, there is a major departure from most Ch5 tournaments. You won’t get points for vaults, broadcast towers, or claiming the rift-in POI. Other tournaments have outsized prizes for completing these mid-game objectives that don’t really reward skilled players. It’s good to see that weird rule cut for this more serious tournament.

When is FNCS 2024 Starting?

The FNCS 2024 Qualifiers are is starting this weekend. Players can jump into the first session starting Friday, January 26. The second session is the next day, and the final one is on Sunday. The open qualifiers will run over two weeks.


Should You Enter the FNCS 2024 Qualifiers?

The FNCS Major Qualifiers are going to be the biggest Fortnite tournament for quite a while. It's open to all players, and anyone who thinks they have the skill can jump in. This is one of the toughest competitions. If you’ve been grinding and practicing though, you might have what it takes to go all the way.

FNCS 2024 Qualifiers – How to Enter FN’s Greatest Event
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