Dupreeh Rumoured To Join Team Falcons CS2 Roster

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Dupreeh Rumoured To Join Team Falcons CS2 Roster

Danish CS player, Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, is rumored to have closed a deal with Team Falcons to join their CS2 roster

Counter-Strike has seen a resurgence since the start of 2024, with numerous major tournaments starting and the esports scene slowly becoming more active. With events like IEM Katowice 2024 and BLAST Premier Spring Groups already completed, teams are slowly adapting to the new game and settling their rosters. During this “new beginning” of Counter-Strike, numerous smaller teams have taken the initiative to make their mark in the Tier-1 scene of CS. One such team is Team Falcons, an organization based in Saudi Arabia.

After their attempt to make a team capable of winning majors went wrong, recent rumors suggest that they have recently closed a deal with pro player Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen to join their roster.

Dupreeh Rumoured To Join Team Falcons CS2 Roster

After they promised to start 2024 with a bang, the new CS2 roster for Team Falcons went on to participate in a few major events. With five-time major winners, coach Danny “zonic” Sørensen and rifler Emil “Magisk” Reif in their ranks joined by Veteran IGL Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer and AWP prodigy Alvaro “SunPayus” Garcia, this team looked unstoppable. They came in with only one intention in their minds, to win Majors.

However, despite setting big expectations, the team did not deliver. Their performance was lackluster and was not able to grant the success they were hoping for. Their early season for 2024 consisted of a 3rd place finish in IEM Katowice and a measly 9th place in BLAST Premier Spring Groups. Results like these made them miss out on qualifying for the ongoing PGL Copenhagen Major.

The Solution Was s1mple

As a sort of reaction to their results, Team Falcons made a drastic change, a change that no one saw coming. After releasing their rifler Mohammad “BOROS” Malhas, they picked up a top-level player on loan. That player was Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, the best Counter-Strike player in the world.

Dupreeh Rumoured To Join Team Falcons CS2 Roster

Credit: Forbes

The pro had taken a step down from his former team, Natus Vincere, and took a break from competitive play. The reason for this was that he thought, that CS2 was still in a very unpolished state and not fit for professional games. After taking a break, he made a return to the game by joining Team Falcons on loan for one month.

Despite a player of s1mple’s caliber joining the ranks of Team Falcons, it just wasn’t enough for them to produce results that could secure their spots in the PGL Copenhagen Major.

The Astralis Legend Appears

After s1mple’s loan failed, the team lacked a player that would complete this roster and be the final piece of the puzzle that was missing for them to perform better. They already had an experienced coach and rifler. Their AWPer was filled with talent and potential. However, they still lacked one player who could bring them all together to form a super-team.

Dupreeh Rumoured To Join Team Falcons CS2 Roster

Credit: Liquipedia

That player is Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen. The Danish entry fragger has been playing CS since 2012 and has a career filled with experience. He has played with the likes of René “cajunb” Borg and Henrik “FeTiSh” Christensen. He is considered to be one of the most decorated players in the game of CSGO, having attended all 19 Majors and boasting 5 wins under his belt.

Currently, he is playing under a small Danish team named Preasy Esport alongside some well-down pros from Denmark. After a short time there, rumors now suggest that he has signed a deal with Team Falcons to join their roster and participate in the upcoming events for the 2024 season. This signing has not been confirmed yet by anyone but we are expecting the announcement to be made public very soon.

Is dupreeh The Answer

The five-time major winner has tons of experience as a player. Having played in 19 CSGO Majors and winning a record-breaking 5 of them comes with the knowledge that can be quite handy for a team. His entry-fragging potential could also be the key to success for Team Falcons as the rest of their roles are covered relatively well. It all comes down to dupreeh adjusting and forming chemistry with his teammates, which he shouldn't have trouble with considering his experience playing with a wide range of players.

Dupreeh Rumoured To Join Team Falcons CS2 Roster

Credit: Bo3.gg

Speaking of chemistry, it is important to consider that he has also played with Magisk and zonic who are already on the roster. Not only have they played together in Astralis back in 2017-19, but won a whopping four majors together. So if Team Falcons are looking to win majors, they certainly have a trio that has done it before. This experience can be key in their future games against more nurtured and developed rosters.

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Dupreeh Rumoured To Join Team Falcons CS2 Roster
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