S1mple Ends Hiatus With a Surprising Announcement

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S1mple Ends Hiatus With a Surprising Announcement

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev is set to come back to competitive Counter-Strike, but the announcement of his return had an unexpected twist

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev has been out of action since October following a self-imposed hiatus. The Natus Vincere ace has been hinting at an imminent return to the scene. Now, it has been confirmed that s1mple is all set to step back into the arena once again. That said, he will not be donning the iconic Yellow and Black upon his return. Where will we see the Ukrainian superstar ply his trade now? Is this going to be a permanent move?

Falcons Announce Surprise S1mple Signing

Falcons have sidelined Mohammad “BOROS” Malhas and made a surprise move by bringing in Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev on a one-month loan from Natus Vincere. Making a brief detour from his main team, the former Major champion is set to bolster the CS2 superteam for the BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown through a brief one-month loan. s1mple had been away from competitive gaming before the loan, having remained inactive since the debut of Counter-Strike 2 owing to personal matters.

Falcons Continue to Chase Big Names

While it's only temporary, Falcons has managed to acquire another major star after actively seeking out numerous prominent players during the late 2023 roster construction phase. The Saudi Esports-backed organization is said to have pursued individuals such as NiKo, m0nesy, and Twistzz in recent months.

Falcons do have the financial muscle to afford any high profile stars they want. The organization has enormous financial backing as part of Saudi Arabia’s government Esports expansion plans. The Saudi Public Investment Fund doesn’t own the organization directly, but it funds it through one of its biggest sponsors.

Although there's a chance for this transition to become a more permanent arrangement, it's currently deemed temporary. S1mple's concise expression of gratitude towards NAVI for the “opportunity” suggests ongoing ties, as evidenced by his continued association with the Ukrainian organization in his profile. Falcons director Grant Rousseau has clarified the loan's temporary nature, citing its role in facilitating crucial roster decisions for future events.

s1mple Finally Ready for CS2 Transition?

Making a comeback to Counter-Strike after a break since October, the Ukrainian phenomenon jumps back into the scene as the Saudi organization decides to revamp their roster shortly after a dismal exit from the PGL Major Copenhagen Europe RMR A.

When revealing his decision to take a break, s1mple mentioned his interest in potential offers upon his return and acknowledged the possibility of switching roles to a rifler, feeling that the AWP's effectiveness was reduced in Counter-Strike 2. He will be playing as a rifler in the Saudi Arabian organization, while former ENCE star Álvaro “⁠SunPayus⁠” García will retain his AWPing duties.

s1mple has recently spoken positively about CS2, stating his improved satisfaction with the game, especially following updates like A Call to Arms. During an interview at IEM Katowice, he discussed his intention to return full-time after the Major, taking on the role of a sixth player.

Falcons Yet to Find the Right Chemistry

S1mple Ends Hiatus With A Surprising Announcement

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BOROS' relegation to the bench follows Falcons' unsuccessful attempt to qualify for PGL Major Copenhagen via Europe RMR A. Losses to FaZe, Eternal Fire, and AMKAL dealt a lethal blow to their Copenhagen dreams.

The organization pointed to “performance reasons” for the decision to remove the Jordanian rifler from the lineup. Danny “zonic” Sørensen had previously highlighted issues of professionalism and time management at the start of the new roster's formation. Furthermore, doubts about the long-term trust in BOROS from Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer and the team surfaced due to role allocation, with the 19-year-old not receiving many of the usual star rifler responsibilities aligned with the team's player composition.

S1mple Ends Hiatus With a Surprising Announcement
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