How Much Do The CS2 Falcons Make? CS2 Salary Details Revealed

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How Much Do The CS2 Falcons Make? CS2 Salary Details Revealed

How much do the CS2 Falcons make? Bleed Esports coach Aleksandar “Kassad” Trifunovich gives us the inside scoop on CS2 salaries

Team Falcons were among the most talked-about teams in competitive Counter-Strike entering the new year. The Saudi Arabian organization spared no expense in assembling a star-studded roster and an equally, if not even more, caliber backroom staff. The question of “How much do the CS2 Falcons make?” has sparked a lot of intrigue. Bleeds Esports coach Aleksandar “Kassad” Trifunovich recently discussed the financial dynamics of the current CS2 scene on a podcast. While doing so, he outlined the average Falcons CS2 salary.

Average Falcons CS2 Salary: How Much Do The CS2 Falcons Make?

How Much Do The  CS2 Falcons Make? CS2 Salary Details Revealed

Credit: Team Falcons

Kassad asserts that buyouts and salaries in CS2 have increased dramatically recently. He disclosed that the average CS2 Falcons salary is $38,000 per month, citing it as an example of inflated prices. On the Last Free Nation Counter-Strike podcast, the Bleeds Esports coach further discussed the issue with Thorin and Maui.

“By the way, the average salary in Falcons is $38,000. Does that seem right to you? That's completely destabilizing the f**king market right now. Players are asking for too much, orgs cannot pay that much simply because they don't have that money. Heroic's salaries are a minimum of $30,000, on average.”

The former Renegades and 100 Thieves boss also offered insights into the transfer market situation. He revealed the astronomical transfer fee Falcons paid for Alvaro “SunPayus” Garcia and disclosed that Apeks demanded no less than $1.2 million for jkaem when contacted by Bleed.

“We had Falcons coming in with the millions from the Saudis. They spent $1 million on buying SunPayus. I don't know how much they spent on Snappi. Maden was free. BOROS was there, and I don't know how much they paid for Magisk. That's already ridiculously high. Then we had Heroic, who got the money from Astralis. That's $1.9 mln for jabbi and stavn. That's absolutely ridiculous and over the price.”

“Let's go to Heroic. They got Kyxsan for $500k, at least, that was the minimum. On top of that, they got NertZ, which was $500k as well. Who else? They bought Nicoodooz from Preasy for some ridiculous money.”

“My whole team is not what half is for SunPayus. Like, close. My entire team value, with salaries and everything for the full year. And I'm not saying he is a bad AWPer. We're just talking about the market value of the player.”

Why Are CS2 Salaries and Transfers Getting So Expensive?

Analysts deemed the prices exorbitant, especially Apeks's asking price for jkaem. They believe the reported $110 million earned from BLAST Paris Major sticker sales, coupled with Saudi investment, have significantly inflated the market.

According to Valve, the sticker sales revenues have been rising consistently over the years. They reported in 2019 that the StarLadder Major Berlin generated over $11 million for its 24 teams and 120 players. In 2022, Valve announced that the PGL Antwerp and Stockholm Majors combined brought in about $70 million for all participating teams and players. However, the prize pools of both events were eclipsed by the 2023 Blast Paris Major, as reported by HLTV and Dust2 Brazil, which distributed over $110 million among all teams and players.

The report outlined the earnings for teams and players from cosmetic sales. Contenders teams were awarded approximately $4.5 million, while players received nearly $250,000. Legends teams earned around $3.5 million, with about $200,000 distributed to players. Challengers teams received $2.6 million, and players earned approximately $200,000.

On top of that, the spending spree of the Saudi Public Investment fund in the Esports arena has injected more money into the market, which in turn, has led to significant rises in CS2 salaries and transfers.

How Much Do The CS2 Falcons Make? CS2 Salary Details Revealed
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