Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – South America May 3-May 8, 2021

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – South America May 3-May 8, 2021

All the highlights from Week 4 in the South American DPC.

The end of the DPC Season 2 is fast approaching as we wrap up Week 4 in the South American region. With just two more weeks to go, the action is only going to heat up. We break down the biggest moments from both divisions.

Lower Division

BINOMISTAS continue to lead the way in our standings at the end of Week 4. They took home their two-game series against Omega Gaming this week leaving them with a score of 4-1.

The loss against BINO was the second disappointing result for Omega, however. They came up short earlier against the week after facing off against Inverse. They now sit 2-3, dropping down from 2nd to 4th place on the ladder this week. The three-game series saw Inverse start out strong, controlling the map across the whole 40-minutes of Game 1. But while Omega staged a come back in the second game, Game 3 was a different story. We saw a seamless performance from Gianluca “Migi” Castañeda on his Ember Spirit in mid. He went 19/4/14 on this map, shutting down Omega’s chances and bumping themselves up to 3rd place.

It’s EgoBoys who now claim our 2nd spot in the standings. Coming out on top in their head-to-head series against Gorillaz-Pride. GP came into the first map of this series with their best foot forward, overrunning EGB in just 27-minutes with a 22-kill lead. However, things didn’t look so cut and dry for the Gorillaz in Game 2. EGB snatched the lanes, and with it the second map, pushing the series to a full Bo3. And that’s when EgoBoys repaid GP for their earlier favor. Wiping them out; 22-8 in 29-minutes to nab themselves a 2-1 victory.

Latam Defenders saw mixed results this week, they secured their first victory against Incubus Club on the first day of play, 2-0. The third loss for Incubus so far, putting them at 2-3 and currently 7th on the ladder.

Their next series against Crewmates proved a more complicated affair. With Crewmates flipping the table on LD and snowballing through the second map in just 21-minutes. It was a much-needed boost for Crewmates, who fought on to take the third and final game after 42-minutes. The loss drops Latam Defenders down to 5th place, while Crewmates continue in our last spot on the ladder, despite the win.

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Upper Division

The UD started with a bang this week. With our top four seeds clashing in two back-to-back three-game series that shook up the regional standings.

First up, we saw NoPing e-sports battle it out against Thunder Predator across three swift and brutal maps. TP came into Game 1 with their usual swagger. Alonso “Mnz” León still managed to get enough out of the laning phase on his Wraith King pick to build big by 20-minutes, locking down his BKB and an Assault Cuirass at 23-minutes. Oscar David “Oscar” Chavez didn’t have as much luck on Death Prophet, finally managing a BKB of his own at 29-minutes. But by then it was too late, Thunder Predator had this one in the bag. It was on to Game 2, and that’s where things started to look a little dicey for TP.

NoPing hit the ground running immediately on the second map, netting themselves first blood and a net worth advantage of over 1k by 5-minutes. It was a 23-minute stomp that saw NoPing take the win with a vengeance, TP only managed to take a measly 4-kills total the entire game. Buoyed by their victory on the second map, NoPing gave it their all in Game 3, and while TP had a few moments of control, they couldn’t turn the momentum to their advantage. NoPing shut it down at 33-minutes, taking home the first series of the week. The loss puts Thunder Predator in 3rd place in the Upper Division standings.

NoPing kept the wins rolling when they faced off against Infamous on our final day of play for the week as well, taking this series 2-0. They now reign undefeated at the top of the ladder with a score of 5-0.

But it was Infamous, our 4th place seed, who really mixed things up this week. Finally knocking Beastcoast off their throne. We’ll take a closer look at the match-up in our highlight series.

Infinity Esports continue to struggle through Season 2, facing another loss this week. Their match-up against Team Unknown was a blood bath, with a total combined 96-kills on the board in Game 1 alone. Still, despite finding plenty of pickoffs, Infinity couldn’t convert those moments into any game-changing swings. Unknown came out on top in the end on both maps, tucking their first win of the Season under their belt. They’re currently tied with SG e-sports in the 6th spot on our standings.

SG e-sports also had a rough week. Although they put up an admirable defense during the second map, they ultimately fell in their three-game series against Hokori.

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Highlight Series: Beastcoast vs Infamous

After four weeks sitting pretty at the top of the South American standings, it was time for someone to take Beastcoast’s crown. And Infamous decided they were the team to do it.

Game 1 saw some hectic back and forth during the mid-phase. With both team’s coming up short during skirmishes. But Beastcoast got things back under control by the 20-minute mark, pulling the gold lead back their way and pushing hard to close out the first map at 31-minutes. Héctor Antonio “K1” Rodríguez dominated on his Abaddon pick, putting away a mammoth 705gpm and only falling once for a K/D/A of 12/1/8.

However, in Game 2 we saw a different side of Infamous. A vicious side. Things were looking even through the lanes, with neither side coming out the clear victor. But a team fight at 21-minutes saw Infamous take a full team wipe. As well as scoring a die-back on Jean Pierre “Chris Luck” Gonzales’ Underlord pick. The swing was exactly what Infamous needed, the gold boost helped Crhistian “Pakazs” Savina finish his BKB early. Giving his Troll Warlord an early counter to BC’s lockdown. By 34-minutes he’d added an Abyssal Blade and a Monkey King Bar to his belt, making him almost unstoppable. Pakazs was unequaled and unmatched on this map, going an insane 26/1/7 over the game’s 52-minutes.  Infamous had brought everything to the table and it served them well, forcing BC to face them in a third and final battle.

But Game 3 again became a walk in the park for Infamous after the end of the lanes. Once more they found their stride around the 20-minute mark and capitalized on their momentum, taking a swift Roshan at 23-minutes and securing the aegis for Pakazs’ Juggernaut pick. And then the kills just kept coming. At 38-minutes, Infamous had 49 of their own on the board, a 27-kill lead over Beastcoast. Infamous achieved what many considered unthinkable in this series, knocking out BC and dropping them from 1st to 2nd spot on the ladder.

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