Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap — SEA May 3-May 8, 2021

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap — SEA May 3-May 8, 2021

A close look at the SEA matches of DPC Week 4.

As the DPC is heading towards its end, we see teams getting in the groove to battle hard and earn maximum points. The SEA standings have been a mirror of the unpredictable nature of teams and matches. At the end of Week 4, TNC Predators lead the table with Fnatic on the second spot. In the Lower Division, it’s Motivate.Trust Gaming on top, followed by Team SMG. Here are the highlights of all matches in DPC Week 4.

Lower Division

Two straight victories for Team SMG started off the first set for games in the Lower Division of DPC. Both games being comfortable wins for SMG.

Galaxy Racer won 2-0 against Team Mystery, the first game ending with a score of 30-16 and the second was a one-sided 26-9. Getting beat In the drafting phase, Mystery looked helpless in the second game which they desperately needed to win to put up a fight against Galaxy.

On May 6, games between Team Mystery and 496 Gaming went in the latter’s favour. The first game was a total stomp by 496 with a score of 25-9. Mystery put a better display of gameplay in the second game. However, 496 ended up winning, finishing 38-26 in the scoreline.

Army Geniuses surprised many people with some wonderful fighting spirit in the fourth set of games. MG.Trust being in form, AG faced a tough opponent. The first game was 40 minutes long and neck to neck but AG came on top. The second game was a stomp by MG.Trust mainly because AG did not seem to have a decent game plan. Both teams fought hard to beat each other in the last and final match, but It was MG.Trust who landed the final blow and won the series 2-1.

Cignal Ultra won 2-0 in the final set of matches against Galaxy Racer. The first game went over 33-minutes with a 29-15 lead for Cingal in the scoreline. Cignal failed to get anything out of the second match as well. Losing against Galaxy’s draft who picked heroes like Ember, Morphling, Oracle and Snapfire.

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Upper Division

Omega Esports failed to win against Fnatic in the first set of games. The opening match was in Omega’s favour from the early game and the team capitalized on their lead very well, winning it with a score of 20-12. The second game was terrific for Fnatic as they picked a great draft including heroes like Death Prophet, Luna, Tidehunter, Oracle and Mirana. Asserting their dominance right from the early game, Fnatic could finish the game quickly. The last match was also a brilliant display of Fnatic’s gameplay. Although the match went on for 40 minutes, the team was in control and defeated Omega 2-1.

TNC won 2-1 against Boom Esports in the second set of matches. The first game had TNC leading from the very start with magnificent plays by their Puck. Even after trying hard, Boom could not pull ahead from their early slump and lost the match. The second game was rough for TNC as Boom bounced back with a great draft and defeated them 31-10. However, TNC did not give up and took the set in the last game. Picking heroes like Tiny, Nyx Assassin, LC and Medusa, the team had good tempo control in the game. Although they were behind in the early minutes, TNC grabbed the win.

The third set of games between Omega and Neon Esports resulted in the latter’s victory. Neon completely dumpstered Omega who had a questionable draft including Broodmother, Enchantress, Void Spirit and Lifestealer in the first game. Neon went with Magnus’ Empower and Phantom Assassin combo, which worked for them. The second game was no different where Neon picked Io support, Ember Spirit, Legion Commander and Gyrocopter against Omega’s Tiny, Morphling and Dragon Knight. The match ended with a scoreline of 27-4 in Neon’s favour.

Fnatic won the last set of games in a 2-0 victory over Lilgun. The first match was very disappointing from the latter, giving Fnatic a 23-11 win. However, Lilgun gave a better fight in the second game. They were behind in gold lead but looked to close the gap. Unfortunately, it was not enough from Lilgun and Fnatic were too strong.

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Highlight Series: Execration Vs T1

The first game saw T1 in the lead throughout the early game. With heroes like Terrorblade, Razor and Doom, their lead kept increasing, giving little to no space to Execration who had a decent draft on paper.  Execration were unable to pull through with Gyrocopter, Io and Leshrac, who were picked to control the game from the beginning.

Despite T1’s efforts to close the second game with good picks like Broodmother, Batrider, Medusa and Snapfire, Execration got their best game out. Getting involved in a few nasty fights around the 15 to 20-minute mark, T1 gave an immense advantage to Execration. Capitalizing on T1’s mistakes, Execration ended the game with a win.

Unfortunately for Execration, their joy was short-lived. T1 picked a beautiful draft for the final showdown including heroes like Faceless Void, Puck, Doom and Snapfire. The match started off with little difference between the two teams. However, a fight around the 35-minute mark changed the course of the game drastically. Execration lost few heroes in an erratic fight and were forced to buy back to win the brawl. The buybacks turned into diebacks as T1 managed to win the fight and take the Roshan. From that point there was no looking back for T1 who won the match, ultimately winning the set 2-1.

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