Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – South America, May 10-May 15 2021

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – South America, May 10-May 15 2021

ESTNN breaks down all the action from Week 5 of the SA DPC.

Season 2 of the DPC is almost at an end, it’s been a breeze for some teams and a hard slog for others. We take a look at the current standings.

Lower Division

BINOMISTAS tasted their second defeat of the Season this week. They faced off against Crewmates on our opening day of play. While BINO took the first map confidently, Crewmates managed to turn things around in Game 2, stomping them down in 28-minutes.  Our final game of the series saw Crewmates struggle a little through the lanes, but they brought the lead back their way by the 20-minute mark. The choice to run a Bristleback for Gustavo “Fcr” Ribeiro in this final game was the right one. He easily outpaced the farm of BINO’s PA, ending the game with a comfortable 10/1/12.

And Crewmates nabbed themselves another win later in the week. Taking their matchup against Omega Gaming to the full three games as well.

Crewmates currently sit in 4th place in our standings after the two victories, while the defeats knock BINOMISTAS down a spot to 2nd and Omega to 7th.

But another team who played two series, the Latam Defenders, are no doubt disappointed with their Week 5 results. They went head-to-head with the EgoBoys in a two-game bloodbath, coming up short and losing the series 0-2. While the kills came thick on the first map. The second map saw a total of 96-kills on the board – with 57 of those on the EgoBoys side.

The Defenders then clashed with Gorillaz-Pride to close out our week. Game 1 was a 23-minute blitz that saw GP dominate right from the outset. Taking first blood within the first 2-minutes and controlling the laning phase to snowball to an easy win. But the Defenders pushed back on the second map. They secured themselves a small lead through lanes. But GP were not going to let them do anything with that momentum. They snatched back the lead at around 19-minutes and then closed out the game after securing their second aegis at the 30-minute mark.

With two defeats this week, the Latam Defenders are now on the bottom of the ladder in 8th place.

It wasn’t all up for GP this week though. Their match against Inverse midweek saw them fall, 0-2. Game 1 saw Inverse take a commanding win, the final score 15-48 when Inverse shut it down at 33-minutes. But things weren’t quite as easy for Inverse in Game 2. Although GP had control of the midgame, they failed to move fast enough to capitalize on their lead. Inverse snatched the win right out of their hands at 38-minutes.

Gorillaz-Pride are currently sitting in 5th, but with no series left to play next week, it’s unlikely we’ll see them moving into the Upper Division next season.

Meanwhile, the EgoBoys have climbed to the top to take the crown, sitting in 1st place in the region’s standings.

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Upper Division

NoPing remained at the top of the ladder in Week 5. They faced off against Team Unknown on the opening day of play, smashing out a quick two-game series. It took them just 28-minutes on the first map to shut down Unknown and send them packing to 6th place.

João “4nalog” Giannini returned to Hokori’s roster this week, replacing Jean “Mr.Jeans” Natividad. It was not a strong week for the Peruvians, however. They clashed with Thunder Predator on Day 1 of Week 5 and came up short. With TP dispatching them in two quick stomps, both under 30-minutes. They’re currently 2-4 and at 5th place in the Upper Division standings. Although they still have one final game to play in Week 6, it’s unlikely we’ll see them on the stage at the next Major.

Thunder Predator played two series this week. But their second matchup against Infinity Esports posed them few problems. They easily cleared the first map, seizing control of the lead before the game hit 15-minutes and pushing their momentum straight to an easy win. But Infinity fought back harder in Game 2. They had a much stronger laning phase and took control of the midgame. But TP’s Slark pick meant they were confident of holding the late game, they turned the tables on Infinity at the 28-minute mark and swept to a 32-minute victory.

Thunder Predator are currently 5-2 and sitting at 3rd place. If Beastcoast falls to NoPing in Week 6, we may get to see a tiebreaker series.

But Infinity Esports DPC run has come to an end. They also fell to Infamous midweek in a 2-0 series. After five weeks of play, they end with a total score of one win and six losses, leaving them in last place.

Beastcoast continued to conquer in Week 5. Although they’re currently sitting in the 2nd slot in the region’s standings, they’ve only lost a single series so far. Week 5 saw them come up against SG e-sports although Beastcoast ultimately came out victorious, it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. With plenty of back and forth in both the kills and the gold lead across both games.We take a closer look in our highlight series below.

Beastcoast are slated to go head-to-head with NoPing for their final match in Week 6, while SGE will be facing Team Unknown during our last week of the SA DPC.

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Highlight Series: Beastcoast vs SG e-sports

This series was a slaughter right from its opening minutes. Game 1 saw SG e-sports take first blood in at only 33-seconds in. Still, despite the high kill-count, the laning phase was fairly even for both teams. A huge skirmish near the 15-minute mark saw Beastcoast swing the lead their way, but it was short-lived. SGE seized it back again after securing themselves a Roshan and the aegis for Guilherme Silva “Costabile” Costábile’s Medusa.

But although they were holding the gold lead, Beastcoast were battering them in the kills. They added 16 to their count as they beat down SGE’s offense, snatching the lead back again just past 40-minutes.

By this point, Héctor Antonio “K1” Rodríguez was a literal beast on his Faceless Void. With an Eye of Skadi and an Assault Cuirass on his belt along with a BKB, there was no hope for SGE to shut him down. After some neck-and-neck skirmishes, Beastcoast pushed for their own Roshan attempt, securing Hector the aegis at 44-minutes. SGE knew it was time to bow out, they called GG at 48-minutes.

Our second map saw Beastcoast take first blood with three easy support pick-offs on SGE’s Ancient Apparation. Still, it was SG e-sports that got the most from the lanes. With Adriano de Paula “4dr” Machado taking a Dragon Knight pick in mid paying off. With 4dr enjoying a very successful laning phase against Jean Pierre “Chris Luck” Gonzales on Ember Spirit.

In fact, things looked quite shaky for Beastcoast through the lanes, and SGE managed to tuck quite a few kills under their belt for a comfortable gold lead of over 2k by 10-minutes.

As Game 2 stretched on, it certainly looked like SG e-sports might be taking it to the full three series. A successful Rosh attempt at 26-minutes saw Costabile nab the aegis on his Luna pick, rolling in with it activated only to have Beastcoast burn it down in what turned out to be the real turning point of the game.

Beastcoast took control of the late game once again. They closed out the win at 42-minutes, taking the series 2-0.

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