Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap — SEA May 10-May 15 2021

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap — SEA May 10-May 15 2021

A run-through of the games as they happened throughout the fifth week in the SEA DPC.

The second last week of Dota Pro Circuit has finished, leaving us with some brilliant matches and a decisive standings table. The Upper Division table has Fnatic leading with T1 following them in the second spot and TNC Predator in third. Motivate.Trust Gaming is leading the Lower Division table, followed by Team SMG and Galaxy Racer in second and third positions, respectively. Here's a recap of all the games as they happened.

Lower Division

The first set of matches went in favor of 496 Gaming. It was Army Geniuses who took game one with a better draft and gameplay. The second match saw AG coming back into action with a solid draft featuring Faceless Void and Razor. AG took the game 27-13 from 496 Gaming. The last match was tight, and both teams looked aggressive, but it was 496 who took good fights and won with an advantage.

Motivate.Trust Gaming won 2-0 against Team Mystery. The first game saw MG.Trust playing well with Leshrac and Ursa, and winning the game 40-15. They also dominated in the second match, ending the game under 25-minutes with a score of 19-3.

Team Mystery and Cignal Ultra had a neck-to-neck first match. The game was over in just over 30-minutes with Mystery winning it. Cignal failed to win the second game as well, with Mystery’s Faceless Void, Timbersaw and Leshrac contributing heavily to the team’s win.

Both Team SMG and South Built Esports played a close first match. Team SMG won with a score 38-36 in just under 40 minutes. The second match was entertaining to watch as both teams fought hard for a victory. In the end, it was SMG who came on top with a score of 41-25 in a 38-minute game.

Team SMG, who played against Army Geniuses, won the last set of games playing the first match in a stomp with a scoreline of 28-5 in SMG’s favor. The second game was no different with AG unable to play. Team SMG dominated the match, ending it about 28 minutes with a score of 20-6.

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Upper Division

The first set of games between OB.Neon and Lilgun was unsurprisingly one-sided towards Neon. Lilgun lost the first match with a score of 38-7 and the second game was over in about 28-minutes with a slightly better display of performance by Lilgun. Neon were too strong and won 2-0 against a side who are yet to win a match in the DPC.

T1 won 2-0 against Fnatic in the second set of matches. Although fans were expecting matches to go down to the wire with these two, the games were straightforward. The first match was a massacre with T1 winning 18-5, they did not give Fnatic any space to come back in the game. Fnatic had a poor draft in the second game with T1’s Timbersaw creating tons of problems for them. T1 won the game, shutting down Fnatic’s Dragon Knight and gaining an advantage with their Medusa and Timbersaw.

The third set of matches between OB.Neon and Fnatic went in the latter’s favor. Neon picked an unorthodox draft, with Magnus as their core hero. However, their picks did not work and Fnatic dominated the game with their Axe, Bristleback and Wraith King lineup. The first game was a win for Fnatic with a scoreline of 25-11. The second game was a stomp by Fnatic who picked heroes like Arc Warden, Axe and Dragon Knight. Neon could only put 9 kills on the board against Fnatic’s 28. Fnatic won 2-0 against Neon.

The last set of matches was between BOOM and Omega Esports. The first match was a dominating performance by Omega who won 32-3. Boom could not stop Slark from snowballing off their bad picks and the rest of Omega were too comfortable in fights because of their advantageous position. Boom called “GG” at just 21-minutes in the game. The second match was better for Boom, who picked questionable picks like Ursa, Medusa and Legion Commander. Boom also made some over-aggressive plays which turned bad for them. However, it was Omega who picked a cheeky hero like Sniper and supported him with tanky heroes like Centaur Warrunner, Bristleback and Snapfire. Omega won the second match, taking the series from Boom 2-0.

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Highlight Series: Lilgun Vs TNC Predator

Thanks to some exquisite play from Lilgun, their game makes it to our Highlight series of the week. It seems Lilgun were enjoying themselves knowing they have nothing to lose, so they played their best Dota. The first match saw Lilgun picking Anti Mage against TNC’s Medusa in the middle lane. Lilgun were very aggressive right from the opening minutes of the match. However, both teams shared some minutes of gold advantage in the early to mid game. It was post 35 minutes when TNC pressurized high ground, but couldn’t break through a resilient Lilgun’s team. Lilgun won the game with a score of 34-34.

The second match had Lilgun pick an interesting draft, including heroes like Pudge, Lycan and Ember Spirit. Although their draft was less appealing on paper, Lilgun had the upper hand in the game. Especially with Ember being an extremely bad matchup for Troll Warlord on TNC's side. Both teams had an equally good early game start, but TNC struggled in flights because of their picks.Lilgun played extremely well to win 45-22 against TNC.

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