Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – North America, May 3-May 9, 2021

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – North America, May 3-May 9, 2021

ESTNN breaks down all the highlights from the NA DPC.

It was mostly a week of 2-0s in the NA region this week, we take you through the action in the Upper and Lower Divisions.

Lower Division

Team DogChamp played two series in Week 4, kicking things off with a 2-0 win against Electronic Boys on the first day of play. EB looked like they had DogChamp’s number in Game 1, the kills were flying fast on this first map. EB took first blood, and the lanes came out even with neither team really seizing complete control. There was a lot of back and forth across the 57-minutes, with a final kill-count of 41-45, but eventually DogChamp came out on top. The second map was a breeze in contrast, and DogChamp shut EB’s defense down at 32-minutes to take the first win of the week.

But it is the D2 Hustlers continue to lead our standings in NA’s Lower Division. They faced off against 5 Man Midas this week. The first map saw 5MM hold out until the bitter end, stretching Game 1 out to 54-minutes before D2H finally secured the win. Game 2 was a quick stomp by comparison, with D2H taking control from the laning phase and cruising their way to a 33-minute victory to take the series 2-0. The loss leaves 5MM at 5th on the ladder.

Felt also continue on the bottom rung in Week 4, facing yet another loss in their matchup against Arkosh Gaming. Although Felt managed to get some value from the lanes on the first map, Arkosh swiftly took control from the 10-minute mark. Closing Game 1 in 41-minutes. Game 2 saw Felt face a truly demoralizing defeat. Landing only 5-kills to the 25-kills that Arkosh put on the board this map. Game 2 was over in 30-minutes, with Arkosh taking the victory. Felt are currently 0-5 and sitting at 8th place following the defeat.

Wind and Rain also played two series this week, coming up even with one win and one loss to sit at 6th in the standings. In their head-to-head against Team DogChamp. WaR came in strong on the first map. Snatching the net worth lead before the end of the lanes and holding it right up until the end of the 46-minutes. An impressive performance. Especially considering Ilyas “Steel-_-Borco” Kaukenov was out this week and WaR was playing with Christian “Madara” Kimura as a stand-in.

But DogChamp put up a dominating performance in Game 2. They quickly seized map control, taking first blood and causing chaos for WaR’s safe lane. Our second map quickly turned into a 29-minute snowball, which DogChamp rode to victory. Raymond “RayLalisa” Lai initially lost out on the lanes; but his Storm Spirit pick really started to shine after he locked down his BKB at 21-minutes. He went 12/2/5 this map, securing almost half of his team’s kills.  Our third and final map of the series saw WaR put up a little more fight than Game 2, but not enough to tip the scales their way. DogChamp shut down Game 3 in 36-minutes, taking the series.

The win brings DogChamp to 5-0, sitting in the second spot on the ladder, currently defeated. But WaR have proved they can bleed, the Game 1 loss in their series putting a slight blemish on DogChamp’s Season 2 record, they’re now 10-1 total wins/losses this Season.

WaR also tucked a clean 2-0 victory over Pecado Gaming Squad beneath their belt, wiping the floor with Pecado across two 27-minute maps in a pair of dominating back-to-back wins. Pecado now sit in 4th place with an even 3-3 in the standings.

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Upper Division

Things are beginning to look very cut and dry in our Upper Division, with the standings staying more or less the same from Week 3.

Undying have now risen to the top of the bracket. Their win against SADBOYS this week brought them to a clean 5-0 to sit in the number one spot. Game 2 of this series was an absolutely brutal affair, with Undying absolutely slaughtering SAD in a 35-minute bloodbath. Undying ended this game with an absolutely insane 50-kill lead. SADBOYS are yet to take a win this season, they’re currently sitting in 7th place.

4 Zoomers faced-off against Quincy Crew and came up short. QC took the series in two quick stomps. Game 1 saw them win with a commanding 30-kill lead over 4 Zoomers. The second map saw 4Z scrambling to take something, but Quincy Crew played like a well-oiled machine. Game 2 went QC’s way at 31-minutes, knocking 4 Zoomers down two places to the 6th rung on the regional ladder. While Quincy Crew are still sitting pretty at the end of Week 4 in 3rd place.

Black N Yellow had an easy run for a change this week. Their match-up against The Cut saw them take a pair of easy victories. The Cut were looking confident in Game 1. They held the lanes and took first blood. But BNY seized control as the game moved past 10-minutes, swiftly building themselves a strong gold lead, and rolling to a quick victory. The first map was over in just 23-minutes. BNY came into Game 2 ready for another snowball. But The Cut held out for 40-minutes before finally falling to the assault.

It was the second loss for The Cut, however. They had already fallen to simply TOOBASED on the week’s first day of play. The team are still yet to take a series, with their losses in Week 4 leaving them at 0 wins for 6 losses and in the very last place in the standings.

Simply TOOBASED, on the other hand, have improved their results. They’re currently sitting 4th on the ladder after playing two series this week. They also clashed with Evil Geniuses in a pair of 25-minute games that saw EG take a breezy victory over sTB. We’ll dive into it in more detail in this week’s Highlight Series.

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Highlight Series: Evil Geniuses vs Simply TOOBASED

It’s always nice to see a smooth stomp. And that’s what EG gave us, back-to-back in their clean 50-minute series against simply TOOBASED.

EG’s presence was commanding from the outset. They came into Game 1 with plenty of mobility for their carry picks. A Drow Ranger for Artour “Arteezy” Babaev and Abed “Abed” Yusop on Ember Spirit in the mid. Their choice of Centaur Warrunner for Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang also provided them with some swift initiates and disables. While a Lina for Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen and team captain Tal “Fly” Aizik meant this was a strong draft. STB were hard-pressed to counter it, although taking Tiny for Danny “iAnnihilate” Cote and Tidehunter on Jaron “monkeys-forever” Clinton did promise some potential for flipping team fights, at least on paper.

Simply TOOBASED the first blood of the first map, however, this was one of the meager 4-kills they managed to put on the board in this 25-minute stomp. Evil Geniuses slayed the lanes, taking the Dire Bottom tower before the 7-minute mark. They capitalized on their early lead and had wiped out all three T1 towers by 12-minutes. They rolled into their first Roshan attempt and Abed had the aegis for Ember Spirit by 14-minutes. There was nothing sTB could bring to the table to stop the push and EG took a textbook win for the first map.

Our second game of the series saw sTB put up a stronger fight. But EG were still the sharper team on the map. Arteezy went an even 10/2/10 on his Nature’s Prophet pick; building a Maelstrom by the 15-minute mark and boosting his ranged damage output to give him plenty of pick-off potential.

Noah “boris” Minhas had a much tougher time on his Faceless Void pick, he’d only just built his Sange by 19-minutes, leaving sTB’s core line-up considerably weak throughout the game’s opening.

Although it was a rough series for simply TOOBASED, there is something magical about seeing Evil Geniuses play so crisply. Especially this close to the end of the Season. Invictus may have bested them in Singapore, but watching EG play; it’s clear they’re aiming for the top spot in our next Major. With just two weeks left to go of the NA DPC, we’ll have to wait and see if they once again take the region's crown.

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