Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – Eastern Europe May 3- May 9 2021

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – Eastern Europe May 3- May 9 2021

The CIS region is as always a fun watch, we take you through some of the highlights of Week 4 in the DPC.

Even though we expected Gambit to perform better, the team is still struggling against some of the top squads in the region. Surprisingly, Team Spirit is performing really well, alongside Virtus.Pro, which is often regarded as the best team in CIS.

We've got two weeks left until we learn the final standings, so be sure to follow ESTNN for all the latest from each region. But for now, here are the most exciting things that happened in Eastern Europe this week.

Lower Division

Danil “Dendi” Ishutin’s team is finally starting to show that it has what it takes to compete against other squads. Even though it wasn’t easy, B8 was able to cope with Team Empire after three amazing games. The first one wasted nearly an hour, whereas the other ones were around 35-minutes each. Despite losing game two, B8 picked Gyro and Wisp, which secured them the victory.

Fantastic Five was able to claim the victory in the second series of the week. It seems like Trident Clan needs to make some changes because the team hasn’t won a single series so far. Even though they secured a victory in the second game, F5 was able to win the decisive match.

Despite losing their first series of the week, Team Empire was able to bounce back after defeating No Techies. Alexey “Smiling Knight” Sviridov played exceptionally well in both games and was one of the main reasons for his team’s success.

HellRaisers continue to be the most dominant team in the Lower Division. The team managed to win yet another series, this time against Nemiga. However, it wasn’t easy, especially in game three, which last for more than 73-minutes.

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Upper Division

The first series of the UD was between EXTREMUM and Team Unique. Even though EXTREMUM has a good roster on paper, it can’t live up to the expectations. After three fantastic games, Team Unique was able to take the series. This gives them the chance to compete.

Winstrike vs Natus`Vincere was another series that turned out to be more interesting than we thought. These two teams gave it all out, but Na’Vi was able to deliver its knock-out punch. The legendary CIS team picked Enchantress in both series, which turned out to be the right decision because they a little over 30-minutes to win.

It seems like Team Spirit will be the team that will go to the next Major. Alexander “TORONTOTOKYO” Khertek and everyone else from his team is playing incredibly in the last series. They are yet to lose a series, following another clean 2-0 victory against Team Unique.

The final series wasn’t quite as interesting as the other ones. Mostly due to the fact that Virtus.Pro didn’t give their opponents any chances. Invoker and DooM ripped through the enemy lineups in game one after an incredible laning stage. EXTREMUM tried to focus on the late game by picking Dusa, but the hero wasn’t able to shine. The second game was more interesting, but in the end, the Void and Magnus combo managed to bring down the mighty Wraith King.

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Highlight Series: PuckChamp vs AS Monaco Gambit

ASM.Gambit is thought to be one of the best teams in CIS. Unfortunately, it seems like the roster is still struggling to show what it is capable of. Despite having one of the best players in the region, ASM.Gambit probably won’t be able to get an invitation for the Major.

Vasilii “AfterLife” Shishkin and the other playtes from his team played a fantastic series against PuckChamp. Alexandr “krylat” Krylatov and the four other players are definitely not performing as well as they’d want because they weren’t able to put up a challenge.

Game 1 was more “intense” because PC had a very strong draft, thanks to Storm Spirit. Gambit didn’t have a way to deal with the lightning-fast hero, but this didn’t stop them from ripping through PC’s draft. Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko didn’t let his opponents any chances and secured the victory for his team after just 33 minutes.

The second game was even more one-sided because ASM.Gambit got their hands on Phantom Assassin. The hero had an easy laning stage and didn’t allow its opponents to do something, despite having Wraith King and Void Spirit.

Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – Eastern Europe May 3- May 9 2021
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