Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – North America, May 3-May 9 2021

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – North America, May 3-May 9 2021

All the highlights from Week 5 in the North American DPC.

There’s only one final week of play left in the DPC, and for the North American region, the standings are looking very firm.

Lower Division

The D2 Hustlers continue to lead the Lower Division this week, despite having the week off from play.

It was also a tough week for Wind and Rain, who closed out Week 4 with a victory but were unable to field a full roster for their series against 5 Man Midas. The forfeit saved 5MM from dropping too far down after their loss against the Electronic Boys on our first day of play. While EB took the first game comfortably, 5MM made them work for the second map. Snatching the lead back briefly in the mid and staying close in the kills. Still, EB came out the victor, closing the series at 48-minutes.

Things didn’t go so smoothly for them later in the week when they faced off against Felt though. The second map of this series saw Felt clear the win in a tight 19-minutes. Leaving Electronic Boys reeling in the dust. With no games left to play, EB are currently sitting 6th on the ladder, however, a win for Felt or another loss for 5MM may change that.

Pecado Gaming Squad ended their Season 2 run this week. Falling in their battle against Arkosh Gaming in another two-game series that gave us a 19-minute blitz for Game 2.

But it was Arkosh vs Team DogChamp that provided the most thrilling action of Week 5. Their neck-and-neck series went to the full three games and provided some top-tier Dota. Game 1 saw Arkosh take the dogs out in a dominating 27-minute stomp. But DogChamp brought it back for the second map, controlling the laning phase and building on their momentum in the mid to take Game 2’s win in 31-minutes. Our final game of the series saw some hectic, blow-for-blow action, with the kills flying thick and fast every minute. Despite building up an amazing 20k lead in the mid-game.

Then as the late game hit, Arkosh took a perfect pickoff on Raymond “Raylalisa” Lai’s Templar Assassin, burning Raylalisa’s buyback and keeping TA off the map for almost 2-minutes. It was all the time Arkosh needed to take the fight straight to the Ancient, plowing their way to a 48-minute victory.

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Upper Division

Quincy Crew have once again taken the crown, playing two series this week. Their first, against SADBOYS, was over quickly as QC easily overran in both games. Closing the second in just 22-minutes. Then, they went head-to-head with Evil Geniuses on our last day of play and Quincy Crew gave them their first taste of defeat in Season 2. We’ll break down this Bo3 game by game in our highlight series. The victory puts Quincy Crew at the top of the standings, with EG taking second place. Both teams have a final series to play in Week 6, but as it stands, it looks like we’ll be seeing them both at the Major.

Evil Geniuses also bested Undying this week, knocking them down after their short-lived reign at the top. This series was a breeze for EG, who knocked it out of the park, ending the whole series in just 47-minutes. Game 1 was a brutal stomp that saw EG pick a classic draft.  Artour “Arteezy” Babaev on Juggernaut and Abed “Abed” Yusop on Ember Spirit. Backed by a Tiny for Andreas “Cri1t-” Nielsen, Tal “Fly” Aizik on AA and Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang running a Broodmother. It wouldn’t have mattered what Undying drafted; this was such a group of comfort picks for EG it’s no wonder they shut the game down in 21-minutes.

Game 2 was more of the same, and even with Ember banned out, Undying just melted like butter under EG’s precise onslaught. The game ended in 26-minutes, 24-6, in EG’s favor. After this defeat Undying sit in the 3rd spot on the ladder.

4 Zoomers are currently coming in at 4th. They still have a final series to play next week against BNY, however this week they bested simply TOOBASED in a two-game series, knocking STB down to 5th. Although the first map of the series was close in the kills, 4Z clearly dominated the net worth and the objectives. Ending it in a clean 35-minutes. But Game 2 was a bloodbath, as 4Z racked up a 30-kill lead. Nico “Gunnar” Lopez had a terrific game on his Leshrac, going 16/4/12 by the end of the 34-minutes.

But things are over for The Cut played their final game of Season 2, opening our week of play in a clash against SADBOYS. Game 1 was a clean and easy 31-minute sleep for SAD. But the Cut came into the second map strong. Taking control of the laning phase and building them a nice lead into the mid. But SAD managed to turn things to their advantage as the game passed 34-minutes. Burning through Cut’s aegis pickup. Griffin “Scourge McDuck’s” Pappert didn’t have a nice time out of the lanes on his Drow Ranger pick, his final K/D/A was 2/5/11.

However, Eric “Ryoya” Dong was a beast on Ember Spirit. He went 20/5/17 over the course of this 58-minute game. The series ended in SADBOYS favor, giving them their first victory of the season. While the Cut bow out without a single win beneath their belt.

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Highlight Series: Evil Geniuses vs Quincy Crew

Evil Geniuses looked in control as they came into our first map of the series. They took first blood before 3-minutes and managed to get the most out of a slightly shaky laning phase. Quincy Crew just never found their feet this game. And iceiceice was beastly on Centaur Warrunner, providing plenty of initiation that Quincy Crew just couldn’t escape from. EG secured the win at 33-minutes with double QC’s kills on the board.

But as Game 2 opened, EG looked like a different team. Although they took first blood, EG were looking a lot less confident this second game. Meanwhile, Quinn “Quinn” Callahan was a force to be reckoned with on Snapfire in the mid. And Yawar “YawaR” Hassan also came out on top during the laning phase on his Medusa. Still it wasn’t a quick snowball from lanes to the finish. And both teams were quick to move to defend objectives and cautious enough to push things to their very late stages. Although EG did manage to snatch a few moments in the lead, by and large Quincy Crew dominated Game 2. They closed out the win at 51-minutes to bring the series to an even 1-1.

Our final map saw EG coming in aggressive. They took the lanes easily and started to build into the mid with a 2k lead by 15-minutes. But Arteezy’s Gyrocopter pick did not have the core power the team needed to really do anything with it. And as the game pushed on past 30-minutes, it became clear that YawaR’s Sven pick was swiftly overtaking him in the farm. Sven had a BKB by 18-minutes. That was more than enough defense against any pesky duels from Fly’s Legion Commander or tosses from Cr1t-‘s Tiny.

Quincy Crew brought Game 3 home at 45-minutes, making them the only remaining undefeated team so far in North America’s Upper Division.

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