Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – North America Feb 8-14

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – North America Feb 8-14

With Week Four of the DPC done and dusted for NA, there’s just two more weeks for our teams to make the cut.

Unlike some of the other regions, things have been playing out mostly as expected in the NA region.  Newcomers in the Lower Division have had their mettle tested against one another, and the Upper Division has been dominated by seasoned pros.

With only two weeks left in the season, we take a look at how things are playing out in North America.

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Lower Division

Simply TOOBASED are the undisputed kings of the Lower Division. They knocked out Felt this week with another 2-0 victory. Keeping them firmly at the top of the standings having gone 6-0 throughout the season so far. They’re undoubtedly one of our top contenders for a chance at a Major slot.

The Cut also had another strong week, securing their series against the Byzantine Raiders. Game One of this series was a brutal snowball, which saw them take the win in just 17-minutes. This was a standout performance for young NA prodigy Lil Nick. His Ember Spirit pick went 6/1/9 and racked up an impressive 10.6k damage on his opponents.

Electronic Boys took their first series this week, bringing them to a total 1-4. They’re now sixth place in the Lower Division, leading both Jiang Hu and the Byzantine Raiders.

It was a very tough week for Jiang Hu. They were forced to forfeit their match against Arkosh Gaming as they were unable to field a full team.

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Upper Division

Things looked a little less exciting in the Upper Division. Regional titans Evil Geniuses continue to lead the pack. They’re yet to lose a series, with their Week Four match-up against the A-Team ending in 41-minutes. They blitzed the first game, securing the win by the 18-minute mark. Game Two only took the TI-finalists four minutes longer. They closed that one out in 22-minutes, leaving A-Team reeling.

4 Zoomers also had an easy ride, taking out 5 Man Midas, 2-0, back on Feb 9. 5MM have not been having an easy run this season, they’re yet to claim a victory. And with only two weeks left to prove themselves, they’re not in the most promising of positions.

S A D B O Y S also faced another defeat this week in their series against Undying.

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Highlight Series:  Quincy Crew vs Black N Yellow

Our only three game series for the week showed that BNY still have some fight in them. They’ve struggled to secure a win since Week One. But their second game against Quincy Crew saw a glimmer of that first week fire.

Francis “FLee” Lee and Daniel “zero” Yun made life rough in top lane for Quincy Crew. The combo of Mirana and Timbersaw had plenty of push, giving BNY the farm they needed to turn the tables on QC. For this game at least.

But, it was back to our regularly scheduled programming in Game Three. With Yawar “YawaR” Hassan back on his Medusa, it was a small matter for Quincy Crew to regain their footing. Quinn “CCnC” Callahan also did work in mid on his Void Spirit pick in Game Three, effectively shutting down Eric “Ryoya” Dong’s Puck on the BNY side.

While this wasn’t the ending BNY were hoping for, perhaps the small taste of victory will serve as motivation when they face off against S A D B O Y S on Feb 18.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for all the latest DPC news and highlights!

Feature Image: Beyond The Summit/Todd Gutierrez

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