Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap — North America April 19-25

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap — North America April 19-25

We break down all the action from Week 2 in Season 2 of the NA DPC.

Our second week of series are a wrap in the North America region, we take a look at how our teams are faring through Season 2.

Lower Division

Our Lower Division was chock full of hard-fought wins this week. With both 5 Man Midas and Electronic Boys facing a three-game series to snag their first Season 2 victories.

5 Man Midas faced off against Felt midweek and Felt took the opening game of the series in 36-minutes with a confident 23k lead in the net worth.

But 5MM came into Game 2 looking like a fresh team. They wiped the map with Felt, closing it out with a 38-kill lead and a 28k net worth advantage just shy of the 34-minute mark. It was a demoralizing defeat for Felt. But somehow, things just got worse for Game 3. Felt only managed to put one kill on the board in this 24-minute snowball. 5 Man Midas stole this series right out from under Felt’s nose.

Electronic Boys had a rougher start to the week, with Pecado Squad Gaming taking them down 0-2 in their first series of Week 2. But they closed out the week with a Bo3 against Wind and Rain that saw them net a much more favorable result. EB had a strong start to the series, taking home Game 1 at just under 36-minutes. But Game 2 was a slog that saw WaR in clear control of the map. They won the laning phase and looked to be rolling toward a smooth victory, but EB were down, not out. They held the game for 53-minutes before finally calling it quits, and letting WaR tuck the win under their belt.

Game 3 saw Wind and Rain dominating in the kills. But as we know, in Dota kills aren’t everything. Still, WaR proved to be a vicious opponent and at multiple points across the 48-minutes, Game 3 could have been theirs. But it was the fight for Rosh at 40-minutes that sealed their fate and saw EB overtake in its last moments.

As far as our Lower Division standings, D2 Hustlers and Team DogChamp still sit undefeated in our top two spots.
Our current top LD seed, the D2 Hustlers had a bit of a slip in their series against Arkosh Gaming. With Arkosh managing to nab the first game in 29-minutes. But D2 H soon found their feet in Game 2 and secured themselves the Bo3; 1-2.

Meanwhile, DogChamp managed to take their series over Pecado with a clean 2-0. Keeping them safe in the number two spot.

As we head into the middle of our season, and with the threat of elimination looming, teams like WaR and Felt will want to land some wins soon for a chance to stay in the league.

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Upper Division

It’s a three-way tie at the top of our standings in the Upper Division. With Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew and Undying all tied at first place. The three top teams all continued their undefeated roll through our second week.

Quincy Crew faced off against Black N Yellow in a two-game series which ran longer than some of the three-game series we’ve seen. Game 1 between QC and BNY dragged out to a punishing 68-minutes, with BNY holding some series sway over the map throughout the midgame. It was a brutal fight for both teams, but Quincy Crew came out on top. Then, they strode into Game 2 and took it before BNY could even blink. Closing out the game and taking the series in just 16-minutes.

We saw another quick stomp from 4 Zoomers in the week’s opening series too. 4Z blitzed their second game against The Cut in 15-minutes. In fact, it was another rough week in the Upper Division for The Cut. Without putting away a win this week, they’re still the lowest seed in the ladder.

It was a mostly cut and dry affair for Undying as they went head-to-head against Simply TOOBASED. Undying secured the win for Game 1 just past the 30-minute mark and with a 23-kill lead over STB.
And while TOOBASED did their best to stage a comeback, Undying had the second game well under wraps still. They took the series 2-0.

SADBOYS and Black N Yellow also faced off in BNY’s second match-up of the week. SAD seemed to have a hold on the early phases of Game 1. Then an early Rosh from BNY saw Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao’s Medusa with an aegis in hand and the game soon turned in BNY’s favour. They took Game 1 at 46-minutes. When Game 2 started, it was clear that Black N Yellow were feeling confident off the back of their previous victory. They took first blood and put the next two kills on the board. SADBOYS didn’t manage to snipe a pick-off until the 10-minute mark. Out of the lanes, BNY took over, coming out on top in multiple skirmishes to close out Game 2 and the series in 38-minutes.

Our final series of Week 2 saw 4 Zoomers and Evil Geniuses go head-to-head. And although 4Z put up an admirable fight through the second game of the series, this one was a cakewalk for EG realistically. They took it 2-0.

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Highlight Series: Quincy Crew vs Black N Yellow

First blood went to Quincy Crew in Game 1, with Arif “MSS” Anwar taking out Luke “YamSun” Wang’s Lion after the 2-minute mark. But all in all, it was looking quite evenly matched through the opening phases. There were plenty of kills traded, and some stunning skirmishes from the 30 through 35-minute mark that kept either team from taking a clear advantage into the mid-game.

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Although BNY were looking very strong, they let this one play out too long. By the time the game passed the 50-minute mark, both MSS and Rodrigo “Lelis” Santos were disgustingly fat. Lelis had bult himself now one but two Heart of Tarrasque and MSS had an Octarine under his belt. They were just too fat to fall. Even an aegis pickup couldn’t save BNY from this fate. And after a 68-minute slog that put a combined 74-kills on the board, BNY finally called GG.

By contrast, Game 2 was a blink, and you’ll miss it conclusion to the series. As Quincy Crew snowballed to a 16-minute victory.

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