Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap — SEA April 19-24

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap — SEA April 19-24

ESTNN looks at the SEA Week 2 matches in DPC.

After the opening week of games between teams, the Southeast Asia region witnessed most anticipated matches of teams, Fnatic and Neon Esports. However, other matches were also very interesting to watch as teams fought to improve their standings both in Upper and Lower Divisions. Here is a culmination of all the matches played during week 2 of DPC in the SEA region.

Lower Division

The first game took place between Army Geniuses and Cignal Ultra. AG completely dominated the first match with picks like Meepo, Death Prophet and Timbersaw. The ending score was 12-31 in their favour. The second match summarized a better performance from Cignal, who picked Troll Warlord as carry and Puck as their preferred mid hero. They fought equally against AG’s draft, but a few awful fights during the mid-game allowed AG to win the second game as well.

The second set of games between Team Mystery and SMG saw the latter winning comfortably. The first game was over under 30 minutes with a 23-14 score. Second match was like a stomp where Team SMG completely dominated Mystery. An unusual lineup of Snapfire, Troll, Storm Spirit, Bloodseeker and Grimstroke worked brilliantly for SMG.

Day three brought two more sets of games, with the first one being Motivate.Trust Gaming versus 496 Gaming. The opening match went in favour of MG.Trust with most kills on their Bloodseeker who countered the enemy Slark perfectly. The second game was more of a challenge for MG.Trust, but after a 40-minute long game, they finally pulled the win. Spectre, being the most valuable hero, couldn’t win the game for 496 Gaming.

The fourth set of games went in Team Mystery’s favour, who put up a great show against South Built Esports. The first match was a convincing win for SBE, who picked their signature hero Gyrocopter and completely dominated with him. However, Mystery drafted and played incredibly well in the rest of the matches to seal the series.

The last match between Team SMG and MG.Trust didn’t turn out great for SMG. Although they had better scores in the first game, the team completely lost control while pushing high ground and MG.Trust took advantage of the situation. The second match was a long one but MG.Trust pulled through with a win defeating Team SMG 2-0 in the series.

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Upper Division

The games in the Upper Division kicked off with TNC Predator’s convincing win over Omega Esports. With a scoreline of 36-14 in the first game, TNC moved into the second game with a fierce mentality to win. Their draft included heroes like Clockwerk, Queen of Pain and Bristleback. Omega put a better display of gameplay in the second match. However, it was not enough to shadow TNC, who picked a unique combination of heroes.

The game between Fnatic and Execration went in the latter’s way. The first game had Fnatic struggling to find their way around enemy Ursa. With picks like Spectre and Enchantress, Fnatic couldn’t get a hold in the game. The second game was a much better performance from Fnatic on paper. However, it looked like they couldn’t coordinate well compared to Execration, who kept picking off heroes with disables and nukes. Execration looked very strong around the 30-minute mark and did not let Fnatic get a way back into the game.

The third set of matches between Neon and BOOM Esports went in Neon’s favour. Based on their past performances, both the teams looked strong going into the matches. However, Neon made it obvious that they were the better team by winning the first game 27-16 against Boom. The second game was also a sound victory for Neon, who picked Wraith King, Puck, Mirana, Sand King and Enchantress as a solid lineup. Boom were on par with Neon in the early to mid-game, with teamfights swinging the net worth of players. It was only at the 44-minute mark when things went bad for Boom in a team fight close to the Roshan pit.

The last set of games were a clean win for T1, who won the first match with a score of 33-22 against Lilgun. Altanginj “x123” Bilguun’s Broodmother did snowball a bit in the early to mid game but it was not enough to close off the match. This gave T1 an opportunity to bounce back and win the match. The second match was a stomp by T1, who annihilated Lilgun’s lineup. Both Wraith King and Tiny could not do much against Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon’s Lifestealer and mid SK. T1 won with a score of 41-18.

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Highlight Series: TNC Vs OB.Neon

The fourth set of games between TNC and OB.Neon were interesting to watch. The first match saw Neon Esports with a 4k gold lead at the 15-minute-mark, which only increased as the game went on. Around 25 minutes into the game, Neon were 9k gold up, dominating TNC with their Void Spirit and Dragon Knight. Unable to find a way back in the game, TNC called “GG”.


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The second game saw Neon keeping the winning momentum in the early stages of the match. However, while Neon were dominating the score board, TNC were not too far behind in net worth. At the 25-minute mark TNC took a great fight, where Tiny and Beastmaster could soak and dish out tons of damage with the help of Crystal Maiden’s ultimate. This fight was the deciding moment for Neon’s defeat in the second game.

The third game saw mid Sand King from Neon against TNC’s Beastmaster. A lot of early game fights took place near the middle area and resulted in Neon’s lead with 4k gold. However, around the 35-minute mark, TNC were well ahead with a 10k gold lead in the game. During the same time, TNC’s Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte who was playing Spectre got caught alone pushing the top Tier 2. Although Gabbi had Aegis, Neon were all over him to get the kill. Unfortunately, that was not enough to bring Neon back in the game and TNC won the third match, winning the series 2-1 against Neon.

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