Diablo 4: Wandering Death Boss Fight Tips and Tricks

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Diablo 4: Wandering Death Boss Fight Tips and Tricks

Since the debut of Diablo 4, one of the most talked-about subjects has been the presence of world bosses in the game, which are extremely powerful foes that are nearly impossible to fight on your own. As previously stated in this article, these types of bosses are not required to beat in order to continue with your adventure. After talking about Ashava the Pestilent, in this article, we'll tell you about Wandering Death, the second of the three world bosses.

An overview of Diablo 4's world bosses

We've opted to speak a few words about world bosses in general before getting to the heart of the matter and discussing Wandering Death and some thoughts and tactics for overcoming it. World bosses are extremely powerful enemies that you can face in Diablo 4. They are a component of one of the new game features that allow players to face legendary challenges against formidable opponents.

World bosses can be confronted both after and during the main campaign, albeit each has a recommended level to be able to face, which we strongly advise you to take into account. Another thing to keep in mind is that because these are unique and incredibly powerful bosses, it is not recommended to engage in these confrontations alone because you will most likely fail. Instead, we urge that you link up with other players to make the combat more accessible to you.

Lastly, it is critical to remember that this type of enemy cannot be confronted when it is most convenient for us. World bosses appear at specific times and locations every six hours. Users who have completed the main campaign will be told roughly half an hour before the boss spawns, while everyone else will have to consider the other spawns and get to one of the sites marked on the map below.

diablo 4 world bosses locations

Wandering Death information, location, and rewards

Wandering Death is a massive skeleton-like world boss who may be found at The Crucible. It has a 15-minute time limit for players to defeat it. When you complete the campaign, Wandering Death will start to appear on the map. The world boss marker on your map will indicate which boss it is, a timer to indicate when the world boss will spawn, and the duration of the legendary awards players can obtain by beating the world boss within that time period.

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As we already mentioned before, it is recommended that players fight the world boss Wandering Death whenever it appears because it is a simple way to obtain guaranteed legendary items. Players can face Wandering Death alone, with a group of pals, or with other players battling the same world boss. Of course, we advise players to start this fight with other users as it will be easier to defeat the boss rather than you are alone. Players will win a variety of rewards after conquering Wandering Death, including weekly extra rewards, Scattered Prisms, legendary gear, and a loot box containing additional gear, money, and gems.

Wandering Death attacks and counters

Wandering Death has six different attacks available to inflict damage on its opponents, including charged AoE, ground claws, corrupted beams, 4 arms slams, 4-way corruption, and three beams.

  • Charged AoE: this type of attack forms a circular area surrounded by rotting bones that focuses energy in the center and eventually bursts. To avoid the attack, avoid the specified region. If you are trapped within, you can escape by breaking a bone wall.
  • Ground claws: this attack let Wandering Death summon a cutting strike by using its hands to create a corrupting area in front of it. To avoid this attack, simply stay away from the corrupted area.
  • Corrupted beams: Wandering Death moves and turns while firing two broad beams to either side. Keep an eye on it to avoid the beams. This shouldn't be that difficult to avoid since it is a slow attack.
  • 4 arms slams: with its four arms (there are two on the front and two on the back), it hits the ground.  To avoid the attack, keep a close eye on the specified region.
  • 4-way corruption: this attack let the world boss spread its four arms and form a larger replica of the ground claws, resulting in four corrupted areas. If you don't want to be hit by this attack, try to keep ahead of Wandering Death.
  • Three beams: the boss will produce a three-beam version of Corrupted Beams after losing 50% of its health. It moves and turns as it channels the beams. Keep an eye on it and continue to avoid the beam.
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Wandering Death boss fight strategies

Wandering Death is a terrifying skeleton monster that is extremely powerful and deals a lot of damage to its opponents. Since its attacks are mostly AoE attacks, it inflicts huge AoE damage. A good strategy to stay alive as long as possible to try to defeat it, it is to try to attempt to decipher the telegraphed signals in order to leave the locations where it would attack. In fact, when Wandering Death will start one of its attacks, players will see the exact location where the attack will land, giving them the chance to escape and not deal any damage.

This world boss has a two phases fight. As its health deteriorates, it will become noticeably more aggressive and it will start casting more quickly and frequently. In addition, several of its attacks will be upgraded versions of those used at the start of the conflict. This is why you need to plan your first phase accurately in order to be able to survive and adopt the same strategies and tips of the first phase but with more patience and accuracy during its second phase.

If players want to overcome this fight, all they need to do is have a good team composed of other few players that can help as well as a well-planned strategy for each of the players in the team. Wandering Death is a boss that deals damage on a wide range, so it is recommended to alternate phases where you are near it and phases where you are more distant.

diablo 4 wandering death

Diablo 4: Wandering Death Boss Fight Tips and Tricks
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