Diablo 4: Ashava the Pestilent Boss Fight Tips and Tricks

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Diablo 4: Ashava the Pestilent Boss Fight Tips and Tricks

One of the leading topics since the release of Diablo 4 has been that of the presence in the game of world bosses, very powerful bosses that are almost impossible to defeat alone. As we have already explained in this article, these types of bosses are not mandatory to defeat in order to continue with your adventure, but they allow you to give more stimuli and challenges to all players. In this article, we decided to tell you about the first of the three world bosses, Ashava the Pestilent.

An overview of Diablo 4's world bosses

Before continuing and delving into the heart of the matter by talking about Ashava and some tips and strategies to adopt in order to defeat it, we have decided to say a few words about world bosses in general. For those who don't know or still have doubts about it, world bosses are extremely powerful bosses that you can face in the Diablo 4 game world. They are part of one of the new features added to the game that allows players to experience challenges legends against challenging enemies to face.

The world bosses can be faced both after the main campaign and during it, even if each of them has a recommended level to be able to be faced that we strongly advise you to take into consideration. Another thing to consider is the fact that, since these are special and very powerful bosses, it is not recommended to engage in these battles alone since you will most likely fail in your endeavor. Instead, we advise you to join forces with other players, which will make the fight easier for you.

Finally, a very important thing to keep in mind is that this type of boss cannot be faced when it suits us best. The world bosses have precise spawn times and locations, more or less every six hours or so. Users who have already finished the main campaign will be notified about half an hour before with the location where the boss will spawn, all the others will have to take into account the other spawns and go to one of the locations indicated on the map below.

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Ashava the Pestilent information, location, and rewards

Ashava the Pestilent will spawn in Caen Adar, north of Corbach. Although the game allows you to face this boss at any time of your adventure, we advise you to wait for the end of the main campaign both because you will have a stronger character and therefore you will be felicitated in battle and because you will receive useful information about it. In fact, as previously mentioned, all players who have finished the main story of Diablo 4 will receive a notification half an hour before the spawn of the boss which will inform them of the location to go to to defeat the enemy, as well as the duration of the legendary items which you can acquire after defeating the boss.

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We advise you to take part in this challenge as soon as possible, in order to secure the legendary equipment. Furthermore, another piece of advice that we would like to give you is to face Ashava the Pestilent supported by other players. It is a very powerful boss and to be defeated you need a precise strategy to follow so as not to be caught unprepared once the battle begins. Once defeated, players will receive loot including gems, gold, legendary gear, and weekly rewards.

Ashava the Pestilent attacks and counters

Before describing an effective strategy to be able to defeat Ashava the Pestilent, we thought it appropriate to talk about its attacks and counterattacks. Ashava the Pestilent can essentially launch five different attacks: bite, smash attack, leap attack, poison breath, and arm blades attack. Don't be fooled by the fact that this boss doesn't have many types of attacks available, because they are very powerful and can be deadly.

  • Bite: the simplest of its attacks. Anyone within range of its grip will be bitten and heavily damaged. To counter this type of attack, the thing to do is to never be too close to it, so that you can't get back in its range unless you're playing with a tank class.
  • Smash attack: With this attack, Ashava will raise its right arm in the air and then slam it hard on the ground destroying the latter and inflicting air damage. To counter this attack, the most effective strategy is to dodge either to the right or to the left as soon as you see that the boss will raise its arm. Timing is definitely the key, but with a little practice, you'll get there.
  • Leap attack: as you can guess from the name of the attack, Ashava is able to jump to reach all those who are at a distance. To avoid being victims of this attack, all you need to do is dodge and run as fast as possible outside its attack range.
  • Poison breath: very intuitive attack to understand. When Ashava's ribcage turns green, it means that the boss is ready to launch a poisonous attack that will do you a lot of damage. Also, note that pools of poison will remain on the ground and will continue to do you damage if you step over them. In order not to get poisoned, simply try to stay out of reach of the poisonous spit and don't walk on pools of poison.
  • Arm blades attack: Ashava's arms are equipped with real blades that deal massive damage. To avoid this attack which is characterized by a large range, it is advisable to wait for the blades to be close to you and then dodge. This is the attack that most of all needs good timing to avoid.
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Ashava the Pestilent boss fight strategies

After explaining to you the various attacks that Ashava the Pestilent can make and how to avoid them, the time has finally come to share with you some tips that we believe can be very useful in order to defeat this boss. First of all, as we have said several times, we absolutely recommend that you fight Ashava in the company of other users, both to get help and to plan a better strategy that can end in your victory.

Ashava the Pestilent is a boss type that favors melee attacks. The first thing we advise you to do is to stagger the boss since the blades on its arms can be broken in this way. If you manage to get rid of its blades, your life will certainly be easier because Ashava will no longer be able to perform its arm blades attack.

When Ashava decides to perform his leap attack, you will notice a white circle that will indicate the position where its arm (or sometimes both arms) will touch the ground and therefore it could hit you. If you manage to stay outside this area, the attack will not be able to hit you and therefore you will be safe. We advise you to get under it during this attack so that you can hit it without being hit. However, be careful not to get too close as Ashava is also capable of biting its opponents.

Finally, regarding its poisonous breath, there is no specific strategy to follow since it cannot be stopped, other than to try to always stay on the move and out of the reach of this particular type of attack. If you manage to dodge this attack, keep an eye out for it as it will release pools of poison on the ground that will still deal damage to you.

Ashava the Pestilent is certainly a powerful and difficult boss to face, but if you get help from other players and create the right strategy, also following our advice, you will be able to defeat it and grab his rewards. With a little practice and patience, you can boast that you have been able to defeat this fearsome boss.

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Diablo 4: Ashava the Pestilent Boss Fight Tips and Tricks
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