Diablo 4 Dungeon Tier List Season 2

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Diablo 4 Dungeon Tier List Season 2

Diablo 4 Dungeon Tier List Season 2, check out the best spots to grind for EXP and Glyph Rankings on Nightmare mode

Every hardcore Diablo fan knows that the fun in Blizzard's devilish action RPG lies in the grind. Diablo 4 enforces this by only making seasonal content available when you start from scratch with a new character. That said, there are optimal ways to level your new Diablo 4 ‘Wanderer' in The Season of Blood.

Below we list every available dungeon in the game and rate them based on their EXP yield, the Glyphs they offer and the type of monsters you encounter. As with every tier list out there, remember that these rankings are subjective and totally do not affect the way you have fun with the game. With that, here's our Diablo 4 Dungeon Tier List Season 2 for the endgame.

Diablo 4 Dungeon Tier List Season 2

Season 2 Dungeon Tier List A Tier:

  • Sanguine Chapel
  • Belfry Zakara
  • Tormented Ruins
  • Light's Watch
  • Deserted Underpass

Season 2 Dungeon Tier List B Tier:

  • Carrion Fields
  • Renegade's Retreat
  • Sirocco Caverns
  • Jalal's Vigil
  • Hallowed Ossuary
  • Ghoa Ruins
  • Broken Bulwark
  • Fetid Mausoleum
  • Inferno
Diablo 4 Dungeon Tier List Season 2
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Season 2 Dungeon Tier List C Tier:

  • Flooded Depths
  • Buried Halls
  • Steadfast Barracks
  • Vault of the Forsaken
  • Conclave
  • Crusader's Cathedral
  • Whispering Vault
  • Sepulcher of the Forsworn
  • Heathen's Keep
  • Oldstones
  • Grinning Labyrinth
  • Endless Gates

Season 2 Dungeon Tier List D Tier:

  • Luban's Rest
  • Leviathan's Maw
  • Bloodsoaked Crag
  • Forbidden City

Diablo 4 Season 2 Dungeon Tier List – A Closer Look

Sanguine Chapel

At the top of our Season 2 Dungeon Tier List list, the Sanguine Chapel offers nearly a million experience points per minute. It's accessible after Chapter 1, plus it has a relatively short runtime. And with virtually no objectives, this vampire-infested dungeon is the perfect place to get your mob-slaying fix while levelling up quickly.

Tormented Ruins

One of the most hardcore dungeons in the game, the Tormented Ruins north of Tevesk is just a pure, adrenaline-fueled monster slayer that is awesome for levelling your Glyphs. As long as you have the firepower, you'll be able to handle it's packs of obstacle spawners before reaching the final boss. Depending on your build, Tormented Ruins can be finished in under 3 minutes in the late-game.

Carrion Fields

The Carrion Fields is a vast dungeon in Diablo 4 season 2 that only has one fetch quest before you face the dungeon's boss. With tons of EXP up for grabs, all you need is decent crowd control for large enemy waves and a sharp eye for traps

Buried Halls

Buried Halls is a Diablo 4 season 2 dungeon that makes great use of it's space. The rescue objectives are well-paced, and the rooms never set you up to get swarmed by the cultists inside. Moreover, this dungeon's challenging boss actually avoids being another damage sponge and actually makes you strategize. All in all, Buried Halls makes for a fun and worthwhile addition to our list.

Flooded Depths

A pirate-infested dungeon with a ton of objectives makes up for the trouble by only having one enemy type (Drowned) and not having a boss at the end. Despite getting placed low on this list, Flooded Depths plays on its themes well and awards a decent chunk of EXP after every run. Just keep an eye on your HP as the elite monsters in this cursed shipyard can burst you down if you're not wary.

Luban's Rest

Beat the mobs and dodge the hazards that lead to the final boss fight. A somewhat decent dungeon with good rewards for early-game Wanderers, were it not for its tiresome second half.

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Diablo 4 Dungeon Tier List Season 2
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