Diablo 4: What Is Night’s Grasp?

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Diablo 4: What Is Night’s Grasp?

Looking at the new status effects of Midwinter Blight's most powerful Aspect. Read all of the details in our “What is Night’s Grasp?” guide below

Diablo 4's “Midwinter Blight” is finally here, bringing a whole new slew of in-game content for the holiday season. The new questline takes place in snow-covered region of Kyovashad, where a fiendish new enemy is kidnapping the citizens of the nearby towns for their diabolical plans to take over the region.

Midwinter Blight marks the first seasonal event for Blizzard's famous dungeon-crawler, and among the 14 new cosmetics and an entire new storyline is a brand new power-up: the “Shard of Dawn Offensive Aspect” which costs 10 Midwinter Proof at the Midwinter Square Vendor.

What Is Night’s Grasp midwinter blight

But what does the Shard of Dawn Offensive Aspect do, and what is the Night's Grasp? We explain everything in our guide below.

What Is Night’s Grasp?

Aspects in Diablo 4 are powerful items that you can attach to your gear to give yourself new, situational buffs as you fight. Legendary Aspects in the world of Sanctuary often have special status effects that trigger after a waiting period. This is where “Night's Grasp” comes in.

Night's Grasp in Diablo 4 is a special waiting 30-second waiting period in the “Shard of Dawn Offensive Aspect”. In other words, Night's Grasp is just Shard of Dawn's downtime. Moreover, killing an enemy with the Shard of Dawn aspect equipped reduces Night's Grasp by 1 second if you are empowered by the “Midwinter Ward”. This is a special 6-minute buff that you get in Kyovoshad after reaching Tier 3 of the Midwinter Tribute Tiers.

“Dawn's Haste” — the counterpart to Night's Grasp — is Shard of Dawn Offensive Aspect's true buff which bestows 25-35% Attack Speed and 20% Movement Speed for 12 seconds.

What Is Night’s Grasp midwinter blight

Players wanting to get the most out of “Shard of Dawn Offensive Aspect” can attach the aspect to a two-handed weapon. Doing so doubles its effects (100% power increase), and gives your DPS a wild boost, especially when running an endgame Diablo 4 build.

Make the most out of the “hell-iday” event as the Midwinter Blight come to a close in 20 days.

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Diablo 4: What Is Night’s Grasp?
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