Diablo 4 Cosmetics Guide (Season Pass, Favors & More)

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Diablo 4 Cosmetics Guide (Season Pass, Favors & More)

From infernal horse armor to shiny weapon transmogs; here we list the best ways to earn cosmetics in our Diablo 4 cosmetics guide in the season pass

Bestow upon your Wanderer fearsome vestments worthy of the protector of Sanctuary with Diablo 4's cosmetics.

Each season, Activision-Blizzard releases a brand-new line of armor and weapon skins in Diablo 4's Season Pass. With that said, there are plenty of ways to progress the tiers (and even skip a few). Here are the best ways to earn cosmetic rewards in Diablo 4's seasonal challenges.

Diablo 4 Cosmetics Guide


With over 90 tiers on the Season Pass (27 Free Tiers + 63 Premium Tiers), fans will be getting more a ton more customization options this season, with some better than others. Going Premium on the seasonal pass lets you earn every reward, while the Accelerated Seasonal Battle Pass gives all that plus 20 tier skips and the “Vampire's Repose” emote.

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Here are all of the confirmed Diablo 4 Season 2 Season Pass rewards and cosmetics:

Free Battle Pass Tiers:

  • 5 Armor Basics
  • 1 Mount Trophy
  • 20 Smoldering Ashes (used for Season Blessings in-game)
  • 1 Title (prefix & suffix)
  • 1 Town Portal
  • 5 Weapon Transmogs

Premium Battle Pass Tiers:

  • Every Free Battle Pass Reward
  • 10 Armor Transmogs (2 sets of armor for each class)
  • 10 Emotes (2/class)
  • 2 Headstones700 Platinum (spread across 11 reward tiers)
  • 2 Mounts
  • 2 Mount Armors
  • 5 Mount Trophies
  • 2 Titles (2x prefix and suffix)
  • 2 Town Portals
  • 19 Weapon Transmogs

Accelerated Battle Pass Tiers:

  • Every Free + Premium Battle Pass Reward
  • 20 Tier Skips
  • 1 Emote (same emote for all 5 classes)

In their official season announcement, Blizzard announced  that wanderers who finish the chapters within the new Season Journey will earn high-tier rewards such as powerful armor, loot and additional Favor, giving high-level players some extra motivation in-game. Here are some of the confirmed rewards appearing in future chapters:

  • Legendary Aspects
  • “Salmagundi” mount
  • Strips and Points mount armor,
  • 3 Scrolls of Amnesia

Diablo 4 Season Pass Guide

Armor, weapon and mount skins can all be earned on the Diablo 4 Season Pass. To progress to the next tier, you'll need Favor, which you can get from completing seasonal quests, chapters and the entire Season Journey.

The two types of Favors are the “Smaller Favors” and the “Greater Favors” with the latter being few and far between in the Season Journey. As your might expect, Greater Favors let you progress the Season Pass quicker than Smaller Favors. That said, Smaller Favors are easier to get, which makes their quests much more convenient.

Diablo 4 “Season of Blood”

diablo 4 cosmetics guide

Bloodthirsty enemies will stalk towards Sanctuary's walls in Diablo 4's upcoming season 2 update. “Season of Blood”. The new season update promises new endgame boss fights, all-new legendary items and of course, a devilish new line of Diablo 4 cosmetics.

“Season of Blood” will introduce a new line of bloodstained armor sets and themed mounts. But the cosmetic line won't be the only thing you'll be sinking your teeth into.

Diablo 4 Season 2 arrives on October 17, 2023, 1:00 PM EST.

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Diablo 4 Cosmetics Guide (Season Pass, Favors & More)
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