Diablo 4 Best Necromancer Endgame Builds: Blight Shadowmancer

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Diablo 4 Best Necromancer Endgame Builds: Blight Shadowmancer

After players complete the main plot in Diablo 4, they can employ the Blight Shadowmancer build, one of Diablo 4 best Necromancer endgame builds available. After providing you with information on the Diablo 4 best Necromancer leveling build, we have now made the decision to offer you some guidance on the finest endgame builds available. We will go into great detail about each of them in separate posts because there are many and the best one is very debatable because it depends on your style of play. After discussing the Mendeln Summoner build, let's talk about the Blight Shadowmancer Necromancer build for Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Blight Shadowmancer Necromancer build explained

The Blight Shadowmancer Necromancer build is a very soothing build since it gives you a lot of layers of control over your foes and the security of hiding behind your darkness skills as they perish under the affects of your damage-over-time abilities. The Blight Shadowmancer Necromancer build is a great option to use because it completely focuses on damage over time scaling modifiers. The build has the potential to use a wide range of unique items even if none are necessary for it to work, should you be fortunate enough to acquire one or more.

The skills on which to concentrate your attention the most are the most crucial factors to take into account when using this Blight Shadowmancer Necromancer build (as well as builds in general). Making your build as effective and efficient as possible requires carefully selecting the right skills. Due to this, we have chosen to provide a list of every skill you will need to unlock:

  • Hemorrhage Level 2
  • Blight Level 5
  • Enhanced Blight
  • Supernatural Blight
  • Hewed Flesh Level 3
  • Blood Mist
  • Corpse Explosion Level 5
  • Enhanced Corpse Explosion
  • Blighted Corpse Explosion
  • Grim Harvest Level 3
  • Fueled by Death Level 3
  • Iron Maiden
  • Enhanced Iron Maiden
  • Abhorrent Iron Maiden
  • Amplify Damage Level 2
  • Decrepify
  • Enhanced Decrepify
  • Abhorrent Decrepify
  • Corpse Tendrils
  • Enhanced Corpse Tendrils
  • Plagued Corpse Tendrils
  • Reaper’s Pursuit Level 3
  • Crippling Darkness
  • Gloom Level 3
  • Terror Level 3
  • Shadowblight

In order to further strengthen your build, we also advise you to obtain the following extra skills:

  • Death’s Embrace Level 3
  • Amplify Damage Level 3
  • Stand Alone Level 3
  • Memento Mori Level 3

diablo 4 necromancer skills

As soon as your character reaches level 50, the Paragon progression system for the Blight Shadowmancer build becomes available, giving you access to a variety of abilities. What we advise is that you give Normal and Magic Nodes priority in terms of stats like Damage, Intelligence, Resistance, and Life. The range of the Ghyphs expands as you level up. Because of this, we advise against allocating additional nodes if you are unable to satisfy the requirements. However, if you don't have the proper Glyph, you are free to equip whatever Glyph you like until you do.

The Starter Board is quite simple; we will quickly insert a Control Glyph into the socket on the right-hand side. Please note that we will only ever take the extra attribute nodes if the Glyph's level is high enough for the radius to contain sufficient attributes to provide the bonus modifier; any extra attributes outside of that are only ever taken after every Magic and Rare node has been taken on our entire Paragon Board.

Our second board is the Wither Board, and we want to hurry the Legendary node first because of how amazing it is for our build. After that, we will bypass the Magic and Rare node immediately above it and instead quickly advance up the Magic and Rare nodes to the right until we reach the socket where we will insert the Scourge Glyph. Similar to the Starter Board, we only take the nearby attributes if the level of the glyph permits the radius to include that much Willpower.

Bloodbath, the third board, is incredibly significant. We won't be using the Legendary node here, but because we rushed to the socket and installed the Blood-drinker Glyph, this board will still serve as our primary defensive board. The fact that you can receive Fortify from collecting Blood Orbs if you have enough Intelligence inside that Glyph's radius is what makes this item so crucial. For that reason, it is crucial to acquire this as soon as you have access to this board. With the help of our Aspect of the Embalmer, we will be able to constantly produce Blood Orbs, which will boost the effectiveness of the magical nodes while also providing direct damage reduction in addition to healing.

Flesh-eater is the fourth board we have. Here, we won't invest a lot of effort or points; instead, we will rush the socket where the Gravekeeper Glyph will be used. If you can, try to obtain the qualities that are within the radius so you can also benefit from the bonus modifier. Do this, though, only after obtaining the Legendary node. Enabling the Darkness Glyph on the Scent of Death board is the first step in finishing the Paragon Board. After that, we move on to the Legendary node. Go back to any suitable qualities that are within your glyphs' radius now, as well as any Magic and Rare nodes that you skipped on earlier boards.

diablo 4 necromancer paragon board

By stacking Lucky Hit Chance on our gear in the Blight Shadowmancer build and employing our skills in a particular order, we are able to slow down foes and then keep them inside our enormous pools of Damage over Time effects. In particular, we are making sure that foes get cursed with Decrepify and then Blight. In addition to making sure that foes are cursed by Iron Maiden, which increases our ability to do significant damage when using the right Aspect Powers, this is our basic damage output. If used against a large group of foes that have not yet been cursed by it, it also recovers a significant amount of Essence, allowing us to cast additional Blights.

In difficult or crowd-controlling circumstances, Blood Mist can be used as a panic button to escape. As soon as corpses appear on the ground as a result of our Lucky Hit Chance or the deaths of adversaries, we will use Corpse Tendrils and Corpse Explosion to increase our damage output and crowd-control our enemies. As your ability with the highest damage output, always utilize Blight to dump your Essence.

When it comes to your weapon, prioritize a larger total damage output because the higher it is, the better. Keep in note that if you locate a 1-handed weapon with a higher item power, it can actually outperform a 2-handed weapon if used in conjunction with an offhand or even a shield, as shields scale your main-hand weapon by 80%. These are the stats to look out for:

  • 2H Scythe
    • + Vulnerable Damage
    • + Intelligence
    • + Willpower
  • Helm
    • + Armor
  • Chest
    • + Armor
  • Gloves
    • + Ranks of Blight
    • + Lucky Hit Chance
  • Pants
    • + Ranks of Corpse Explosion
  • Boots
    • + Movement Speed
    • + Movement Speed for X Seconds After Killing an Elite
  • Amulet
    • + Movement Speed
    • + Movement Speed for X Seconds After Killing an Elite
  • Ring
    • + Lucky Hit Chance
    • + Life

diablo 4 necromancer

If you want your build to function effectively, legendary aspects are still another crucial factor to take into account. In order for your Diablo 4 Blight Shadowmancer Necromancer build to function properly, we have chosen to compile a list of all the Aspects that you will need to use. The whole list is as follows:

  • Helm
    • Aspect of the Embaler (Consuming a Corpse has a 20-30% chance to spawn a Blood Orb)
  • Chest
    • Aspect of Disobedience (You gain 0.25-0.5% increased Armor for 4 seconds when you deal any form of damage, stacking up to 25-50%)
  • Gloves
    • Cadaverous Aspect (Consuming a Corpse increases the damage of your next Core Skill by 5-10%, up to 25-50%)
  • Pants
    • Protecting Aspect (When hit while not Healthy, a magical bubble is summoned around you for 3-5 seconds. While standing in the bubble players are Immune)
  • Boots
    • Aspect of the Void (Blight’s defiled arean, when spawned, Pulls in enemies around the effected area)
  • Weapon
    • Blighted Aspect (You deal 50-120% increased damage for 6 seconds after the Shadowblight Key Passive damages enemies 10 times)
  • Amulet
    • Aspect of the Damned (You deal 30-40% increased Shadow Damage to enemies afflicted by both Decrepify and Iron Maiden)
  • Ring
    • Aspect of Decay (Each time the Shadowblight Key Passive deals damage to enemies, it increases the next Shadowblight’s damage within 10 seconds by 20-40%, stacking up to 5 times)
  • Ring
    • Aspect of the Umbral (Restore 1-4 of your Primary Resource when you Crowd Control an enemy)

Finally, we will wrap up this guide by offering you some recommendations for gems, elixirs, and potions that will work well with the Blight Shadowmancer build. To extend the shelf life and potency of both elixirs and potions, we suggest that you make frequent trips to the alchemist. We urge you to rely on elixirs that let you boost your stats and earn extra experience points for 30 minutes, as well as the Weak Assault elixir that lets you boost your Attack Speed by 7%. However, for your Necromancer, we advise you to rely on the following gems:

  • Weapon: Amethyst for + Increased damage over time.
  • Armor: Ruby for + Maximum Life
  • Jewelry: Skull to help increase our armor for more damage mitigation

Diablo 4 necromancer

Diablo 4 Best Necromancer Endgame Builds: Blight Shadowmancer
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