Diablo 4 Best Necromancer Leveling Build

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Diablo 4 Best Necromancer Leveling Build

Diablo 4 is a game in which choosing the most suitable build for each eventuality is very important, but at the same time, it is not a simple thing. The new chapter of the famous Blizzard saga offers players a myriad of different things including skills, weapons, objects, and so on. For this reason, therefore, being able to create the perfect build may not be a very simple thing to do. However, fear not.

In this article, you will find exactly what you are looking for: the Diablo 4 best Necromancer leveling build. Once you have read everything we have to recommend, the Necromancer class will hold no more secrets for you and you will be able to level up as effectively and efficiently as possible, in order to better prepare yourself for the endgame of the game and for the arrival of Diablo 4 Season 1.

Bone Spear Necromancer build explained

The Bone Spear Necromancer build is the best build you can choose to level up with the Necromancer class. This build allows you to ensure that the damage you inflict on enemies will be high and it is precisely for this reason that you will be able to progress in the game up to its end credits with relative ease. Since one of the strengths of this build is making enemies constantly Vulnerable, it is a build that also goes perfectly with teamwork. In fact, your friends will be able to benefit from this feature and inflict greater damage on your opponents.

There are many skills that the Necromancer has at his disposal to have advantages both in and out of war. Among these, we cannot fail to mention those that are considered the main ones and that you must necessarily equip in order to make the most of this Bone Spear build. The skills in question are:

  • Bone Splinters (Enhanced)
  • Blood Surge (lvl 1-5)
  • Corpse Explosion (Enhanced)
  • Hewed Flesh (lvl 1-3)
  • Grim Harvest (lvl 1-3)
  • Bone Spear (Enhanced, Supernatural)

Obviously, there are tons of other skills that the game makes available, but these listed are the essential ones that any player should equip if they intend to make use of this build. For the rest, it is also possible to experiment based on your aptitudes and ways of playing.

diablo 4 necromancer

As for the ways to play, in this regard, this build is mainly based on the use of the Blood Surge ability, paired with Corpse Explosion. This combo is great for dealing damage, but on the other hand, it has the fact that it is only usable at short range, and therefore this forces you to stay close to enemies. This tactic can be effective at the beginning of your adventure, but continuing you will find increasingly stronger enemies and bosses from which it is better to keep a certain distance in order not to suffer too much damage.

This problem can be solved by making use of the Bone Spear skill which, in combination with Grim Harvest, allows us to defeat the enemies we are targeting and then dedicate ourselves to the others. In addition, thanks to the use of the passive ability Hewed Flesh, your character will have Reaper Skeletons at his disposal to help you in your battles. In case you run out of Essence, you can rely on the Bone Splinters ability to create bodies and get your Essence back.

As for the Legendary Aspects, there is only one that is worth mentioning for this build, namely the Splintering Aspect. This aspect can be unlocked after completing the Guulrahn Slums dungeon in Act 3. This aspect is very important because it allows the Diablo 4 Necromancer to make enemies Vulnerable and therefore grants a wide range of attacks that can be launched.

As for the weapons to equip and the stat changes to make, we advise you to use the total damage of your weapons: the higher it is, the better. Obviously, also take into consideration the combinations with the various weapons and shields, as there are some combinations that guarantee greater damage than others. As for which stats to edit, we recommend that you consider the following:

  • Damage against Vulnerable Targets
  • Critical Strike Chance
  • Critical Strike Damage
  • Lucky Hit Chance
  • + Level of Bone Spear

Finally, we conclude this guide by talking about gems, elixirs, and potions. The game provides many gems to choose from, so choosing the right one may not be quick and easy. For this reason, we have decided to show you which ones are the best to use for this type of build:

  • Weapon: Emerald for Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies
  • Armor: Ruby for Maximum Life
  • Jewelry: Skull for all Resistance
As for elixirs and potions, you have to keep in mind that it is very important that you go to the alchemist to create elixirs that are able to increase your stats and experience gained for 30 minutes. We also recommend elixirs that are able to increase your Resistance or those that increase your Attack Speed by 7%. Finally, remember to return to the alchemist also to upgrade your healing potions, as increasing their effectiveness will be essential in order to continue in the game.
Diablo 4 necromancer
Diablo 4 Best Necromancer Leveling Build
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