CS2 Players Disappointed With the Latest Patch

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CS2 Players Disappointed With the Latest Patch

The Counter-Strike community is utterly stunned by the latest patch update for CS2

As we enter 2024, the developers at Valve have planned a new update for CS2 as there has been a lack of new content in the game for weeks. Many players across all levels have addressed this issue, the game has been lacking new updates that may help players get more interested in actually playing. As Valve, the developers of CS2, had announced the newest update for the game, players were hopeful to see some new content added to somewhat revive the game. However, to their dismay, the update was a fix for a very minor issue in the game and not what the community believes the game needs right now.

With so many issues such as movement, performance and cheaters haunting the game, the developers seem to be unaware of the current state of the game and what it needs.

CS2 Players Disappointed with Latest Patch

Valve released a new update for CS2 on January 19 and the entirety of the Counter-Strike community was expecting a major addition to the game’s content or a fix for one of the many issues that have been plaguing the game since its release. To their disappointment, the update did not add any new cases or fix the massive cheating issue. It was a very minor change to the geometry in the map of Vertigo. The issue was pointed out by CS Pro, Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov. It was an exploit used by many players during the RMR Major Qualifiers.

CS2 Players Disappointed with the Latest Patch

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However, during the same Open Qualifiers, numerous other reports of players cheating or exploiting more massive bugs have been reported and these actions triggered a major uproar among the participants of the event. There were countless comments about how there were so many unfixed issues that led players to lose out on their Qualifiers matches and numerous complaints of players exploiting unfair bugs.

Despite there being so many massive issues and fixes that the game demands right now, Valve’s only response has been this update which many players are labeling as “comically sad”. In the grand scheme of things, this does seem like very depressing news for CS2 players and the future of the game.

Community Reactions

Pros and Casual players alike have called out Valve for refusing to acknowledge the major problems that the player base is suffering from and for coming out with such awkward responses to the situation. Players have reported issues like characters becoming invisible and having overlays that let players look through smokes. However, none of these issues have been addressed by Valve anywhere.

The Counter-Strike community has shown no mercy on the official Twitter/X post about the update. Replying with jokes and making fun of the developers for their absence of attention, the community seems to be genuinely frightened about the future of their favorite franchise. So far 2024 has not been the fresh start CS2 very desperately needed.

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CS2 Players Disappointed With the Latest Patch
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