m0NESY Reveals Game-Changing Vertigo CS2 Bug

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m0NESY Reveals Game-Changing Vertigo CS2 Bug

G2 sniper Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov has found a Vertigo CS2 bug that grants players the ability to see the whole map

G2 ace Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov has a sharp eye for detecting unprecedented bugs in the game. He emerged as the bug-busting hero in the CS2 community quite a few times in the past, and the Russian rifler has come to the rescue once again. This time, he has uncovered a Vertigo CS2 bug that can be exploited to gain a comprehensive view of the entire map.

m0NESY Finds Vertigo CS2 Bug

The bug enables players to view their opponent's position on Vertigo. By standing on the ramp and peering through a narrow opening between the floor and the construction fence, one can gain a significant view of the map, encompassing “everything towards the B-site” and tracking enemy movements. M0NESY urges Valve to address and resolve the bug, expressing a reluctance to exploit it.

In December, the G2 youngster made headlines by finding an infinite grenade hack. He shared the details on his X profile and drew Valve’s attention to fix it.

The Legends Stage of the PGL Antwerp Major 2022 saw controversy erupt when it was revealed that m0NESY had exploited a one-way smoke bug on Mirage in the match against Imperial Esports.

m0NESY Reveals Game-Changing Vertigo CS2 Bug

Credit: bitszim on YouTube

The situation escalated when m0NESY disclosed that the PGL administrators had permitted him to deploy the bugged smoke, responding affirmatively when questioned about its legality. This triggered a widespread outcry within the Counter-Strike community, leading players from various teams to unite in a gentleman's agreement to abstain from exploiting this loophole for the remainder of the tournament. m0NESY issued a public apology for the incident a few days later.

CS2 Continues to Struggle With Bugs

Earlier on, a different yet equally crucial scope bug surfaced during the NA closed qualifier for the Copenhagen Major RMR 2024. Nouns, a team in contention, found themselves at a disadvantage as their AWPer encountered an invisible adversary, ultimately leading to their loss of a pivotal round. Shockingly, investigations revealed that this glitch has been active since at least November and can be replicated with minimal effort.

In the aftermath, discussions within the CS2 community gained momentum, with players and fans alike expressing concern over the longevity of such a significant bug. The fact that it remained unnoticed for several months raised questions about the efficacy of quality control measures and oversight within the game's development and testing processes. Valve has rolled out immediate fixes for many problems, but CS2 remains a buggy experience at the moment.

m0NESY Reveals Game-Changing Vertigo CS2 Bug
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