Copenhagen Major RMR Qualifiers Hit by Surprise Invisible Player Bug

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Copenhagen Major RMR Qualifiers Hit by Surprise Invisible Player Bug

An invisible player bug has disrupted games during the Copenhagen Major RMR Qualifiers

Yet another potential game-breaking bug has marred the Copenhagen Major RMR qualifiers for Counter-Strike 2, this time involving invisible players. After the controversy surrounding exploited team-switch menus, the invisible player bug adds to the expanding list of CS2 technical difficulties impacting matchmaking and tournaments.

Invisible CS2 Bug Impacts Gameplay in Copenhagen Major RMR Qualifiers

Nouns coach Kory “Semphis” Friesen highlighted a CS2 glitch during the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 Closed Qualifiers. In the match, their AWPer maintained an angle through the boxes but could not see an opponent who turned completely invisible. This bug resulted in the team losing a round. The former compLexity player shared a screenshot of the incident on his X profile.

In the meantime, the rival AWPer had an unobstructed view of the sniper. Semphis suspects that the glitch occurs while AWPing under Heaven. Nevertheless, this problem is likely linked to zoom settings. CS2 dataminer Thour had previously detected this bug.

Seemingly, this glitch comes into play under specific conditions for either team. If a player engages in double-scoping with AWP or Scout and their opponent is holding a Molotov, the sniper perceives the opponent as invisible. Thour confirmed that the bug could be consistently reproduced by replicating it in ten back-to-back attempts.

Copenhagen Major RMR Qualifiers Hit by Surprise Invisible Player Bug

Credit: Thour on X

This year's Major RMR qualifiers have encountered a series of setbacks, particularly involving technical glitches and suspicions of foul play. Just this week, a team faced allegations of cheating, as they were accused of exploiting a team-switch menu screen that unintentionally disclosed pivotal information, potentially impacting the course of a round or match.

Some shortcomings were evident on the part of the organizers as well. Emilio, a player banned for life due to cheating, was surprisingly allowed to register and participate in a few rounds of the competition. Russian coach RuFire was also disqualified for streaming calls to his team, but he reappeared in the subsequent qualifier. Bleed Esports were denied registration for the third stage due to an alleged shortage of slots, a limitation not explicitly defined in the rules.

Coupled with the ongoing challenges plaguing CS2 as Valve tirelessly works to address the game's many bugs and glitches, the outlook for the premier FPS appears bleak. One can only hope that Valve takes swift action to resolve these issues before the RMRs, or even the Major itself, fall victim to their impact.

Copenhagen Major RMR Qualifiers Hit by Surprise Invisible Player Bug
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