CS2 Players Urge Valve to Fix Molotov Bug

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CS2 Players Urge Valve to Fix Molotov Bug

The CS2 community has united in a collective plea, urging Valve to immediately address a critical Molotov bug that's wreaking havoc on gameplay

Since the launch of Counter-Strike 2, the game has been riddled with multiple bugs. Players have complained about several bugs over the past few months, and Valve has often reacted fast to address them. Unfortunately, the bug problem remains prevalent in CS2 three months after its release. Recently, CS2 players have expressed frustration regarding a Molotov bug that makes the Smoke Grenades ineffective in taking out fires.

CS2 Molotov Bug: Smoke Grenades Not Working Properly

Players in the CS2 community have recently discussed a problem with Smoke Grenades not working correctly when thrown over fires in the game. Usually, these grenades are supposed to put out fires, but a Reddit user named JiberybobX showed instances where they didn't work as expected.

In the video shared by JiberybobX, the player was stationed at the Window position on Mirage when an enemy Molotov landed in that area. His efforts to extinguish the flames with a Smoke Grenade were in vain, as the grenade failed to function correctly. The untameable fire ultimately killed the player.

Several individuals brought attention to different aspects of the bug. When a Smoke is used, the fire diminishes in some instances, but a delay occurs, causing players to suffer additional damage. One of the top comments in the Reddit thread indicated that when Smoke Grenades are deployed, the flames seem to undergo an additional burning phase rather than extinguishing instantly.

CS2 Players Urge Valve to Fix Molotov Bug

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Players have also pointed out that the bug has been plaguing the gameplay for a long time, so they urged Valve to devise a swift resolution.

Although CS2 players had to tolerate the interference of the Molotov bug and some other glitches for an extended period, the developers have shown unwavering commitment to resolving these issues. Valve's frequent updates have significantly contributed to the game's improvement from its launch edition. As the first CS2 Major is set for March, the developers have around two months in their hands to iron out these issues and make the gameplay smoother.

Molotov Bugs Are Nothing New In CS2

Valve has already made several fixes to the Molotov mechanics. The update released on September 29 for CS2 addressed the sound issues related to the Molotov and incendiary grenades. Previously, mid-air explosions often made no sound, making it difficult to keep track of the grenades used. This issue could have posed challenges in competitive matches since some teams rely on counting the number of grenades used to craft their strategies.

Before the fix, players could trigger an explicit animation involving a Molotov cocktail by quickly switching between grenades and using the inspection button. This exploit, however, has been addressed, and the animation now only shows a bottle flip motion without the explicit content.

CS2 Players Urge Valve to Fix Molotov Bug
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