CS2 2024 Wishlist – Here’s What We May See

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CS2 2024 Wishlist – Here’s What We May See

Are you interested in the CS2 2024 wishlist and the things you expect to see? Let’s learn more about everything. 

Counter-Strike 2 is Valve’s most popular game, even though many people weren’t that happy with the changes from CSGO. With that said, the new game that became available this year brought a lot of good changes and made the game feel more interesting. Speaking of 2023, you can take a look at our recap of everything that happened and learn more about some of the events you may have missed out on.

Considering CS2 was released in 2024, it’s no surprise that peoples’ CS2 2024 wishlist is long because everyone wants to see a lot of new things. With that said, here are some of the aspects we wish Valve adds.

Fixing the many issues

One of the first and most important things we wish to see in the CS2 2024 wishlist is fixing the issues that the game currently has. Despite the fact that CS2 has been out for a few months now, people are complaining about different things all the time. Some of them are getting random CS2 crashes, whereas others have a lot of other issues related to the game itself.

Considering Valve is behind CS2, we are confident the team will do everything possible to improve their game. It’s probably just a matter of time before we see fixes to all of these issues and by the looks of it, 2024 will be when we’ll see it.

New Maps

CS2 2024 Wishlist - Here's What We May See

A very important issue that people have been complaining about for months now is the lack of enough maps in CS2. If we analyze this game and CSGO, we can see that most maps are not available yet. People were not complaining when the game was released a few months ago, but Valve has not added them yet, which is why a lot of people are not happy with what’s happening. 

After what we’ve mentioned above, it’s probably not surprising that one of the things on our CS2 2024 wishlist is to see all of the old maps back in action. In fact, we will go one step further and say that we wish to see a lot of new maps as well, maps that will take advantage of the new Counter-Strike 2 engine. 

We believe that it is just a matter of time before Valve makes these changes because we need to remember that CS2 is their most important game. The stats for Dota 2 are not that impressive, so Valve needs CS to do well.

New Game Modes

Counter-Strike 2 is incredibly fun to play, no matter if you choose to play competitively or for fun. However, even those things can get boring, which is why oen of the things on our CS2 2024 wishlist is to see at least a couple of new game modes. Those things can come in many forms, but many players will probably want to see things like zombie maps and some of the options available in games like Overwatch 2.

Valve can experiment with a lot of things and we are sure that most people won’t have anything against it. As long as the company does not remove the fan-favorite options, most players will be okay with new additions because this will make CS2 more popular, which is always a plus.

New and better skins

CS2 2024 Wishlist - Here's What We May See

One of the most exciting things about CS2 is the fact that the game made the CS skins much more interesting. In fact, pretty much every existing skin looks better in CS2 than in CSGO. That’s one of the reasons why some options became way more expensive than others.=

What’s interesting to remember about the CS2 skins is that we have yet to see exclusive options for this game. In other words, the thing we want to add to the CS2 2024 wishlist is to see at least a couple of skins for all of the popular weapons. We have no doubt that Valve will add such things because the CS2 skins are one of the reasons why this game is so popular.

Besides new skins in general, we would not be surprised if the company takes things one step further. For example, it may develop unique new options that can change mid-game or even add special effects. Who knows what Valve will come out with? 

Fewer but better tournaments

The CS2 competitive scene is booming, which is probably not surprising. In fact, this is the game that has had hardly any issues over the years, allowing professional players to take part in numerous competitions. 2023 was a good example because we saw the best teams in the world several times.

While it is true that almost all CS2 tournaments in 2024 were amazing to watch, some were better than others. We believe that Valve is definitely taking notes, so one of the things on our CS2 2024 wishlist is to have fewer but better tournaments. What we mean is that we want to have events where more teams are fighting for a larger prize pool and where we have a classic Upper and Lower bracket, similar to Dota 2. This will definitely make everything more interesting to watch.


People wish to see different things in their 2024 wishlist for Counter-Strike 2, but we will have to wait and see whether Valve will add any of the changes. One thing is certain – we at ESTNN will make sure to provide you with more information about everything. Don’t forget to follow us regularly if you want to learn more details about the best CS2 skins, events, as well as different bug fixes.

CS2 2024 Wishlist – Here’s What We May See
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