VALORANT Agent Guide: Brimstone

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VALORANT Agent Guide: Brimstone

Only a few Valorant agents excel at managing sightlines, and Brimstone does it better than most.

Controller agents utilize smoke abilities that cut off lines of sight and gain the advantage. On both attacking and defending sides, Brimstone’s abilities focus on forcing fights in his favor. Of the Controllers, Brimstone is consistent, offering a basic yet powerful toolkit.

Brimstone's Basic Toolkit

Brimstone’s signature ability is Sky Smokes. These swirling balls of smoke come from the sky to wherever Brimstone marks on his map. The smokes don’t last long and can only be called in his direct vicinity. The Sky Smokes is a useful tool in covering sightlines and forcing the enemy to push forward at a disadvantage. The upside of Brimstone is that his smoke ability gives no indication as to where he is located or pushing from. On uneven surfaces, the smoke can end up in an unfavorable position, either too low or not covering the correct area. Brimstone holds up to three charges for this ability, offering adaptability and forgiveness on using a smoke too early.

Brimstone’s Stim Beacon applies a buff that is unique to this agent. Any player who steps inside the radius of Brimstone’s beacon will receive a boost to their firing rate. If an agent, friend, or foe, steps inside the circle, they will gain the firing rate buff. When an agent leaves the circle, the buff will last for a short period before going away, and the Stim Beacon will only stay active for so long. Use Stim Beacon right before a push, and weapons like the Odin or Spectre will benefit most from this ability. The firing rate buff will affect the overall accuracy of a weapon, so giving a heads up will help.

Brimstone’s next ability is Incendiary, a Molotov shot from the barrel of a grenade launcher. The crowd control ability can bounce off of walls and cover the ground in flames when it lands. The flames don’t do an absurd amount of damage, it does however dislodge the enemy or force them to take damage. Incendiary is a fiery grenade used in common choke points and to destroy enemy armor before the fight begins.

Controlled Chaos

Brimstone’s ultimate is the Orbital Strike, and the only way to describe this is the Death Star’s laser beam. Brimstone can call in this heavy artillery from nearly anywhere on the map, and the beam will hone in on his mark frying anyone in the radius. This ultimate is one of the more powerful zoning abilities in Valorant currently. Compared to other agents, Brimstone’s ultimate is a sure-fire way to stop a spike plant or defuse. Orbital Strike will clear out any hiding spot in Valorant, ignoring walls, elevation differences, and it outpowers any healing abilities. Orbital Strike is best used for enemies that have a sightline advantage or are dug into a defensive position.

Brimstone is a Valorant agent that is at his most powerful when knowing the enemy’s positioning and using his own abilities to shut them down. Brimstone can be an advantageous agent on both the attacking and defending sides of most maps. The agent requires some map knowledge to be at his most effective blocking sights and providing cover for rotations. Brimstone excels at keeping the enemy playing at your pace, blocking vision, and shutting down whole areas of the map.

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