Riot Brings Quality of Life Changes to Valorant’s Patch 1.03

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Riot Brings Quality of Life Changes to Valorant’s Patch 1.03

Valorant received a minor update today, with Patch 1.03 making its way to live servers.

Valorant Patches Problems

Not much changed in this Valorant patch, considering that 1.02 was less than a month ago. The Guardian, which received numerous adjustments and was the highlight of the patch notes. The single-shot rifle had its price reduced from 2700 to 2500, putting it between the Bulldog and the Phantom/Vandal. The rate of fire was dropped, but the Guardian now has a high penetration rate. It isn't uncommon to get hip fired by Guardian, and it worked much better in close quarters than long-range. When compared to the Phantom and Vandal, it didn't have the same impact yet was cheesed consistently.

Spike Rush has a new orb called Twin Hunters, that releases two wolves to track down two enemies. The wolves don't do damage but rather hunt down the enemy and stun them for 4 seconds. The wolves have 150 HP and only last 15 seconds, so it is possible to wait for the beasts to disappear. Spike Rush has never been a game mode I voluntarily choose to play, but it can be a fun warm-up mode with friends.

Riot made some changes to the Surrender option when all hope is lost. In Unrated, a surrender only requires a majority vote now instead of the previously required unanimous decision. In Competitive mode, 5 votes are still required for surrender to go through. A surrender vote can be called for earlier now, available at round 5 instead of round 8. I wouldn't recommend surrendering unless your team is absolutely atrocious. There have been a handful of games where defeat was all but assured only to win rounds back to back and clutch the game.

Riot Improves Quality of Life

There were several quality of life changes made to Valorant this patch as well.

  • In the Collection screens, there is now a checkbox to toggle between showing all items or only owned ones (additional options and improvements for managing your collection will be coming in future patches)
  • Fixed a bug where the mission “You or your ally plant/defuse spikes” sometimes did not take into account plants and defuses by allies
  • Transition screens and startup screens are now letterboxed
  • Fixed text overlap issues in the Battlepass and Contract screens in some languages
  • Players in custom games with cheats enabled can select a different Agent to use on the next round in the cheats menu.
  • Removing a friend will now prompt a confirmation dialogue
  • Pressing Escape while typing in the chat box will clear the message
  •  Revised layout of confirmation dialogs to make primary action larger and always on the left; applied color in various places, like using red for destructive actions; revised the locations of some confirmation and cancel buttons for consistency
  • Minor fixes for visual artifacts on Bind on Intel GPUs
  • Minor render improvements for modern hardware
  •  Added an error popup for crashes on startup linking to troubleshooting guide for crashes
  • Patch notes and payment windows will scale correctly on 4K monitors
  • IME input on payment windows will now work correctly (Japanese/Chinese)
  • Players can now view individual skin levels in the collections and store view
  • Updates to censored hit impact effects for better readability
  • Added Agent silhouettes for observers
  • Improved render performance for silhouettes
  • Agent health bars are now visible to observers
  • Fulfilling a buy request while moving will no longer interrupt your movement
  •  Custom Games Tournament Mode


  • Fixed a Cypher bug where traps that were placed such that they were on the inside of a doorway, would not trigger when someone walked through them
  • Fixed an issue with the Match Timer hitching under unstable network conditions
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t jump off ascenders if jump was bound to the mousewheel
  • Fixed some visual issues that could occur when reconnecting to the game while dead
  • Fixed Barrier phase announcement showing up in normal games for observers
  • Fixed various UI issues on observer scoreboard