VALORANT Agent Guide: Phoenix

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VALORANT Agent Guide: Phoenix

Valorant’s agents each have their own toolkit which offers something unique in every match. This article will be running down Phoenix’s abilities, and how to use them to dominate.

Phoenix was featured in Valorant’s most recent cinematic, Duelists, for when the game launched earlier in June. This hot-head uses fire to control the enemy, clear out objectives, and heal himself to do it all again. Phoenix has more utility abilities than any of the other duelists, but careful with the flames or you might get burned.


Phoenix’s signature ability, Hot Hands, is Valorant’s version of a Molotov for the agent. Phoenix can either throw or gently lob a fireball, covering the ground in flames wherever it lands. The flames will heal him significantly over time, but can also damage your teammates. His second ability, Curveball, is a cheeky flash that is thrown around corners or in openings to blind the enemy. The most common mistakes that new Phoenix players make, is not ensuring that their flash will clear a corner and not blind their own team. His last main ability is Blaze, and this conjures a wall of flames to block sightlines and slightly heal Phoenix. The wall can be walked through by friends and foes, but they will take damage when passing through.

Phoenix’s ultimate ability, Run It Back, is the truest representation of his name. When the ultimate is activated, Phoenix will mark the spot he is standing, and covers himself in flames. Phoenix then moves forward to scout the opposition and claim an early kill. After the duration of the ultimate, or if Phoenix is killed, he will return to the location he started with a full clip and 100 health. Be warned that if Phoenix was shot or killed during run It Back, any armor he lost is gone permanently. Be wary that some may find his marked spot and camp it, waiting for him to reappear and get the free kill. This makes Run It Back significantly less powerful in defensive situations where you are down in numbers.

Settle the Battle Ablaze

Out of the duelists, Phoenix is probably the most useful in organized team compositions. His skills provide the necessary tools to open up opportunities through a sneaky flash or smart Blaze wall. Blaze can be used to block the line of sight or force an enemy to take damage if they want to relocate. Hot Hands gets recharged if Phoenix kills two enemies, so using the Molotov to trap an enemy in flames will put you one step closer to having the ability ready for use. If he takes damage in a second engagement, a recharged Hot Hands is handy to make up for lost health.

Phoenix is an agent that has the toolkit to set himself up for success and provides opportunities for his team.

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