Best Valorant Strat to Attack Haven C Site in 2023

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Best Valorant Strat to Attack Haven C Site in 2023

In this guide, we will show you the best Valorant strat to attack the Haven C site in 2023

Haven, a map present since the game’s release, stands out as a cherished gem among the community for its unique characteristics. Only the 2nd map to have three sites, Haven leans notably in favor of the attacking team. It has a number of potential attacking routes while avoiding an excess of choke points that favor the defenders.

The Bhutan-based map is among the largest maps in the current map pool. Its three sites allow for a lot of experimentation on the attack side, making it a nightmare of a map to defend properly.

Given the map's narrow layout, the optimal agent composition calls for a pairing of two initiators, with the preferred choices being Breach and Sova. Coordinating with the utils of the two initiators, your duelist can give you the perfect site entry every time. For a comprehensive guide on crafting Haven's most effective team composition, check this out.

Haven C Site
Credit: Riot Games

Best Haven C-site Attacking Valorant Strat

As for the C site of Haven, it is known for rewarding swift and aggressive tactics. While Haven is generally a map suited for more default gameplay, there are instances where a rush becomes the optimal choice. Executing a flawless rush can render the opponent’s chances of shutting down the attack to minimal, even if they predict it.

Considering your team composition comprises of double initiator and one duelist, allow me to present the most effective Valorant strat for attacking the C site on Haven:

5 man Rush

While advocating for a 5 man rush is a rarity in most scenarios, this particular strategy proves to be an exception. Get all five of your teammates on C-long. The primary objective is to help your Duelist, Jett, to spearhead the attack and secure the crucial first blood. This strat necessitates the concerted efforts of your remaining agents, who must synchronize their utilities to pave the way for Jett's success.

As your team prepares for the rush on Haven's C-site, Sova assumes a pivotal role by deploying a well-placed recon bolt. The optimal recon bolt placement for C-site is on the roof above the logs, effectively clearing every angle of the site. You can also start with the drone and clear anyone trying to play aggressively with the Operator. Check out our site for the comprehensive Sova guide on Haven.

The other initiator, Breach, has to work the most with Jett. The Breach-Jett combo is deadly on Haven and can be executed to perfection on the C site. First, he needs to aftershock the Back Platform and clear that angle. As for his flashes, the first one should be deployed as your team advances up C-long, effectively deterring enemy attempts to peek and counter your approach. The second flash should be thrown at the box, synchronizing with Jett's dash into the site. This well-timed flash blinds any defenders situated at the Back-site. The stun of Breach can be reserved for countering enemy retake attempts. However, since it recharges anyway, you can use it at the start of the round if the situation demands.

The Omen’s job as the sole controller of the team is to smoke spawn and garage. Depending on how many players are on the site, the Omen can throw his Paranoia to further ensure the site's taking. If the opponent team is playing heavy C setup, with two on-site and the other one in the Garage, ask your Omen to blind the logs and the green box simultaneously with the second breach flash. If the site is relatively clear, you should keep your blind for the post plant.

Jett has the most straightforward job in this strat,  shouldering the responsibility of securing the all-important first blood to kickstart your team's rush. Failing to do so might result in a complete shutdown of the attack. The best way to secure the first kill is to put a cloud smoke on top of the box and dash into it. This way, the enemy playing on the site will have difficulty eliminating you instantly. As soon as the Sova’s recon dart lands and reveals the enemies, swing from the smoke clouds and get the kill. Given the combined utility of Omen and Breach, it is highly probable that any defenders on the site will be caught off guard, either blinded or stunned.

Credit: Sero

Within this strategy, Killjoy assumes a more subdued yet crucial role. As the flank watcher, she does not need to enter the site unless necessary. Place the alarm bot in the C-lobby to detect potential lurks and the turret facing the site in C-long. However, it is in the post-plant scenario where Killjoy has the most impact on attack. After the spike gets planted, her job is to delay the diffuse as much as possible. Throw your swarm grenades on the planted spike and activate them when the enemy team retakes the site.

The Split Rush

While the 5 man rush is a sound strat, you cannot keep doing the same thing repeatedly. One solid altercation is instead of the whole team rushing from C-long, send two of your agents, preferably the Controller and the Sentinel, to Grass to get into the site from the Garage.

The role of Jett, Sova, and Breach remains the same in this strat. However, you need to wait a little for your other two agents to take Grass control. The Omen will smoke the Garage window instead of the connector. And before rushing in, throw the Paranoia diagonally to blind both the Garage and the C site-Green Box. This way, you will get easy control of the Garage while your team takes the C site.

The Killjoy, in this case, has to trade off Omen if he dies trying to take Garage control. She must also be careful of the flank, especially the B push.

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Best Valorant Strat to Attack Haven C Site in 2023
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