Best Sentinel Agent on Every Valorant Map in 2023

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Best Sentinel Agent on Every Valorant Map in 2023

Here are the Sentinel Agents for every map in Valorant according to current meta and VCT success rates in 2023

Duelist, Controller, Initiator and Sentinel – among these four roles in Valorant, Sentinels are the masters of holding down sites, getting information on flanks, and slowing down rushes. Currently, there are five Agents under the Sentinel role – Killjoy, Cypher, Sage, Chamber and Deadlock. Each of these characters has their own unique defensive abilities that are very important in almost every map. 

If you are familiar with this role, you already know that a single Sentinel Agent does not work for every map. After looking at this year’s VCT meta in events like Masters Tokyo or Champions 2023, we were able to find out which Sentinel is best for every map in Valorant. This guide will be applicable for v7.04 of the game.

Best Sentinel Agent on Ascent – Killjoy


Credit: Riot Games

Killjoy is the undeniable queen of Ascent, as this map compliments her utilities more than any other Sentinel. Out of the 23 times Ascent was played at Champions 2023, Killjoy was picked in 20 of them. Aside from her regular kit helping the team take information, her ultimate ability works very well in this map due to its unique layout.

For example, retaking A with her ultimate in tree is a classic strategy for the defensive side, which often equates to an easy win. In contrast, the ultimate abilities of other Sentinel Agents, such as Cypher, are just not as valuable. 

Best Sentinel Agent on Split – Cypher or Killjoy

During pro matches this year on Split, most teams preferred not to use any Sentinel. Instead, the meta right now favors a double-Controller and double-Duelist composition. 

However, teams like Fnatic and NAVI use Cypher on this map, while LOUD and DRX have Killjoy in their comp. Therefore, go with whichever of these two Sentinels is your preferred choice on Split. 

With Cypher, you can place clever spycams on places like A haven, where you can see the feet of players coming up A ramp, and it is pretty hard to shoot. On the other hand, the small size of the map also allows Killjoy to shine.

Best Sentinel Agent on Lotus – Killjoy

Other than only a handful of teams this year, most rosters preferred using Killjoy on Lotus. This Sentinel works very well in the map during defense as she can place her utilities in both B and C and get information on both sites. Moreover, her ultimate can be placed in many favorable spots, one of which is A tree during the attacking half. 

With Cypher, it’s pretty hard to place kill trips compared to other maps, and again, his ultimate ability falls short compared to Killjoy’s. 

Best Sentinel Agent on Bind – Chamber

Chamber is slowly coming back to the meta, only in a few maps. One of which is Bind, where this Sentinel can use his arsenal pretty well.

Chamber is not like other Sentinel Agents, as you have to employ a more aggressive playstyle as most of his abilities are weapons. As a result, if you are accustomed to a more defensive playstyle, it’s better to play a Controller or even Sage on this map and not use Agents like Killjoy or Cypher. 

Best Sentinel Agent on Haven – Killjoy

Haven still remains the playground for Killjoy, and it mostly has to do with her ultimate ability being so strong to take map control. On the attacking half, you could easily take B or A with an ultimate down on A short, and on defense, you are able to retake sites with easy ult placements. 

Best Sentinel Agent on Breeze – Cypher or Chamber

With Breeze back in the map pool, you will see more Cypher or Chamber on this map. Due to this map being so huge, Killjoy’s abilities don’t work very well, as you have to be under a certain distance to have your alarm bot or turret up. On the other hand, Cypher’s ability to free roam while still having his camera and trips up makes him excellent for Breeze.

Chamber is also a good pick as a Sentinel on Breeze since there are a lot of long-range fights happening on this map, and his abilities work pretty well in taking those fights and teleporting away from unfavorable situations. 

Best Sentinel Agent on Sunset – Cypher


Credit: Riot Games

While we have not seen Sunset being played in professional matches yet, so far, Cypher seems to be the best Sentinel, as you can do unique setups right now that people are not very aware of. There are also many one-way cages you can do with this Agent to stop pushes.

However, this does not mean that Killjoy is a weak pick on Sunset, and it’s too early to say who’s going to be the best. 

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Best Sentinel Agent on Every Valorant Map in 2023
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