Best Valorant Agent Composition 2023 To Run On Lotus

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Best Valorant Agent Composition 2023 To Run On Lotus

This agent composition is too good on Lotus in 2023

Players of different ages and preferences have been drawn to Valorant since the game's inception because of its wide variety of agents and opportunities for the innovative use of fun and thrilling skills. There are currently twenty-one unique and exciting agents to pick from. While each agent is entertaining and compelling, some maps are best suited to reveal particular agents’ full potential. The key to success for the proficient player is making the proper agent selection on the correct map. Therefore, to help you out, this article analyses the optimal agent composition for the popular map Lotus. Get ready to win, then.

Best Valorant Agent Composition 2023 To Run On Lotus

After carefully inspecting the current meta, we have concluded that the following composition of agents is the most prominent on the said map.

  • Duelist – Raze, Reyna
  • Controller – Astra
  • Initiator – Fade
  • Sentinel – Killjoy

Agent Breakdown 


Picture2 6

Credit: Riot Games

  • Agent Pick Rate: 33.9%
  • Win Percentage: 50.2%

Valorant enthusiasts are well aware of the havoc that a skilled Raze player can wreak. This agent flourishes in the presence of a strategic and able player who isn't afraid to take risks. Since its debut, this agent has given sneaky campers a run for their money by blasting them off the server. For all the raze mains out there, you must ensure your explosions effectively turn your opponents into a pile of mush.

If you find yourself in the company of a skilled initiator wielding flashes, opting for Raze could be a potent strategy. Raze's Boom Bot and Paint Shells can navigate even the most challenging angles. She has indeed found a clever way to clear corners without putting herself in harm's way. Raze's Blast Packs are a versatile tool that can assist in swift entry, overcome challenging obstacles, and outmaneuver the clever traps of Cypher and Chamber. In the charmingly narrow areas of Lotus, Raze's Showstopper is the ultimate equalizer against a coordinated enemy push. Its explosive power can put a swift end to any hasty assault.



Picture3 6

Credit: Riot Games

  • Agent Pick Rate: 59.9%
  • Win Percentage: 44.7%

Hard to think of any agent who steals the spotlight quite like Reyna in PUGs. But hey, popularity comes only after skills, right? Since her debut, players have been relentlessly pursuing her due to her accessibility, ease of use, and impressive self-healing capabilities. Reyna is a force to be reckoned with in PUGs, boasting remarkable self-sufficiency thanks to her meticulously crafted kit and a knack for dominating duels. One of her standout strengths is how easy it is to fall back to safety after making aggressive plays. As if her kit subtly nudges players towards daring playmaking.

It's no secret that agents equipped with flashes reign supreme in Lotus' meta. For this reason, this map aligns well with Reyna's skillset. Her flashes will be valuable for efficiently navigating Lotus' many narrow angles. Additionally, she can use Dismiss to get a kill and return to safety, allowing for aggressive positioning. Given the current landscape of Lotus, Sage, and Skye may not be the most desirable picks for this particular map. This, unfortunately, leads the team to an absence of agents with healing expertise. Therefore, Reyna’s Devour ability will prove vital in many rounds, helping her win many clutch situations. 



Picture4 6

Credit: Riot Games

  • Agent Pick Rate: 48.8%
  • Win Percentage: 68.1%

It is indisputable that having a skilled Omen player on your team can instill a profound sense of confidence and support among all teammates. A capable Omen main can execute clever strategies that catch opponents off-guard, leaving them a bit embarrassed. With his versatile kit, he can seamlessly transition from lurking in the shadows to taking charge of the battlefield, all while providing top-notch support to his team. He's a true jack-of-all-trades and a master of each one.

One of the fascinating aspects of Omen's smoke ability is that it recharges in a mere 30 seconds after every application. This power allows you to elegantly delay your opponent's offensive schemes and fortify your defensive positions. Moreover, Omen's plethora of one-way smokes is an indispensable tool for exploiting Lotus. Utilizing the Paranoia ability is crucial to maximizing your chances of success in this map. This will significantly assist your duelists in their efforts. Regarding offense, it's always a good idea to have your duelists give you a heads-up on where they need you to deploy your smokes. Unleash your shrouded step ability's full potential, allowing you to become the most unpredictable force in the game.


Picture5 5

Credit: Riot Games

  • Agent Pick Rate: 20.7%
  • Win Percentage: 48.1%

Picking Lotus without Fade is a surefire way to get lost in the enemy's embrace. It's no secret that she reigns supreme in uncovering hidden information. Her abilities are an invaluable asset for exposing even the sneakiest of foes. 

The opposition will be caught off guard by an offensive squad featuring Fade. She can quickly and covertly gather information thanks to her Haunt power. As the team surges ahead, she releases the Prowlers to clear difficult angles and potentially blind the opposers. Furthermore, the opponent team's optimism for a lovely day is turned to ashes with her ultimate, Nightfall. Fade's Haunt is a true gem regarding defense strategies, thanks to its remarkable knack for gathering early intel. With this skill, she can easily sniff out any lurking dangers in a surrounding area. Should the site fall into the hands of the enemy, fear not! Our skilled agent will uncover hidden foes, allowing her teammates to execute targeted counter-attack plans.


Picture6 2

Credit: Riot Games

  • Agent Pick Rate: 29.6%
  • Win Percentage: 52.6%

Unquestionably, Killjoy is one of Valorant's S-tier agents. The case of a player with formidable intellect wreaking havoc in different lobbies is indeed classic. To unlock the true power of Killjoy's kit, one must exhibit unshakable strategic competence. Her ultimate is among the best in the game, and there is no debate. It transforms seizing control of a site into a stroll. While mastering the art of swarm grenade lineups is tedious, the results are worth the effort, as evidenced by her impressive 50.2% win rate. 

Killjoy's knack for gathering intel is top-notch, making her a formidable choice on virtually any map, Lotus included. With her trusty turret, she can detect foes from afar without putting herself in harm's way. Her alarm bot excels at detecting sneaky intruders. When it comes to defense, the strategic use of swarm grenades and the alarm bot can make even the most ambitious execution plans fall apart. One must recognize the usefulness of swarm grenades in scenarios concerning stopping spike defuse. Also, it is advised to grind for the ultimate, as it is highly impactful. The more one deploys it, the higher chances of achieving victory.

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Best Valorant Agent Composition 2023 To Run On Lotus
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