Best Items to Increase Your Attack Speed in 7.33C Patch

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Best Items to Increase Your Attack Speed in 7.33C Patch

You can purchase these items to increase your attack speed in the 7.33c patch during your matches. 

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The attack speed of heroes plays a vital role in making carry heroes stronger in Dota 2 games. There are a number of items that are available to buy in the strategy game that helps people gain bonus attack speed. Dota 2 players can equip these items to get more kills in the 7.33c patch. 

Power Treads 

Alchemist gets more gold by gaining bonus attack speed

Power Treads is an item that provides 25 attack speed to heroes in Dota 2. You can change the primary attributes of Power Treads to Agility to gain an additional 10 attack speed. People can freely switch the primary attributes of Power Treads between battles to increase their health or gain bonus mana. Power Treads can be bought for 1400 gold in the game. 

Mid heroes can buy Power Treads to increase the number of last hits they get on enemy creeps. Alchemist can buy a Power Treads early in his matches to farm more gold. His passive ability, Greevil’s Greed, provides plenty of gold to Alchemist. You can nuke enemy creeps in the mid lane with Acid Spray and mitigate enemy units with a Power Treads to level up faster. 

You can activate Alchemist’s ulti, Chemical Rage, to decrease his base attack time to 1. Alchemist gains an additional 110 health regeneration rate and a bonus movement speed of 60 for 30 seconds by using Chemical Rage. He can regain his health in lanes while fighting enemy heroes with his ulti. Alchemist can hurl an Unstable Concoction to stun enemy heroes for 3.2 seconds, dealing up to 360 damage to them. You can turn Power Treads to Agility to strike enemy heroes with more physical attacks. 

Outworld Destroyer can destroy enemy heroes with a Power Treads early in his matches. He has a maximum attack range of 450, letting him attack his enemies from a safe distance. Outworld Destroyer gains 4.2 Intelligence per level. You can buy a Power Treads for Outworld Destroyer to attack enemies with several instances of Arcane Orb. Outworld Destroyer can deal up to 16% of his mana pool as Pure damage to enemy units with Arcane Orb during battles. You can use Intelligence as the primary attribute of Power Treads to deal bonus damage to enemy heroes with the Harbinger to get more kills. 

Harbinger can banish enemy heroes for up to 4 seconds using Astral Imprisonment. He can deal 360 damage to enemies with Astral Imprisonment and restrain the movement of his opponents with his ability. Outworld Destroyer can purchase a Force Staff along with Power Treads to push himself forward up to a distance of 600 units, allowing him to walk out of team fights without getting killed by enemy heroes. 

Hand of Midas

Enchantress hits enemies with increased attack speed

Hand of Midas provides 40 attack speed to heroes. You can cast Transmute using Hand of Midas to instantly destroy enemy creeps for 160 gold, yielding double the experience in battles. Hand of Midas can help junglers kill stacks of neutral creeps in the 7.33c patch to earn bonus gold. The item can be bought for 2200 gold
in the game. 

Doom can purchase a Hand of Midas to decimate neutral creeps in the jungle. He can use Devour and Transmute to earn tons of gold during his matches. Doom can cast Scorched Earth to deal 65 damage per second (DPS) to enemy units for 16 seconds, wiping out neutral creep camps with ease. The increased attack speed provided by Hand of Midas can be used to land more hits on enemies stunned by Doom using Infernal Blade. Doom can cast Infernal blade once every 4 seconds, dealing loads of damage to his opponents with a Hand of Midas. You can cast Doom’s ulti to silence enemy heroes for up to 16 seconds to deal 60 DPS for the duration of the spell. 

Enchantress can equip a Hand of Midas to deliver more hits in battles. She can use Impetus to deal Pure damage to enemy heroes based on the distance between her targets. Each instance of Impetus requires 50 mana to be used per cast. Enchantress can cast Enchant on enemy heroes to slow their movement speed by 60% for 5 seconds. The ranged hero can attack enemies with increased attack speed while they are slowed after purchasing a Hand of Midas. Her ulti, Untouchable, reduces the attack speed of enemy heroes trying to hit Enchantress by 200, providing plenty of time for Enchantress to destroy her foes in team fights. 

Lone Druid can buy a Hand of Midas for his Spirit Bear to increase its attack speed by 40. Spirit Bear has 2000 health and a base attack time of 1.4. It can root enemies more frequently using Entangling Claws with Hand of Midas in its inventory. Lone Druid can level up Spirit Link to increase the attack speed of his Spirit Bear by 64, granting up to 65% Lifesteal that is shared between Lone Druid and his companion. The Universal hero can transform into his True Form to gain bonus health of 1500 and reduce his base attack time to 1.7. True Form lasts for 40 seconds and can be used with Hand of Midas to eliminate enemy heroes within seconds in the new update. 


Butterfly is an amazing item for Agility heroes in Dota 2. Heroes gain up to 35 Agility, 35% evasion, 30 attack speed, and 25 attack damage. There is a wide range of Agility heroes who can buy a Butterfly in their matches to increase their kill counts. 

Faceless Void can equip a Butterfly to obliterate enemy heroes in battles. He can max out Time Lock to gain a 24% chance to deal a bonus attack damage of 30 and stun enemy heroes for 0.5 seconds. Time Lock can penetrate spell immunity, making Butterfly a valuable item for the Faceless Void. You can use his ability, Time Walk, to backtrack any damage he takes in the last 2 seconds of fighting enemies. Butterfly also provides an additional 35% evasion, causing enemy heroes to miss their attacks against the Agility hero. You can take out carry heroes easily with Faceless Void by using his ulti, Chronosphere. Enemy units caught in a Chronosphere will be disabled for 4.8 seconds. His ulti affects a large radius of 500. 

Luna is an outstanding hero for ambushing enemy heroes in the game. You can level up Moon Glaives to bounce her weapons onto 6 enemy units around Luna in a radius of 500. Luna can max out Lunar Blessing to gain 21 bonus attack damage in battles. You can use Butterfly to flatten enemy towers and push lanes in Dota 2 matches. Luna can use the Twin Gates to move across the map to get more kills with Butterfly. You can also cast Luna’s ulti, Eclipse, to annihilate enemy heroes with magical damage while striking her opponents with increased attack speed. 

Moon Shard

Troll Warlord buys a Moon Shard to gain 140 attack speed

Moon Shard provides up to 140 attack speed to heroes. It is among the most useful items for carry heroes in the game. Troll Warlord can dominate Dota 2 games with a Moon Shard in his inventory. You can use Berserker’s Rage to Ensnare enemy heroes multiple times in team fights. Berserker’s Rage allows Troll Warlord to have a 20% chance to root enemies for 2 seconds. A Moon Shard can drastically increase his chances of triggering Ensnare to deal more damage to his enemies. 

Wraith King can slash enemy heroes at an astounding rate with a Moon Shard. He can deal over 300% critical damage to enemies using Mortal Strike. Items like Moon Shard can help Wraith King destroy enemy heroes in lanes. You can level up Vampiric Spirit to regain 50% of his attack damage with each hit. The increased attack speed granted by Moon Shard lets Wraith King overwhelm his enemies in the 7.33c patch. 

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