Best Early Game Items in 7.33C Patch

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Best Early Game Items in 7.33C Patch

Take a look at the most helpful early game items that can save your life in the 7.33c patch for Dota 2. 

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The 7.33c patch has made a number of changes to items and heroes that balance the gameplay in Dota 2 matches. The jungle has become a stash spot for junglers by increasing the experience gained from stacked neutral creeps by 30% in the new update. The various neutral creep camps in the lanes require players to buy early game items to regain their health and mana over the course of their matches. 

Here are a few early game items that can be used to level up faster in the latest version of the strategy game. 

Enchanted Mango

Earth Spirit uses an Enchanted Mango in 7.33c patch

Enchanted Mango is an amazing item to buy for heroes at the start of the match. You can buy an Enchanted Mango for 65 gold. Enchanted Mango can be used to instantly restore 100 mana during battles. You can easily run out of mana in team fights without using Enchanted Mangoes to attack enemy heroes with
magical spells. 

You can carry multiple Enchanted Mangoes in your inventory to have a better chance at winning battles in lanes. Strength heroes like Bristleback can use Enchanted Mangoes to nuke enemy heroes around them. Bristleback can deal up to 25 damage using Quill Spray at level 1. He can cast several Quill Sprays to hit enemy heroes, stacking up to 28 damage per stack. Quill Spray takes 35 mana per cast. You can use Enchanted Mangoes to prevent enemy heroes from escaping by restoring 100 mana with each use, letting Bristleback annihilate his opponents with his abilities. 

Bristleback can use Viscous Nasal Goo on his enemies to slow their movement speed by 15%. You can max out Viscous Nasal Goo with Bristleback to stack the movement speed slow by 12% per cast. Any enemy unit affected by Viscous Nasal Goo has their armor reduced by 3 per stack, allowing Bristleback to deal loads of damage at the early stages of a game. Viscous Nasal Goo consumes 24 mana to be used. You can use Viscous Nasal Goo and Quill Spray to drain the health of enemy heroes in lanes with Bristleback. Enchanted Mangoes can be used simultaneously to hit enemy heroes with your spells to weaken them. 

Bristleback can activate multiple instances of his ulti, Warpath, by using Enchanted Mangoes. The Strength hero gains 25 attack damage and 4% movement speed per spell he casts in battles. You can use a courier to transfer Enchanted Mangoes to Brtistleback throughout the match to replenish his mana pool. 

Earth Spirit can use Enchanted Mangoes to derail his enemies in the 7.33c patch. He can cast his spells to silence enemy heroes for up to 3.5 seconds using Geomagnetic Grip. Enemy units hit by Geomagnetic Grip take up to 200 damage from Earth Spirit. Each instance of Geomagnetic Grip needs 75 mana to be used per cast, requiring people to buy more Enchanted Mangoes to be able to pull Stone Remnants in lanes with Earth Spirit. 

You can quickly get out of danger by using Rolling Boulder. Earth Spirit can move at a speed of 1000 to roll past enemy units in a distance of 750. He can add Stone Remnants on his path to increase the speed of the Rolling Boulder in battles. Earth Spirit needs 50 mana per cast to use Rolling Boulder in team fights. Enchanted Mangoes will let you counter enemy heroes like Anti-Mage and Nyx Assassin in lanes. 

Faerie Fire

Invoker buys Faerie Fire in 7.33c patch

You need to be able to recover your health to avoid getting killed by enemy heroes. Intelligence heroes and support heroes can use Faerie Fire to instantly replenish 85 health in battles. The cost of Faerie Fire has been decreased from 70 to 65 in the 7.33c patch. 

Mid heroes can buy Faerie Fire early in their matches to gain more experience. Invoker is an Intelligence hero with a base health of 538. He can use Faerie Fire while fighting enemy heroes in the mid lane to regain his health. You can also use Quas up to 3 times with Invoker to increase his health regeneration rate. 

You can use spells like Ice Wall to restrain enemy heroes in lanes with Invoker. Ice Wall will slow the movement speed of any enemy hero passing through it, giving Invoker a bit of time to recover. He can use Ghost Walk after using Faerie Fire to become invisible to his enemies, letting Invoker walk away without
being decimated. 

Lion can head mid with Faerie Fire to unlock his ulti early in Dota 2 matches. He has a base health of 516 after spawning into the game. Lion can use Earth Spike to stun enemy heroes in front of him for up to 2.2 seconds. You can use Faerie Fire to attack enemy heroes stunned by Earth Spike. Faerie Fire increases the attack damage of heroes by 2, making it resourceful to heroes like Lion. 


Puck uses a Bottle to restore its mana

A bottle can be bought for 675 gold in the 7.33c patch. Many people buy a Bottle for heroes with spells that consume over 100 mana per cast. Each charge of a Bottle can restore 110 health and 60 mana to heroes. 

Heroes like Puck can use multiple charges of a Bottle to restore its mana over time. Spells like Illusory Orb and Waning Rift take a toll on its mana pool. Puck can roam the map for runes that can be stored in a Bottle to regain charges between battles. You can use Puck’s ulti, Dream Coil, to prevent enemy heroes from chasing Puck and its allies. Dream Coil consumes 200 mana per cast and can stun enemies for over 2 seconds. You can use a Bottle while enemy heroes are stunned to replenish its health and mana. 

Mirana can use a Bottle to be able to stun enemy heroes from afar. She can launch a Sacred Arrow to stun enemy heroes for up to 5 seconds. Sacred Arrow has a cast range of 3000 and needs 90 mana per cast. Enemy units hit by a Sacred Arrow are dealt 330 damage. You can Leap toward stunned enemies with Mirana for 40 mana. She can use Starstorm to deal 300 damage to enemy units around her in a radius of 650. Mirana can store runes like a Shield rune to fight enemy heroes without taking massive amounts of damage in battles. Starstorm requires 110 mana per cast and has a cooldown of 12 seconds. Mirana can activate an Arcane rune with a Bottle to reduce the mana cost of her spells and their cooldown. 

Blood Grenade

Abaddon hurls a Blood Grenade to slow enemies

Blood Grenade is a newly added item to the game. You can use a Blood Grenade to deal an initial damage of 50 and up to 15 damage per second (DPS) for 5 seconds. Blood Grenade affects all enemy units in a radius of 300 and reduces their movement speed by 15%. 

Abaddon can use a Blood Grenade to increase his kill count during the early game. He can activate an Aphotic Shield on himself before using a Blood Grenade to avoid taking damage. His passive ability, Curse of Avernus, can further reduce the movement speed of enemy units hit by a Blood Grenade. You can amplify the damage dealt to enemies in lane by using Blood Grenade and Mist while playing Abaddon. Mist can deal up to 260 damage to enemies in battles, helping the Universal hero get instant kills before the first 10 minutes of a match. 

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