Top Universal Heroes in 7.33C Patch

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Top Universal Heroes in 7.33C Patch

These are the top universal heroes in Dota 2 that you can play in the 7.33c patch.

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Several items have been improved in the 7.33c patch to make them more appealing to Dota 2 players. You can purchase items like Eternal Shroud and Pavise to strengthen the abilities of Universal heroes in online matches. Universal heroes can play a wide range of roles for their team during battles to help their team win games with ease.

Take a look at the best Universal heroes you can choose to play in the new update for Dota 2.


The Universal hero, Clockwerk, hits enemies in the off lane

Clockwerk is a Universal hero with a high health at the start of the match. He has a base health of 714 and gains 2.8 Strength per level. The melee hero can head to the off lane to level up his abilities. The off lane provides loads of gold to help Clockwerk buy early game items that allow him to take last hits without getting killed in the 7.33c patch.

The Agility attributes gained by Clockwerk per level is increased from 1.8 to 2.1. You’ll be excited to find out that the Intelligence attributes gained by Clockwerk is also increased from 1.3 to 1.7 in the 7.33c patch. These changes significantly increase the mana pool of Clockwerk throughout the match, letting Clockwerk nuke enemies heroes around the map for fast kills.

You can purchase a Vanguard for Clockwerk to help him survive longer in the off lane. Vanguard can be bought for 1700 gold in the game. The item provides 250 health and 4.75 health regeneration to the Universal hero. Clockwerk gains a 60% chance to block up to 56 damage from incoming attacks during battles with a Vanguard. You can upgrade a Vanguard to a Crimson Guard later in the game to increase his health regeneration rate and gain bonus armor.

Clockwerk can level up Battery Assault to stun enemy units multiple times in a lane. He can cast Battery Assault to prevent support heroes in the enemy team from channeling their abilities in battles. The Universal hero can deal up to 95 damage per hit using Battery Assault for 10.5 seconds. Battery Assault has a cooldown of 18 seconds and requires 90 mana to be used per cast. Vanguard will let Clockwerk tank more damage while attacking enemy heroes with Battery Assault in
his matches.

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You can activate Power Cogs around enemy units to restrain their movement in team fights. Power Cogs will strike enemy heroes and knock them back, letting Clockwerk attack his opponents inside the Power Cogs for quick kills. Clockwerk can buy a Blade Mail to return damage to enemy heroes attacking him from within the Power Cogs. Blade Mail costs 2100 gold in the game. The item provides 20 attack damage and 7 armor to Clockwerk. Blade Mail can be used to return up to 85% of damage from enemy attacks for 5.5 seconds.

Allies can use items like Pavise and Pipe of Insight to protect Clockwerk in battles. Clockwerk can start fights by using his ulti, Hookshot, to grab his opponents from an incredible distance. Hookshot has a vast cast range of 3000 and stuns enemy heroes for 1.6 seconds, dealing up to 275 damage to them in battles. His ulti has a cooldown of 30 seconds and needs 150 mana to be used per cast.

Clockwerk can blast Rocket Flares to scour the New Frontiers map for enemy heroes. Rocket Flares can be shot from any location on the map to deal 200 damage to enemy units, providing sight of the position for 6 seconds. It consumes 50 mana, making it easy to cast it frequently during battles in the latest version of Dota 2.

You can counter carry heroes with Clockwerk by purchasing a Solar Crest. He can use a Solar Crest on enemy units to cast Shine on them, removing 7 armor, 70 attack speed, and 18% movement speed for 8 seconds. Solar Crest provides 25 movement speed, 6 armor, 1.75 mana regeneration rate, and 6 attributes to his Strength, Intelligence, and Agility, making Clockwerk a tremendously resourceful hero in Dota 2 matches. The item costs 2425 gold in the game. Clockwerk can also cast Shine on allies to let them escape enemy heroes during battles.

Dark Seer

The Universal hero, Dark Seer, uses Ion Shell in the safe lane

Dark Seer can be a splendid support hero in Dota 2. He can increase the movement speed of his allies at will to prevent them from taking lethal amounts of damage from enemy heroes. Dark Seer can take the safe lane to earn more gold by attacking neutral creeps in the New Frontiers map.

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The 7.33c patch has multiple neutral creep camps in the safe lane. Dark Seer can max out Ion Shell in the safe lane to be able to farm bonus gold from neutrals before the first 10 minutes of his matches. He can cast Ion Shell on himself and his allies to deal 90 damage per second (DPS), affecting all enemy units around the target hero in a radius of 275. Ion Shell lasts for up to 30 seconds at level 4. The low cooldown of Ion Shell lets Dark Seer cast his spell on multiple allies during team fights.

People can increase the mana pool of Dark Seer by 250 by purchasing an Arcane Boots. Spells like Ion Shell need 140 mana to be used per cast. Vacuum takes 150 mana. Dark Seer’s ulti, Wall of Replica, requires 375 mana to be used. An Arcane Boots can let Dark Seer cast his abilities often throughout his matches to make his enemies rage during team fights. Dark Seer can activate an Arcane Boots to replenish 175 mana to allied units in a radius of 1200.

He can cast Vacuum to pull enemy heroes in a radius of 550, dealing up to 250 damage to them. Dark Seer can use Vacuum on multiple enemy heroes after casting Wall of Replica in a lane. His ulti lasts for 30 seconds and creates an illusion of enemy heroes passing through the Wall of Replica. Illusions created from Wall of Replica can deal 100% attack damage of enemy heroes, letting Dark Seer fight back during difficult situations.

Dark Seer can gain maximum movement speed for up to 6 seconds using Surge. He can dodge incoming spells and attacks from enemy heroes by casting Surge during battles. Surge has a cooldown of 9 seconds and requires 50 mana to be used per cast. You can buy a Spirit Vessel to restore health to Dark Seer and his allies during battles. Each charge of Spirit Vessel can replenish up to 40 health per second for 8 seconds. Spirit Vessel gains a charge for every kill Dark Seer takes in his matches. The item also gains charges when an enemy hero dies within 1400 radius around Dark Seer in lanes.

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