Best Heroes To Use Pavise In 7.33B Patch

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Best Heroes To Use Pavise In 7.33B Patch

Pavise can help protect your allies in battle early during Dota 2 matches, letting heroes play an excellent support role for their team in the 7.33b patch.

You can expect to discover fresh ways of playing heroes in the latest update to Dota 2. The 7.33b patch has improved several aspects of the game to make Dota 2 a breathtaking experience. People can fight together in exciting 5v5 battles to destroy enemy towers and claim victory in their matches.

There are tons of cool accessories that can be unlocked by spending hundreds of hours in the online game. Dota 2 rewards its players with a robust collection of items that can be equipped for your beloved heroes to sizzle on screen. These aesthetics can make every minute of Dota 2 enchanting to its players and brings joy to its community.

The New Frontiers map has introduced 7 new items to Dota 2 that can be bought to strengthen the abilities of heroes in the new version. Pavise, Disperser, and Harpoon are a few of the most useful items that are available in the 7.33b patch. Take a look at the best heroes you can choose to buy a Pavise in your games to guard your allies.

Ancient Apparition

Ancient Apparition uses Pavise in battle

Ancient Apparition is a support hero with skills that can chill the bones of his enemies. He has a mana pool of 351 at the start of a match, giving him loads of mana to cast his spells on his opponents in lanes. Ancient Apparition has a base Intelligence of 23 and gains a massive 3.4 Intelligence per level. He has a projectile speed of 1250, letting Ancient Apparition react to enemies with quick blasts of Cold Feet and Ice Vortex to counter them.

You can purchase a Pavise for Ancient Apparition to increase his mana regeneration rate by 2.5. The item lets Ancient Apparition cast multiple instances of Ice Vortex during battles to slow enemies. Ice Vortex affects a radius of 300, reducing the movement speed of enemy heroes by 25% for 15 seconds. Any spell cast on enemy heroes near an Ice Vortex can take up to 25% bonus damage from magical abilities. Enemy units moving close to an Ice Vortex can take up to 36 damage per second (DPS). Ice Vortex has a cooldown of 4 seconds and requires 70 mana to be used per cast.

You can cast Protect on allied heroes with Ancient Apparition using a Pavise to let them absorb up to 300 physical damage for 8 seconds. Ice Vortex can help your allies deal more damage to their enemies in team fights while they are protected by a Pavise. You can use Cold Feet on your opponents to deal 90 DPS to them. Enemy units can be stunned for 2.8 seconds using Cold Feet, allowing Ancient Apparition and his teammates a chance to decimate enemy heroes.

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Cold Feet has a cooldown of 9 seconds and needs 125 mana to be used. You can increase the DPS dealt by Cold Feet at level 10 to harass enemy heroes with Ancient Apparition. He can also use Cold Feet on all enemy units in a radius of 450 by reaching level 25 through the Talent Tree.

He has a maximum attack range of 675. Ancient Apparition can further increase the attack range on his physical attacks by casting Chilling Touch. Once Chilling Touch has been cast, Ancient Apparition gains up to 240 bonus attack range on his next hit. Enemy units attacked by Chilling Touch can take a bonus damage of 160 and have their movement speed slowed by 100% for a second.

Allies can signal Ancient Apparition to use Pavise on them before entering battles to annihilate enemy heroes. Chilling Touch has a low cooldown of 3 seconds. You can nuke enemy heroes with Chilling Touch and Ice Vortex to restrain the movement of your opponents in any lane while playing Ancient Apparition. The support hero can buy a Void Stone early in the game from the Secret Shop to gain bonus mana regeneration. The Void Stone can be upgraded into a Pavise after the first 5 minutes of the game have elapsed.

His ulti, Ice Blast, can be launched at weakened enemy heroes to instantly kill them in battles. Ancient Apparition can prevent enemy heroes from regenerating their health for up to 12 seconds by casting Ice Blast on them. The Intelligence hero can cast Ice Blast on any location on the New Frontiers map to deal 400 damage to his opponents. Any enemy unit with less than 14% of their maximum health will be killed after being hit by an Ice Blast. His ulti has a cooldown of 40 seconds and consumes 175 mana to be used. Ancient Apparition can use Pavise on his teammates throughout his matches to protect his allies in team fights.


Io uses Pavise to guard his ally

Io is a Universal hero that you can play to guard your allies against enemy attacks. Its abilities make Io an unbeatable ally to its teammates. Io can cast Tether on its allies to increase their movement speed by 12%. A portion of the health and mana regained by Io in battles will be provided to the Tethered hero. Tether has a cooldown of 12 seconds and needs 40 mana per cast.

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Pavise grants 3 bonus armor to Io, reducing the damage taken from incoming attacks. Io can cast Protect on allies after Tethering to them in lanes. Tether has a cast range of 1000, allowing Io to move quickly in battles to help its teammates. You can use Spirits to deal 90 damage per hit to enemies while letting your allies
escape battles.

Its ability, Overcharge, makes Io a suitable choice to ally with carry heroes. You can take on the off lane with Io and a carry hero like Wraith King to destroy enemy towers and enemy heroes within seconds. Overcharge provides a bonus attack speed of 110 and increases the health regeneration rate of Io for up to 8 seconds. Any ally Tethered to Io will also gain the attack speed and regenerative properties for the duration of Overcharge.

Carry heroes, such as, Wraith King have a higher chance of landing a critical hit on enemies while Tethered to Io. Overcharge will help Wraith King strike enemies frequently with Mortal Strike to deal bonus damage to them. The bonus movement speed granted by Tether will allow Io and Wraith King to chase their enemies for fast kills.

Io can cast Protect on carry heroes to increase their durability in battles. You can use its ulti, Relocate, to teleport any Tethered allies away from danger. Teammates Tethered to Io will reappear in their places after 12 seconds, providing plenty of time for Io and his allies to regenerate their health and mana between team fights. Relocate has a cooldown of 80 seconds and needs 175 mana to be used per cast. You can reduce the cooldown of Relocate by 25 seconds at level 20.

Many people buy a Crimson Guard for Io to increase their health by 250. Io can also increase its health regeneration rate by 12 by purchasing a Crimson Guard in Dota 2 matches. The bonus regeneration rate lets Io restore more health to its allies in battles. You can use Crimson Guard on nearby allies to provide a 100% chance to block over 70 damage per hit from enemy heroes. Pavise and Crimson Guard are items that can turn Io into a reliable support hero in the 7.33b patch.

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