Best Heroes To Use Harpoon In 7.33B Patch

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Best Heroes To Use Harpoon In 7.33B Patch

Harpoon is a fun new item in the 7.33b patch that you can buy for these heroes to get more kills in Dota 2 matches.

People are taking their time to learn the new items introduced to Dota 2 in the latest update. The New Frontiers map has given rise to plenty of objectives that can help players become better at their game. You can fight Roshan in 2 new pits at the corners of the map to claim the Aegis of the Immortal and pick up Cheese to restore a large portion of your health.

The 7.33b patch has released Harpoon that lets melee heroes decimate their enemies in battles. The item costs 4500 gold in the game. You can buy a Harpoon to gain 15 attack speed, 15 damage, 20 Strength, 10 Agility, 16 Intelligence, and 2 mana regeneration. Gamers can use a Harpoon to shoot a projectile at enemy heroes that pulls them closer by 35% of the distance between them using the ability, Draw Forth. You can use Draw Forth once every 19 seconds in lanes. Heroes like Dawnbreaker can use Harpoon in their battles to punish enemy heroes in the new version of Dota 2.

Take a look at the best heroes you can choose to use a Harpoon to win team fights in the 7.33b patch of the online game.


Axe annihilates Vengeful Spirit using Harpoon

Axe is a mighty tank hero in the 7.33b patch. He can take on multiple enemy heroes in battles using his spells to counter carry heroes. The Strength hero can initiate team fights using a Harpoon to increase his kill counts in Dota 2 matches.

You can level up Berserker’s Call for Axe to increase his armor by 25. Enemy units affected by Berserker’s Call will be taunted to attack Axe for up to 3 seconds. Berserker’s Call has a cooldown of 11 seconds and needs 110 mana to be used per cast. Axe can use Draw Forth with a Harpoon before casting Berserker’s Call to prevent his enemies from escaping team fights. The bonus armor granted by the Berserker’s Call can help Axe survive longer in the 7.33b patch for the strategy game. You can buy a Vanguard to increase Axe’s health by 250 and his health regeneration rate by 5.5. Vanguard can be bought for 1700 gold and provides a 60% chance to block up to 64 damage from incoming attacks to Axe.

The Strength hero can max out Counter Helix to return up to 170 Pure damage to nearby enemy units in a radius of 300. The passive ability, Counter Helix, has a minor cooldown of 0.3 seconds. You can remove the cooldown of Counter Helix by upgrading the ability using an Aghanim’s Shard. The upgraded ability will also reduce the damage taken by Axe during battles.

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The melee hero can cast Battle Hunger on an enemy hero to reduce their movement speed by 35% for 12 seconds. Battle Hunger deals up to 25 damage per second (DPS) to enemy units for the duration of the spell. Axe can launch a Harpoon at his opponents after they’ve been slowed by Battle Hunger to prevent them from fleeing team fights in the 7.33b patch. Battle Hunger has a cooldown of 5 seconds and requires 80 mana per cast.

You can buy a Blade Mail for Axe to increase the damage return to enemy units. Axe can turn on Blade Mail to return up to 85% of incoming damage to enemy heroes for 5.5 seconds. He gains an additional 7 armor and 20 attack damage by purchasing a Blade Mail in Dota 2. A combination of Harpoon, Berserker’s Call, and Blade Mail can be lethal to the enemy team in the new update. You can strike the final blow on weakened enemy heroes using his ulti, Culling Blade. Axe can deal up to 450 Pure damage to his opponents using his ulti to mitigate enemy heroes. He gains up to 2 armor permanently with each successful kill made with Culling Blade. His ulti has a cooldown of 70 seconds and requires 150 mana to be used.


Bloodseeker uses Blood Rite after casting Draw Forth on an enemy hero

Bloodseeker is an Agility hero who can use Harpoon in a variety of ways. He can chase enemy heroes in lanes using a Harpoon to restrain their movements and silence his opponents. The melee hero has a base Agility of 22 and gains up to 3.1 Agility per level. Harpoon provides an additional 10 Agility and 10 attack speed to Bloodseeker, making his physical attacks deadly to enemy heroes.

The melee hero can strike his opponents twice in quick succession using a Harpoon. Enemy units hit by Bloodseeker with a Harpoon have their movement speed slowed by 100% for 0.8 seconds. Once an enemy hero is slowed using a Harpoon, Bloodseeker can cast Blood Rite to silence them for up to 6 seconds. Enemy units affected by Blood Rite take up to 240 damage. Blood Rite has a cooldown of 12 seconds and requires 120 mana to be used per cast.

You can use a Harpoon instead of a Force Staff for Bloodseeker to destroy enemies in battles. Harpoon allows Bloodseeker to latch onto enemy units after casting his ulti, Rupture, on them. Bloodseeker can deal Pure damage to enemy heroes using Rupture based on the distance that they move in the lane. Rupture can last for up to 12 seconds, making it harder for enemy heroes to flee from battles in the 7.33b patch.

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Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight strikes Wraith King with Harpoon

Chaos Knight is a carry hero with a high attack damage in Dota 2. You can use Chaos Knight to push lanes and decimate enemy heroes in the new update for the strategy game. He has a base health of 604 and a base mana of 291. The melee hero gains up to 3.2 Strength per level. He can strike his enemies with a Harpoon to gain tons of gold in his matches.

The Strength hero has a base movement speed of 325, letting Chaos Knight get early kills with a Harpoon. You can stun enemy heroes for up to 3.3 seconds using a Chaos Bolt, dealing 300 damage to them in team fights. Chaos Bolt has a cooldown of 10 seconds and needs 110 mana.

The passive ability, Echo Strike, granted by Harpoon can be used to slow enemy heroes in the 7.33b patch while playing Chaos Knight. You can use Reality Rift to attack enemy heroes from a distance of 700, dragging them closer to Chaos Knight by up to 400 units per cast. Enemy units attacked by Reality Rift have their armor reduced by 7. Reality Rift has a low cooldown of 6 seconds and consumes 50 mana per cast.

You can max out Chaos Strike for the Strength hero to deal more damage to enemy heroes. Physical attacks from Chaos Knight have a 33% chance to deal 245% critical damage and provides a portion of his attack damage as Lifesteal. The amount of Lifesteal per hit is increased from 50% to 60% in the latest version of Dota 2.

His ulti, Phantasm, can be used to create up to 3 illusions of Chaos Knight. These images last for 30 seconds and deal 100% of his attack damage to enemy heroes. You can grab enemy heroes using a Harpoon before using Phantasm to deal massive amounts of damage to them. People can stun enemy heroes between battles with Chaos Bolt and cast Draw Forth using Harpoon after using Reality Rift on them to restrain the movement of their opponents.

The New Frontiers map has loads of neutral creep camps that can be explored while playing Chaos Knight. These neutral creeps can be destroyed using a Harpoon to gain bonus gold to farm items that cost more gold, like a Daedalus and Satanic.

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