Best Junglers in 7.33C Patch

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Best Junglers in 7.33C Patch

You can farm bonus gold in the jungle during Dota 2 matches with these heroes in the 7.33c patch. 

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The launch of the New Frontiers map for Dota 2 has made waves across the gaming industry. Dota 2 has a bigger map that can be explored with over 100 heroes to earn gold and experience online. People can party with their friends in 5v5 battles to collect runes, get kills, and assist their friends in executing killer combos in Dota 2 matches. 

You can destroy 12 new neutral creeps in the New Frontiers map, making certain heroes stronger to pick during your matches. Neutral creeps can be found in camps that are placed throughout the map to increase the gold per minute (GPM) for heroes, letting you buy items faster in your online sessions. 

Take a look at the best junglers that are available to play in the 7.33c patch for Dota 2. 


Lifestealer strikes neutral creeps in the safe lane

Lifestealer is a melee hero who can kill neutral creeps and regain his health with each attack. His physical attacks can slow down enemy units, letting Lifestealer get fast kills within seconds. Lifestealer has a bonus attack speed while hitting neutral creeps, giving him plenty of gold to buy his items with ease. 

You can take the safe lane with Lifestealer to get loads of gold between waves of enemy creeps. The Strength hero has a base health of 670, allowing Lifestealer to kill neutral creeps without losing a significant amount of health. Lifestealer can get a Pavise to guard himself against incoming attacks. Pavise is a recently added item to Dota 2 and can be bought in the 7.33c patch for 1400 gold. 

Lifestealer gains 175 health, 3 armor, and 2.5 mana regeneration by purchasing a Pavise in the game. You can use the ability, Protect, using Pavise to absorb up to 300 physical damage from enemy units. The 7.33c patch has improved Pavise to be able to take physical damage from spells, making the item more suitable for Lifestealer in Dota 2 matches. 

The cooldown of his spell, Rage, has been decreased from 18 to 17 seconds in the new update. Lifestealer can turn on Rage to gain up to 18% movement speed and up to 80% magic resistance for 6 seconds. The Strength hero becomes immune to debuffs while Rage is active. Lifestealer can deal loads of damage to neutral creeps in their camps by frequently using Rage to annihilate them. Rage can take 150 mana per cast to be used in the game. 

You can max out Feast for Lifestealer to increase his Lifesteal. The melee hero can regain up to 3.4% of the max health of his enemies per hit. You can purchase Phase Boots for 1500 gold. Phase Boots provides 18 attack damage, 4 armor, and 50 movement speed to Lifestealer. The bonus attack damage gained can be used to strike enemy units and neutrals to earn more gold. 

His passive ability, Ghoul Frenzy, increases the attack speed of Lifestealer by 70. Enemy units attacked by Lifestealer have their movement speed slowed by 30% for 1.5 seconds. You can buy a Hand of Midas for 2200 gold. The item grants 40 bonus attack speed to Lifestealer. He can cast Transmute using Hand of Midas to instantly kill neutral creeps for 160 gold and double the experience. Transmute has a cooldown of 90 seconds and increases the chances of earning a neutral item dropped by neutral creeps. 

People with low health can use his ulti, Infest, to take control of neutral creeps while playing Lifestealer. Infested units gain a bonus health of 1200 and increase the health regeneration rate of the Strength hero. Lifestealer can easily escape out of enemy encounters by Infesting neutral creeps on the map. He can explode out of a controlled unit to deal 400 damage to enemy units in a radius of 700. Infest has a cooldown of 50 seconds and requires 150 mana. 

Nature’s Prophet

Nature's Prophet hits a neutral creep camp near a Watcher

Nature’s Prophet can earn tons of gold in the 7.33c patch in the jungle. He has a base attack damage of 49 – 59. Nature’s Prophet can hit enemy units from a distance of 600 with his physical attacks. He gains up to 3.5 Intelligence per level, letting Nature’s Prophet use his spells multiple times to increase his GPM in Dota 2. 

You can cast Nature’s Call on nearby trees to summon Treants that can attack neutral creeps. Treants have a maximum health of 550 and deal 39 damage per hit. You can create up to 5 Treants using Nature’s Call that last for 50 seconds. You can increase the total number of Treants summoned by Nature’s Prophet to 10 at level 15 through the Talent Tree. 

You can purchase a Drum of Endurance for Nature’s Prophet to gain 7 Strength and 7 Intelligence. Drum of Endurance costs 1650 gold in the game. You can activate Endurance using the item to provide a bonus attack speed of 45 and bonus movement speed to allied units in a radius of 1200. The effects of Endurance can last for up to 6 seconds during battles. Treants can destroy neutral creep camps with Endurance turned on, preventing Nature’s Prophet from taking damage from enemy units. You can use Drum of Endurance to eliminate enemy towers on the map using Treants for bonus gold. 

Nature’s Prophet can use the Twin Gates in the safe lane to transport Treants to other lanes. He can push lanes faster using Treants and take out neutrals around the enemy towers to farm his items with ease. The carry hero can Sprout trees around enemy units at any time to restrain the movement of his enemies. These trees last for up to 6 seconds, letting Nature’s Prophet deal lethal amounts of damage during team fights. Sprout has a cooldown of 9 seconds and needs 130 mana to be used. 

He can kill multiple neutral creeps around the New Frontiers map by casting Wrath of Nature. Nature’s Prophet can hit several neutral creeps and enemy creeps in his matches to deal over 190 damage to them. His ulti, Wrath of Nature, can attack a total of 18 enemy units. He can buy a Maelstrom to gain up to 24 attack damage. Maelstrom can be bought for 2700 gold. Physical attacks from Nature’s Prophet have a 30% chance to create a bolt of electricity that deals 135 damage to multiple enemy units in a radius of 650. He can decimate neutral creep camps with a Maelstrom equipped in his inventory. 


Chen is a Universal hero with spells that can be used to convert neutral creeps and heal allied units. You can level up Holy Persuasion to control up to 4 neutral creeps at a time. Neutral creeps converted by Holy Persuasion gain up to 1000 health and 22 attack damage as a bonus. Chen can use the abilities of converted creeps to stun enemy units and slow his opponents during battles. 

He can create an army of neutral creeps to push lanes in the 7.33c patch by using Holy Persuasion. Chen can max out Divine Favor to gain 4 armor and increase the health regeneration rate of controlled units by 4 per second. 

You can slow the movement speed of enemy heroes by 36% for 8 seconds using Penitence. Chen gains up to 80 bonus attack speed while attacking enemy units affected by Penitence in battles. You can restore health to neutral creeps converted by Chen using his ulti. Hand of God can replenish up to 400 health in an instant and increase the health regeneration rate of allied units by 40 per second for 8 seconds. Chen is among the best heroes to use to farm more gold in the jungle. 

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