Best Heroes to Buy A Vanguard in 7.33C Patch

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Best Heroes to Buy A Vanguard in 7.33C Patch

You can buy a Vanguard for these heroes to sustain more damage during battles in the 7.33c patch for Dota 2.

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Buying items that increase your health and health regeneration rate can be vital to your survival in Dota 2 matches. Vanguard provides 250 health and 4.75 health regeneration rate to heroes in the game. The item costs 1700 gold and provides plenty of health per second to help a number of heroes earn more gold in their lanes. Vanguard can protect players from taking a significant amount of damage from enemy heroes in their matches.

Here’s a deep dive into the best heroes in Dota 2 that you can choose to buy a Vanguard in the new update.


Clockwerk uses Power Cogs to annihilate an enemy after buying Vanguard

Clockwerk can play several roles for his team in the 7.33c patch. He can increase his health to be a sturdy tank hero and cast his spells frequently to nuke enemy heroes in his lanes. Many people pick Clockwerk for his ability to initiate team fights with his ulti. He can surround enemy heroes with cogs to trap his opponents
in battles.

The Universal hero has a base health of 714, letting him attack his enemies in the off lane early in the game. He can purchase items like a Ring of Health from the Secret Shop in the off lane to increase his health regeneration rate, allowing him to recover after getting hit by enemy creeps and heroes. Clockwerk can finish a Vanguard by purchasing a Vitality Booster for 1000 gold, along with a Ring of Health. The melee hero has a 60% chance to block up to 56 damage from enemy attacks by equipping a Vanguard in his inventory.

You can purchase a Power Treads for Clockwerk to gain bonus attack speed. Clockwerk can easily switch between the primary attributes of Power Treads to increase his health, attack speed, or mana regeneration rate, based on the enemy heroes he is facing in his lane. He can chase enemy heroes with Power Treads before casting Battery Assault to deal 95 damage per second (DPS) for 10.5 seconds. The mini-stuns from Battery Assault will help Clockwerk attack support heroes and Intelligence heroes for easy kills.

He can cast Power Cogs to contain enemy heroes for up to 8 seconds. Power Cogs will prevent enemy heroes from escaping team fights and ambushes. Enemy heroes can be isolated using Power Cogs to focus attacks on specific heroes for faster kills throughout the game. You can scout the map using Rocket Flares to locate enemy heroes. Rocket Flares reveal a large area in a radius of 600 and provide sight of the destination for 6 seconds.

Once an enemy hero has been spotted, Clockwerk can immediately cast his ulti, Hookshot, to stun his opponents. Enemy units can be stunned for up to 1.6 seconds using a Hookshot, dealing 275 damage to them in battles. Clockwerk can cast Hookshot from a range of 3000, making it easier to attack ranged heroes in the
New Frontiers map.

Vanguard will help Clockwerk tank more damage from incoming attacks after using Hookshot. You can buy a Blade Mail for Clockwerk to return incoming damage from enemy heroes for 5.5 seconds. Blade Mail can be bought for 2100 gold in the game and provides 7 bonus armor to Clockwerk in the latest version of Dota 2.


Underlord fights enemies using a Vanguard

Underlord can attack multiple enemy heroes with his abilities. He has an increased health of 670 at the start of a match. The Strength hero can take the safe lane to earn more gold. Underlord can cast Firestorm to summon up to 6 waves of fire, dealing 90 damage per wave to enemy units in a radius of 425.

A Vanguard can increase the tanking abilities of Underlord, providing him with bonus health regeneration rate. He can stack neutral creep camps in the 7.33c patch to destroy enemy units with Firestorm. There are a total of 12 new neutral creeps added to the game in the new update, letting Underlord deal tons of damage with
his spells.

He can root enemy heroes in lanes by casting Pit of Malice. Underlord can disable multiple enemies for 1.8 seconds by casting Pit of Malice in battles. These pits can last for 12 seconds per cast. You can purchase a Rod of Atos to restrain the movement of enemy heroes. Underlord can cast Cripple using Rod of Atos to hold them in place after he summons Firestorms to deal maximum damage with the Strength hero.

You can level up Atrophy Aura for Underlord to gain bonus attack damage per kill. Atrophy Aura provides up to 8 attack damage per enemy creep killed and an additional 45 damage per enemy hero killed. The bonus damage from Atrophy Aura can make physical attacks from Underlord more dangerous to enemies in the 7.33c patch. You can use Fiend’s Gate to teleport your allies to safety after losing a ton of health in battles. Underlord can take up to 3.5 seconds to channel his ulti. Vanguard can provide the health regeneration Underlord requires to perform his ulti without dying in battle.


Abaddon attacks enemies after purchasing a Vanguard

Abaddon can protect himself by buying a Vanguard in Dota 2 matches. He can increase his health by 250 after purchasing a Vanguard, letting him absorb loads of damage from enemy attacks. Abaddon can use Mist Coil constantly on allies to restore 260 health in team fights. Vanguard will reduce the health cost of casting Mist Coil, preventing Abaddon from retreating in his lane.

The Universal hero can cast Aphotic Shield on his teammates, allowing his allies to absorb 200 damage from attacks and spells cast by the enemy team. Aphotic Shield lasts for 15 seconds on the target unit. You can buy a Harpoon for Abaddon to strike enemy heroes with an increased attack speed. He can pull enemy heroes using a Harpoon to deal more damage with his hits.

His passive ability, Curse of Avernus, can be used to silence enemy heroes in battles. Abaddon gains bonus attack speed after an enemy hero is silenced by Curse of Avernus. Allies can cast their abilities on silenced enemies to eliminate them while teaming up with Abaddon. His ulti, Borrowed Time, can be activated at any time to prevent Abaddon from getting killed in combat. Items like Vanguard and Heart of Tarrasque can help the melee hero last longer.


Bristleback can be a tough hero to fight in the 7.33c patch. His passive ability, Bristleback, can reduce the damage dealt to him by 40% from any attacks dealt to his rear. Buying a Vanguard can further reduce the damage dealt by enemy heroes in battles after maxing out his passive ability. You can release Quill Sprays frequently with Bristleback to deal over 85 damage to enemy units.

He can slow enemy heroes using Viscous Nasal Goo to reduce the armor of his opponents by 3 per stack. His ulti, Warpath, will grant bonus movement speed and attack damage for every spell he casts during battles. The bonus health regeneration rate provided by Vanguard can help Bristleback enter battles before his allies can be killed.

You can equip Bristleback with an Eternal Shroud to increase his magic resistance. Eternal Shroud will restore a portion of his mana pool by absorbing incoming attacks from enemy heroes. Vanguard can let Bristleback regain adequate mana to nuke surrounding enemies with Quill Sprays to deal bonus damage.

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