Best Items to Increase Your Health Regeneration Rate in 7.33C Patch

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Best Items to Increase Your Health Regeneration Rate in 7.33C Patch

You can equip these items in Dota 2 matches to increase your health regeneration rate in the 7.33c patch.

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There are a number of items in Dota 2 that can be used to increase your health regeneration rate. Heroes can survive team fights without being destroyed by enemy heroes by amplifying their health regeneration rate during battles. You can also rely on consumable items like Lotuses and Healing Salves to restore health to heroes.

Take a look at the best items that you can buy to gain bonus health regeneration rate in the game.

Tranquil Boots

Phoenix uses a Tranquil Boots to restore health

Tranquil Boots is an early game item that can increase the health regeneration rate of heroes by 14. You can purchase a Tranquil Boots for 925 gold in the game. Ranged heroes have a better chance of recovering their health with Tranquil Boots as the health regeneration rate is removed after taking damage from
enemy units.

You can buy a Tranquil Boots for Phoenix to prevent the Universal hero from losing a large portion of its health in lanes. Most spells cast by Phoenix take a small chunk of its health to be activated. Phoenix needs to consume 15% of its health to use Icarus Dive to leap up to a distance of 1400 in any direction. Enemy units hit by Icarus Dive can take up to 75 damage per second (DPS) for 4 seconds. Tranquil Boots can help Phoenix restore its health after using Icarus Dive to escape enemy encounters in Dota 2 matches.

Phoenix can summon Fire Spirits that can be launched at enemy heroes to slow their attack speed by 140. Fire Spirits can last for up to 20 seconds and deal 80 DPS for 4 seconds. Phoenix requires 20% of its max health to activate Fire Spirits in battles. Tranquil Boots can be used by Phoenix to increase its health regeneration rate after using Fire Spirits to counter carry heroes.

People can cast Sun Ray on enemies with Phoenix to deal burn damage to its opponents and heal allies around Phoenix. The Universal hero can take up to 6% of its health per second while channeling Sun Ray. It has a vast cast range to target enemies with Sun Ray, allowing Phoenix to regain its health with a Tranquil Boots.

Ancient Apparition is an Intelligence hero with several spells that can restrain the movement of his enemies. He has an attack range of 675, letting Ancient Apparition hit enemy creeps from a safe distance. Ancient Apparition has a base health of 560 and has a base movement speed of 285. Tranquil Boots provides a bonus movement speed of 65 to the Intelligence hero.

You can purchase a Tranquil Boots within the first 5 minutes of a match to increase the health regeneration rate of Ancient Apparition. He can cast Cold Feet on enemy heroes in the off lane to deal 90 damage per second (DPS). Enemy units can be stunned for up to 2.8 seconds from Cold Feet, giving his allies a chance to attack enemies for easy kills.

Ancient Apparition can cast Chilling Touch on himself to increase attack range by 240. The bonus range on his attacks will prevent Tranquil Boots from breaking its health regeneration rate. Enemy units attacked by Chilling Touch have their movement speed slowed by 100% for a second. Chilling Touch has a low cooldown of 3 seconds and needs 60 mana to be used per cast.

He can place Ice Vortex around the map to reduce the movement speed of enemies by 25%. Ice Vortex can increase the damage dealt from magical spells by 25% and deals up to 36 DPS. Tranquil Boots will help Ancient Apparition restore his health in battles while enemies are slowed by his abilities. You can also prevent enemy heroes from recovering their health in team fights by casting his ulti, Ice Blast. Enemy heroes hit by Ice Blast are affected by Frostbite, decreasing their health regeneration rate for up to 12 seconds.


Crystal Maiden buys a Cornucopia to regenerate health

Cornucopia can be bought for 1200 gold. The item increases the health regeneration rate of heroes by 5 and their mana regeneration rate by 2. Cornucopia is a recent addition to Dota 2 and has been included in the recipe of many items in the game that grant bonus health regeneration to heroes.

You can upgrade Cornucopia into a Linken’s Sphere to gain up to 6 health per second. Linken’s Sphere can be used to block most targeted spells from enemy heroes. It has a cooldown of 14 seconds.

Support heroes like Crystal Maiden can equip a Linken’s Sphere after buying a Cornucopia. Her passive ability, Arcane Aura, increase the mana regeneration rate of Crystal Maiden by 6. She also gains up to 4.25 mana regeneration rate from a Linken’s Sphere.

People can also buy 2 Cornucopias that stack up to provide 10 health per second. You can combine the Cornucopias into a Refresher Orb to be able to reset the cooldown of spells and items. Tidehunter can use a Refresher Orb to cast Ravage twice in battles. Enemy units hit by Ravage are stunned for up to 2.4 seconds, taking 450 damage from Tidehunter’s ulti. He can activate a Refresher Orb to stun multiple enemies around him in a radius of 1250.

Spirit Vessel

Spirit Vessel is an item that gains a charge every time an enemy hero dies around you. Players can buy a Spirit Vessel for 2980 gold. Spirit Vessel grants up to 250 health to heroes. You can cast Soul Release using a Spirit Vessel to heal allies for up to 40 health per second.

Dazzle can buy a Spirit Vessel to restore tons of health to his allies. He can cast Shadow Wave on allied units to push lanes. His abilities like Poison Touch can be cast on enemy heroes to deal over 50 DPS for 8 seconds. Poison Touch can affect multiple enemy heroes at once, letting Dazzle gain more assists in Dota 2 matches. The damage dealt by Poison Touch will allow Dazzle to increase the number of charges of Spirit Vessel.

He can cast Shallow Grave on allies who have lost a significant amount of health. Shallow Grave prevents Dazzle and his teammates from dying for up to 5 seconds. He can also restore 200 health to his allies at the end of the duration of Shallow Grave at level 20 through the Talent Tree. You can use Shallow Grave, Shadow Wave, and Spirit Vessel to replenish the health of your allies in the 7.33c patch.

Heart of Tarrasque

Axe buys a Heart of Tarrasque to restore his health

Heart of Tarrasque costs 5000 gold in the game. You can gain up to 40 Strength, 250 health, and an additional 1.6% of your maximum health as regeneration by purchasing a Heart of Tarrasque. Strength heroes like Axe can buy a Heart of Tarrasque to become a feared adversary in battles. Axe can use his ulti, Culling Blade, to gain bonus armor of 2 per kill. The increased armor and health regeneration rate gained by Axe will let him annihilate enemy heroes in the new update.

Spectre can buy a Heart of Tarrasque to tank more damage from enemy attacks in Dota 2. She can hurl Spectral Daggers at enemy heroes to deal 220 damage to them. Spectre gains unobstructed pathing after launching a Spectral Dagger that lasts for up to 7 seconds. You can max out Desolate for Spectre to deal 60 Pure damage per hit to enemy heroes. Heart of Tarrasque will let Spectre chase enemy heroes for quick kills without having to retreat.

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