Best Heroes to Buy A Spirit Vessel in 7.33C Patch

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Best Heroes to Buy A Spirit Vessel in 7.33C Patch

You can buy a Spirit Vessel for these heroes to heal allies and deal damage to enemy heroes in the 7.33c patch for Dota 2.

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Healing allies can be a crucial step toward achieving victory for your team in Dota 2 matches. Support heroes can play an integral role in lanes by restoring health to their teammates over time with items like a Spirit Vessel. The item costs 2980 gold in the game. Spirit Vessel provides heroes with 250 health, 2 armor, 1.75 mana regeneration, and 2 attributes to Strength, Intelligence, and Agility.

You can cast Soul Release on allies to restore up to 40 health per second for 8 seconds using a Spirit Vessel. People can also use Soul Release to deal 35 damage per second (DPS) to enemy heroes. Enemy units affected by Soul Release will have their health regeneration rate reduced by 45% and take an additional 4% of their current health as damage for the duration of the spell.

Take a look at the best heroes that you can purchase a Spirit Vessel for in the new update.    


Pudge Dismembers enemies in the 7.33c patch

Pudge is an amazing hero to win fights in Dota 2. He has a base health of 670 and a base mana pool of 267. Pudge gains 3 Strength per level, letting him tank plenty of damage during battles. A Spirit Vessel can help Pudge get more kills in his matches to earn bonus gold and increase his health.

His ability, Flesh Heap, allows Pudge to block up to 26 damage per hit. You can receive up to 2 bonus Strength per kill by leveling up Flesh Heap. The DPS dealt by using a Spirit Vessel can drain the health of enemies while they are disabled by Pudge.

You can max out Meat Hook to deal 360 Pure damage to enemy heroes with Pudge. Meat Hook has a cast range of 1300, letting Pudge grab his enemies from hidden locations on the map. Pudge can activate a number of Watchers on the map to gain vision over enemy heroes. You can cast Soul Release using Spirit Vessel to deal 35 DPS to enemies after pulling them with a Meat Hook.

Pudge can activate Rot to slow enemy heroes by up to 32%. You can attack enemy heroes with physical hits while they are being slowed by Rot to deal more damage during battles. Enemy units affected by Rot can take up to 120 DPS from the ability. Rot and Meat Hook can help Pudge increase the number of charges for
Spirit Vessel.

You can purchase a Blink Dagger for Pudge to get more kills in Dota 2. Blink Dagger costs 2250 gold in the game. Pudge can blink up to a distance of 1200 units using the item to chase enemy heroes in the 7.33c patch. The Strength hero can cast Dismember on enemy heroes to deal 120 DPS and additional damage based on his Strength attributes for up to 2.8 seconds.

Spirit Vessel gains a charge any time an enemy hero is killed within 1400 radius. Pudge can use the charges of Soul Release to heal his allies frequently during team fights. You can upgrade Dismember by purchasing an Aghanim’s Shard to restore more health to your allies. Aghanim’s Shard costs 1400 gold in the game. You can also unlock the Aghanim’s Shard ability for Pudge by defeating the Tormentors in the off lane.


Chen heals allies using a Spirit Vessel

Chen is known to restore health to his allies at the right time to counter enemy heroes. He can cast his ulti, Hand of God, to heal over 400 health to allies. Allied units that are healed by Hand of God gain a bonus health regeneration rate of 40 for 8 seconds. Chen can cast Soul Release on allied heroes after healing them with Hand of God to prevent them from getting killed in battles.

Spirit Vessel provides up to 250 health to Chen, letting him farm more gold in jungles. Chen can convert neutral creeps on the map using Holy Persuasion to gain control over 4 units. Neutral creeps controlled by Chen gain a minimum health of 1000, bonus movement speed of 40, and bonus damage of 22.

You can use the abilities of neutral creeps to stun enemy heroes in team fights with Chen. All allied units around Chen gain bonus armor of 4 and up to 4 health regeneration rate per second by maxing out his passive ability, Divine Favor. Chen can use Soul Release on his teammates and allied units to restore additional health during battles.

The ranged hero can cast Penitence on enemy heroes to slow their movement speed by 36%. Enemy units slowed by Penitence provide 80 bonus attack speed to Chen for 8 seconds, allowing the Universal hero to destroy them in lanes. You can use Soul Release on slowed enemies to deal more damage while Penitence
is active.

Chen can buy a Pavise in Dota 2 matches to gain 175 health, 3 armor, and 2.5 mana regeneration. He can cast Protect on allies using Pavise to help them absorb up to 300 physical damage. You can use Spirit Vessel on your allies on their way to their base to replenish their health. 


Pugna is an Intelligence hero with several abilities that can be used to increase his kill count. He has a base mana pool of 363 and gains a massive 5.2 Intelligence per level. Pugna can cast Life Drain on enemy heroes to restore up to 320 health per second for 10 seconds. He can use Soul Release and Life Drain on his teammates to help them last longer in team fights.

You can cast Nether Blast on enemy creeps and heroes in lanes to deal 340 damage to them. Nether Blast can hit enemy units in a radius of 400. It has a cooldown of 5 seconds and requires 145 mana to be used per cast.

Pugna can slow enemy heroes using Decrepify to increase magical damage dealt to enemy heroes by 60%. Soul Release will deal additional damage to enemy heroes after they’ve been affected by Decrepify. You can place a Nether Ward on the map to destroy support heroes in the enemy team. Pugna can decimate enemy heroes with a Nether Ward after buying an Aghanim’s Shard. He can channel his ulti onto the entire enemy team using a Nether Ward to deal over 320 DPS to them.

You can use Spirit Vessel with Pugna to guard your carry heroes in the 7.33c patch. Pugna can buy a Pipe of Insight to cast Barrier on allied units. Allied heroes can absorb up to 450 damage from magical spells after having Barrier cast on them.

Winter Wyvern

Winter Wyvern disables enemies near the tower to deal damage with Spirit Vessel

Winter Wyvern is a tremendously resourceful support hero in the latest version of the game. She can use her ability, Cold Embrace, to restore over 45 health per second for 4 seconds. Cold Embrace has a cooldown of 15 seconds and requires 80 mana to be used per cast. You can increase the amount of health regained by Cold Embrace at level 10 to help allies recover faster during enemy encounters.

People can slow down enemy heroes around Winter Wyvern by casting Splinter Blast. Enemy units hit by Splinter Blast have their movement speed slowed by 30% for 4 seconds and take up to 340 damage. You can cast Soul Release using Spirit Vessel to deal bonus damage to enemy heroes after they’ve been slowed in battles.

Her ulti, Winter’s Curse, can be used to disable enemy heroes for 5.3 seconds. Winter Wyvern can force enemy heroes to attack her target using Winter’s Curse to mitigate them in team fights. She can easily gain more charges for Spirit Vessel by nuking enemy heroes with Splinter Blast in the 7.33c patch.

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