What to Expect in The Summer 2023 Seasonal Treasure

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What to Expect in The Summer 2023 Seasonal Treasure

Find out what the Summer 2023 Seasonal Treasure has to offer its players in Dota 2. 

The developers and designers at Dota 2 have been putting in their best efforts to make major improvements to the game over the past few months. It’s only been a few weeks since the launch of the New Frontiers map for Dota 2 that brought a ton of new additions to the strategy game for its community of gamers to explore. These additions include new neutral creep camps, Tormentors, Watchers, and runes to turn each game more exciting for esports teams. 

Apart from the DPC Summer Tour 2023, Dota 2 has released new updates for the Dota Plus subscribers in the month of June. You can collect over 115,000 shards by finishing objectives for the Dota Plus membership to unlock new treasures, emoticons, and sprays. 

Take a look at the new sets that can be unlocked in the Summer 2023 Seasonal Treasure with a Dota Plus membership. 

Zeus – Sire’s Pride

Zeus wears royal garments

Zeus wears a resplendent armor that strikes fear into the heart of his enemies with the Sire’s Pride set. The gods of Olympus have been pleased by Zeus and have blessed him with royal garments in the Summer 2023 Seasonal Treasure. 

The Sire’s Pride set includes Hephaestus’ Masterpiece for his arms, Hermes’ Gift for his belt, Ares’ Valor for his back, and Athena’s Respect for his head. It also provides a stunning loading screen for the Sire’s Pride set that proves that Zeus is truly the king of the gods at Olympus.  

Ember Spirit – Fangs of the Firelord

Ember Spirit glows in battle

The Fangs of the Firelord set for Ember Spirit makes the Agility hero appear as a mighty warrior on his path to eliminate his enemies. His armor is forged from the bones of a fallen beast that provides plenty of protection to Ember Spirit in battles. 

He glows with an orange hue that sets his blades on fire. Ember Spirit wears a volcanic rock as a mantle on his head to display his prowess in fighting enemies. He has sharp golden spikes emerging out of his shoulder and his back that can pierce the armor of his opponents in team fights, making the Fangs of the Firelord a fantastic set to add to your collection. 

Axe – Crimson Crests

Axe annihilates enemies in a new armor

The Crimson Crests set for Axe provides the Strength hero with sturdy armor. His shoulders and back are covered in metallic structures that resemble Spartan war helmets. Axe holds a large weapon in his hands that have sharp edges to give his ulti, Culling Blade, an amazing touch of class. 

His belt is dark and heavy, preventing Axe’s enemies from attacking him with lethal blows during battles. You can unlock the Crimson Crests set to beat enemy heroes to a pulp with Axe as Summer hits its peak. 

Troll Warlord – Spoils of the Nomad King

Troll Warlord attacks enemies with blue hair

Troll Warlord is prepared to wage war on his enemies by equipping the Spoils of the Nomad King set. He has vibrant blue hair that styles his head with an endearing charm. His facial hair looks mesmerizing and can taunt his enemies to attack him in battles. 

The neck of Troll Warlord is guarded with grey bones and blue markings. His crown is pitted with blue gem stones that sparkle during team fights. Troll Warlord wears the skull of a wild beast as his belt in the Spoils of the Nomad King set. His weapons have ghouls crafted on their sides that make his attacks more effective in Dota 2. 

Treant Protector – Blossoms of the Wispwood

Treant Protector walks in a blissful path with cherry blossoms on his shoulders

Treant Protector is a watchful Strength hero in Dota 2. The Blossoms of the Wispwood set for the Treant Protector presents him in a natural light that makes him look sentient in battles. His arms are engraved with mystical marketings that are a work of art to admire. 

The long white hair of Treant Protector runs across his body in the Blossoms of the Wispwood set. Treant Protector has a lantern hanging from his shoulders that lights the way forward in his matches. You can see beautiful cherry blossoms decorating his body in the Rare set that can be unlocked with the Summer 2023 Seasonal Treasure. 

Oracle – Celestial Sight

Oracle roots his enemies with a golden weapon

Oracle looks younger than ever in the Celestial Sight set. He wears a band on his forehead with a large red crystal at the center. His back has a celestial structure that protects his head from injury during his fights in Dota 2. 

The weapon of Oracle is covered in golden metal that shines in battles. He can use his weapon to heal allies and root enemy heroes in lanes. 

Queen of Pain – Swarm of the Killer Queen

Queen of Pain blinks around the map with golden feathers

Queen of Pain has a knack for surprising her enemies with her spectacular moves. The Swarm of the Killer Queen set for Queen of Pain provides an outfit that is fit for a queen bee. Her wings are enlarged with golden feathers to make her blinks a marvelous sight to adore in battles. 

The headpiece of the Swarm of the Killer Queen set has antennas to sharpen her movements and attacks in team fights. Her shoes are golden, resembling drops of nectar flowing from the flowers of the forest. The Swarm of the Killer Queen set includes a loading screen that depicts Queen of Pain descending from her nest to attack her enemies for free kills. 

Sand King – Dark Dune Symbiote

Sand King unleashes his ulti by crushing the ground with his large tail

Sand King can destroy his enemies by casting his ulti, Epicenter. The Dark Dune Symbiote set for Sand King gives him an ectoplasmic visual that can leave people enchanted in Dota 2 matches. His claws are covered in exotic colors that are extracted from creatures from thick rainforests. The item for his head has glowing green patches that can threaten his enemies in his lanes. 

His enormous tail is ready to hit the ground to initiate attacks and stun his enemies. Sand King can touch the ground with his tail to commence an Epicenter that can decimate enemy heroes in team fights. The Dark Dune Symbiote includes a loading screen that portrays Sand King as a monstrous adversary in Dota 2 matches. 

Courier – Moil the Fettered

Moil the Fettered delivers items in haste

Moil the Fettered is the latest courier to be added to the strategy game. The floating grim reaper carries a wooden stick that doubles as a scythe. He hangs consumables items around his body like a Clarity potion and a Healing Salve. Moil the Fettered has a Dust of Appearance latched to his scythe at all times. He has grey bones emerging from his back that give him flight throughout the game to help him deliver items faster to heroes. 

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