Best Counters for Tank Heroes in 7.33C Patch

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Best Counters for Tank Heroes in 7.33C Patch

Tank heroes can be easier to deal with by choosing these heroes in Dota 2 to counter them in the 7.33c patch. 

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Tank heroes have become harder to kill in the new update. Strength heroes and other heroes in the game with increased health can be a handful to fight in the 7.33c patch. Team play and effective builds for various heroes can be the key to defeating tank heroes in Dota 2. 

Take a look at the best counters for tank heroes in the latest update to the strategy game. 

Faceless Void

Faceless Void disables tank heroes

Faceless Void is an Agility hero with attacks that can drill tank heroes to the ground. He can use his physical attacks to disable tank heroes in his matches to earn tons of gold. Faceless Void can enter in and out battles using Time Walk to seize tank heroes in lanes. 

Time Walk allows Faceless Void to backtrack any damage he has taken in the last 2 seconds. He can use Time Walk against tank heroes like Centaur Warrunner, Chaos Knight, and Underlord to prevent getting killed in battles early on in his matches. Time Walk has a low cooldown of 6 seconds, allowing Faceless Void to cast his ability multiple times throughout the game to evade enemy attacks. 

He can use Time Walk to avoid getting hit by spells like Skewer, Unstable Concoction, and Breathe Fire to frustrate tank heroes in the new patch. You can buy an Echo Sabre to increase the attack speed of Faceless Void. Echo Sabre lets Faceless Void strike his enemies twice in a row to deal bonus damage and slow their movements speed. 

You can pick up neutral items like a Vampire Fangs and a Paladin Sword to gain Lifesteal for Faceless Void. The Lifesteal from these items lets Faceless Void destroy tank heroes with ease. You can max out Time Lock for Faceless Void to be able to stun enemy heroes in battles. Time Lock gives Faceless Void a 24% chance to disable tank heroes for 0.5 seconds, dealing up to 30 bonus damage. You can increase the damage dealt by Time Lock by reaching level 20, allowing Faceless Void to hit tank heroes with a bonus damage of 100. 

Gamers can cast Time Dilation around tank heroes in a lane to prevent them from using their abilities frequently in team fights. Time Dilation can be used to increase the cooldown of the abilities of his enemies by a few seconds. It can also reduce the attack speed and movement speed of tank heroes, giving your allies adequate time to escape enemy attacks before heading to their base. 

He can move into position using Time Walk to surprise his enemies. Tank heroes can be taken out fast using his ulti, Chronosphere, by disabling enemies for 4.8 seconds. Faceless Void can buy items like a Crystalys to deal bonus attack damage with each hit inside the Chronosphere. 

Death Prophet

Death Prophet can annihilate tank heroes with her abilities. She has a projectile speed of 1000, letting her nuke enemy heroes with spells to drain their health. The Intelligence hero can cast Crypt Swarm on tank heroes to deal 325 damage per cast. Her spells can make tank heroes like Beastmaster and Axe step back in lanes to recover their health between waves of enemy creeps. 

She can cast Silence on tank heroes to prevent them from using their spells for 6 seconds. Heroes such as, Centaur Warrunner, can miss his stuns in Dota 2 matches by having Silence cast on him by Death Prophet. You can buy a Shadow Blade for Death Prophet to turn her invisible during battles. Shadow Blade can be used after casting her ulti, Exorcism, to hit tank heroes with spirits. Exorcism summons 24 spirits that deal 61 damage per hit, depleting their health in battles. 

Shadow Blade makes Death Prophet invisible for up to 14 seconds, letting her move around tank heroes without taking damage from them. You can buy a Scythe of Vyse for Death Prophet to be able to cast Hex on enemy heroes. She can transform tank heroes into critters for 2.8 seconds using the item. Tank heroes affected by Hex have their abilities silenced and will be disarmed, preventing them from attacking you and your allies for the duration of the spell. 

Death Prophet can purchase a Mekansm to restore up to 275 health to her allies in a radius of 1200. Mekansm helps Death Prophet protect her team from being killed by tank heroes. She can buy a Mekansm for 1775 gold to counter tank heroes in the 7.33c patch. 


Necrophos uses Reaper's Scythe to eliminate tank heroes

Necrophos can mitigate tank heroes with his spells. He can cast Death Pulse to deal 280 to enemy heroes in lanes, hitting all enemy heroes in a radius of 500. Allies around Necrophos can regain up to 130 health from each instance of Death Pulse. He can consume 160 mana per cast to use Death Pulse in his lane. You can buy an Arcane Boots for Necrophos to provide 250 mana to him in the 7.33c patch, allowing the Intelligence hero to cast Death Pulse several times throughout the match. 

He can activate Ghost Shroud to slow the movement of tank heroes by 25%. Tank heroes will be able to attack Necrophos with physical attacks for up to 4.5 seconds. You can cast Ghost Shroud after approaching tank heroes to restrain their movement, dealing damage with Death Pulse to his enemies. Necrophos can purchase a Pipe of Insight to gain 20% magic resistance, taking less damage from spells cast by enemy heroes. 

Necrophos can cast Barrier using Pipe of Insight to absorb 450 damage from spells cast by the enemy team. Barrier affects all allies around Necrophos in a radius of 1200 for 12 seconds. He can amplify the health restored to allies using Death Pulse by activating Ghost Shroud in battles. Pipe of Insight will let allies fight tank heroes without losing a ton of health. 

You can max out Heartstopper Aura while partying with friends to kill tank heroes faster. Necrophos can fight enemy heroes with allies like Omniknight to destroy tank heroes in team fights during Dota 2 matches. Heartstopper Aura drains up to 2.4% of the maximum health of enemies. He can blink into battles using a Blink Dagger to strike tank heroes with Reaper’s Scythe to decimate them. Each kill from Reaper’s Scythe provides permanent health and mana regeneration to Necrophos, making the Intelligence hero stronger against tank heroes.


Juggernaut fights tank heroes in the top lane

Juggernaut can be a lethal hero against tank heroes in the new patch. He can spin his blades using Blade Fury to become immune to debuffs for 5 seconds. The melee hero can gain up to 80% magic resistance while Blade Fury is active, preventing enemy heroes from dealing tons of damage to Juggernaut in battles. He can deal 165 damage per second (DPS) to enemy heroes using Blade Fury to drain the health of his enemies. 

The carry hero can plant a Healing Ward in team fights to restore health to his teammates. Allies can regain up to 5% of their max health for 25 seconds by being around the Healing Ward. The damage dealt by tank heroes can be regenerated with Juggernaut in the team by summoning a Healing Ward to counter heroes with increased health. 

Juggernaut can level up Blade Dance to deal critical damage in battles. You can purchase items like a Diffusal Blade for Juggernaut to burn the mana of his enemies. He can use Diffusal Blade to cast Inhibit on enemies to slow their movement speed in team fights. You can upgrade a Diffusal Blade to a Disperser to gain bonus attack damage in the 7.33c patch. His ulti, Omnislash, can annihilate tank heroes with ease during his matches. 

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