Best Counters for Ranged Heroes in 7.33C Patch

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Best Counters for Ranged Heroes in 7.33C Patch

You can choose these heroes to fight ranged heroes and defeat the enemy team in the 7.33c patch for Dota 2.

There are loads of things to excite Dota 2 players this Summer. Its been a few weeks since the release of the New Frontiers map that has disrupted the esports industry. With over 40% more terrain to explore in each game, the New Frontiers map makes it a challenge to get more kills with your beloved heroes.

Recently, Dota Plus members have been spending a ton of their time in Dota 2 to unlock new items to add to their collection. These items include new emoticons, sprays, and chat wheel voice lines that make Dota 2 matches more fun to play with your friends. You can receive over 115,000 shards from your online sessions by completing seasonal quests provided by the Dota Plus subscription.

The Summer Treasure chests can be unlocked for 12,000 shards and offers hot new skins for various heroes from the Dota 2 roster. People can unlock the Sire’s Pride set for Zeus from the Summer Treasure that can make each kill satisfying in the game. The Fangs of the Firelord set for Ember Spirit lets people destroy their enemies with blazing attacks that can drain their health. You can collect over 5 new sets for heroes such as, Axe, Troll Warlord, and Treant Protector in the Summer Treasure chests that are available with the Dota Plus membership.

Ranged heroes have become stronger in the 7.33c patch. These characters can strike their enemies from a distance to protect themselves from incoming attacks and spells. The new update has tweaked the attributes of several heroes that makes certain picks better to fight against ranged heroes in Dota 2.

Take a look at the best counters for ranged heroes in the new update.

Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight stuns a ranged hero with Chaos Bolt

Chaos Knight has received quite a few changes in the latest version of the game. His base Strength has been increased from 22 to 24. The melee hero has 648 health at the start of a match, making him a durable tank hero in Dota 2. Chaos Knight gains up to 3.2 Strength per level, providing plenty of Strength and health to the carry hero.

He has a base movement speed of 325, letting Chaos Knight chase enemy heroes across the New Frontiers map. You can purchase a Phase Boots for Chaos Knight to increase his movement speed by 50. Phase Boots provides 18 bonus attack damage to Chaos Knight, allowing him to take loads of last hits in lanes. You can buy a Phase Boots for 1500 gold in the game.

Chaos Knight can stun enemy heroes for up to 3.3 seconds using Chaos Bolt. The minimum damage dealt by Chaos Bolt is increased from 150 to 180. Chaos Bolt has a cooldown of 10 seconds and requires 110 mana to be used per cast. You can reduce the cooldown of Chaos Bolt by 3 seconds at level 15.

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The Strength hero can pull enemy heroes closer in battles by using Reality Rift to counter ranged heroes in Dota 2 matches. Chaos Knight can drag enemies by up to 400 distance with an instance of Reality Rift to land more attacks against the enemy team. Enemy units hit by Reality Rift have their armor reduced by 7 for 6 seconds. Reality Rift has a cast range of 700. You can cast Reality Rift frequently in battles by purchasing a Magic Wand for Chaos Knight early in a match. Reality Rift has a cooldown of 6 seconds and needs 50 mana.

You can purchase a Harpoon in the 7.33c patch to get easier kills against ranged heroes. Harpoon costs 4500 gold in the game. Chaos Knight gains 20 Strength, 16 Intelligence, 15 attack damage, 10 Agility, and 10 attack speed by purchasing a Harpoon. You can use Draw Forth using a Harpoon to pull enemy heroes from a distance of 1000 units, providing plenty of kills to Chaos Knight. Ranged heroes can be countered with a Harpoon to prevent them from dealing damage to your allies in team fights.

Chaos Knight can level up Chaos Strike to deal critical damage to enemy heroes. The passive ability, Chaos Strike, gives the carry hero a 33% chance to deal 245% of his attack damage to decimate ranged heroes in Dota 2 matches. Chaos Strike provides up to 60% Lifesteal to the melee hero, restoring health to Chaos Knight during battles. The Lifesteal from creeps has been increased from 50% to 60% in the 7.33c patch. You can increase the Lifesteal gained from Chaos Strike by an additional 30% at level 10 through the Talent Tree.

Items like Armlet of Mordiggian can help Chaos Knight survive battles longer. Chaos Knight gains 25 attack speed, 15 attack damage, 6 armor, and 5 health regeneration by equipping an Armlet of Mordiggian. The item can be purchased for 2500 gold. You can activate Unholy Strength to increase his Strength by 25 and his attack damage by 35 using Armlet of Mordiggian in team fights. Chaos Knight can destroy ranged heroes by activating Armlet of Mordiggian for bonus gold.

His ulti, Phantasm, can create up to 3 illusions of Chaos Knight. These illusions can deal 100% of his attack damage to enemy heroes and last for 30 seconds. Phantasm has a cooldown of 75 seconds and requires 175 mana to be used per cast. He can summon illusions and cast Reality Rift to eliminate ranged heroes in seconds, making Chaos Knight an effective counter for ranged heroes in the new update.


Invoker summons a Chaos Meteor to hit a ranged hero

Invoker can cast several spells to destroy ranged heroes in Dota 2. He can unleash spells like Cold Snap on ranged heroes to prevent them from escaping battles. The freeze duration of Cold Snap has been increased from 0.3 to 0.4 seconds in the 7.33c patch. His abilities like Quas can be used to increase his health regeneration rate while farming gold in lanes. Invoker can increase his attack damage by using Exort to kill ranged heroes with fewer attacks. He can activate multiple instances of Wex to increase his attack speed and movement speed during team fights.

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You can cast Tornado to lift up ranged heroes in lanes with Invoker. The distance of Tornado has been increased from 800 to 1500 in the latest update. Invoker can hit enemy heroes up to a maximum distance of 3600 using Tornado to disable multiple ranged heroes in battles. Once enemy heroes are above the ground, Invoker can launch Chaos Meteors to strike his enemies. Chaos Meteor deals 220 damage upon contact in the 7.33c patch. Enemy units hit by Chaos Meteor are dealt an additional 45 burn damage per second (DPS).

Invoker can increase the range of his spells by purchasing an Aether Lens. The Intelligence hero gains up to 300 mana and 2.5 mana regeneration by equipping Aether Lens in his inventory. All of the spells and items used by Invoker have their cast range extended by 225 after buying an Aether Lens in the game.

He can burn the mana of his enemies by casting E.M.P. during team fights. Invoker can cast Cold Snap after using E.M.P. to freeze enemy heroes for bonus damage. The Intelligence hero can nuke ranged heroes with Deafening Blast to knock back his opponents. Enemy heroes hit by a Deafening Blast are disarmed for 6.5 seconds. Deafening Blast can attack ranged heroes from a distance of 1000. You can cast Deafening Blast to disarm multiple heroes around Invoker by upgrading the ability at level 25.

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight is an outstanding carry hero in Dota 2. His movement speed has been increased from 310 to 315 in the 7.33c patch. He can easily counter ranged heroes to increase his kill counts in his matches. Dragon Knight can Breathe Fire to deal 320 damage to enemy units in front of him, reducing the attack damage of ranged heroes by 30% for 11 seconds.

Breathe Fire has a cooldown of 11 seconds and needs 105 mana to be used per cast. You can purchase an Arcane Boots for Dragon Knight to provide 250 mana and 45 movement speed. The increased mana pool granted by Arcane Boots lets Dragon Knight cast multiple instances of Breathe Fire to hit ranged heroes in his lanes.

Dragon Knight can stun enemy heroes for up to 2.4 seconds using Dragon Tail to deal 160 damage. He can stun ranged heroes from a distance of 400 in his Elder Dragon Form using Dragon Tail. You can max out Dragon Blood to increase the health regeneration rate of Dragon Knight by 13 and his armor by 13.

People can counter ranged heroes by transforming into his Elder Dragon Form by using his ulti. Dragon Knight can splash his attack damage to nearby enemy heroes in his Elder Dragon Form to mitigate ranged heroes in battles.

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